My Top Ten Favorite FREE Fonts

1. KG Eyes Wide Open

2. Architect’s Daughter

3. The Only Exception

4. Love Ya Like a Sister

5. KG Strawberry Limeade

6. You Are Loved

7. KG Falling Slowly

8. KG Skinny Latte

9. KG Always A Good Time

10. KG This Is Not Goodbye

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Top Ten FREE Handwritten Fonts!

1. Throw My Hands Up in the Air

2. Complete in Him

3. Just The Way You Are

4. KG Love You Through It

5. A Year Without Rain

6. KG Seven Sixteen

7. Never Say Never

8. Shadows Into Light

9. KG Girl On Fire

10. Beautiful Every Time

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A Gnome Movie!!

Seriously!!!  I will be there on Feb 11th for this one!

Last Minute Web Deals

Hey – another shout out to ebates users – be sure to check their last minute coupon codes for gifts you are ordering online! They have tons of deals posted on there for all kinds of stores. I have managed to get coupon codes as well as cash back on most of my online purchases . . . → Read More: Last Minute Web Deals

Online Shopping – Don’t FORGET!

Remember to use ebates if you shop online during Black Friday – or any day!  You get cash back on what you were going to buy already!!!  PLUS, they often list coupons and sales that you may not know about.  Getting a check every 3 months for stuff you were going to buy anyway is . . . → Read More: Online Shopping – Don’t FORGET!


Yep – I am finally getting out of Texas!  For those of you that have known me long – you know I have a love/hate relationship with the state.  I hate the heat and the allergies, but I love wearing flip flops 10 months out of the year!

Anyway – Matthew has returned to active . . . → Read More: MOVING!!

Blackhawks Win!

S . . . → Read More: Blackhawks Win!


So most of you have read about {HERE} my love of Peppermint Mocha drinks from Starbucks as well as the Peppermint Mocha creamer that comes out every year around the holidays. A reader once suggested buying a bunch and freezing it – which prompted my husband to buy all 23 containers that Kroger had . . . → Read More: Life is WONDERFUL!

New Design Team Opportunity!

I wanted to share a new Design Team Opportunity with a company I love –  I have purchased my Mono Multi from them for years (see the Best Blue Ever link on my side bar!). As well as lots of other products – Nestabilities, Cricut items, Tim Holtz products, etc.  They have the fastest . . . → Read More: New Design Team Opportunity!

Gina K Illustrator Blog Hop

So . . . → Read More: Gina K Illustrator Blog Hop

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