Kimberly Countdown

So Kimberly is headed back to the US to visit this summer.  And of course I am counting down!  In fact – I think I’ll steal the ticker she has on her blog!  And I am totally kidnapping the girls so they can live at my house this summer!  I am not joking about that . . . → Read More: Kimberly Countdown

Jet Lag stinks~!

Like I totally have so much to do, right?  I mean, there is a lot that I need to catch up on….bills, grocery shopping, etc.  Thank goodness the house was absolutely SPOTLESS when I got home!  THANK YOU, BABE!  (and boys!)

But I am outrageously tired!  I think it’s a combo of jet-lag, stress from . . . → Read More: Jet Lag stinks~!

My first Hybrid project!

We got a new printer last month so I decided I would try a hybrid project. Technically, I think that just means that you print out some digital products and use them. For this, I printed out some digital papers and used them to make a birthday calendar. I think it turned out pretty good. . . . → Read More: My first Hybrid project!

Birthday Calendars

Okay – here’s the info on the Birthday Calendars! Chris wanted the custom gift sets and asked about a Birthday Calendar or having me include extra paper that matched so she could cover some that she could purchase elsewhere. Then I got to thinking…I have a bind-it-all, I have a Carl cutter – this is . . . → Read More: Birthday Calendars

Okay – here’s the info on the sneak peek – lots of pics!!

Bonus Pts for those of you who guessed that it was a Birthday Calendar! (except for you, Mom!  You knew already!)  I had a custom order to work on this week and that’s why I haven’t had much to show y’all! It was 4 gift sets that included: a lunch tin, a beaded pen, a . . . → Read More: Okay – here’s the info on the sneak peek – lots of pics!!

a box and cool idea….

When we were in Baltimore this summer, the boys used these crayon cake things (that’s what I call them) at a museum. They loved them and I thought – man, we should make these out of their broken crayons. So I finally did that this past weekend!

Here’s what we did…

First a tip – . . . → Read More: a box and cool idea….

Little Board Book

Okay, this is THE coolest thing ever! Kimberly came over and used my paper crafting stuff to make hers a few months ago – and I knew I had to learn to do it! So, first I’ll show it to you, then I’ll explain what it is and how to do it!

Isn’t that . . . → Read More: Little Board Book

My baby is 4!!

 Happy Birthday Adam!! My baby is 4 years old today.  We had little cake with the family today, nothing big.  Adam chose a fudge marble cake with vanilla and chocolate ice cream inside and white icing.  I used my bake and fill pan – expcept the ice cream was melty.  This time it was due . . . → Read More: My baby is 4!!

My new challenge….

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got lots of patterned papers. I am sure most people have more than I do – I was kind of late to bloom in the paper arena. (I think I just started using patterned paper on cards in the last 6 months). But I’ve collected lots! Well, I . . . → Read More: My new challenge….

A few fun things….

I’ve got a few fun things to show you today. This past week, I submitted things to another Design Team – now I have to sit and wait! We’ll see how that goes – I’ve got another few days of waiting to go. Good thing I have had lots to make, I haven’t had time . . . → Read More: A few fun things….

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