Kimberly Countdown

So Kimberly is headed back to the US to visit this summer.  And of course I am counting down!  In fact – I think I’ll steal the ticker she has on her blog!  And I am totally kidnapping the girls so they can live at my house this summer!  I am not joking about that either – Eliza and Katie can stay with me…..I’m sure I can find room for them!

Pretty awesome, huh?  Seems like a loooong time since my {Black Monday} post, doesn’t it?  Anyway, I thought I would share one of my favorite projects for the Dirty Dozen galleries at Splitcoaststampers.  This was a 4×4 acrylic album I made using the photos I had from my visit to China last year.

The album is 4×4 – I got the acrylic cover from Bind-It-All.  (I think I actually purchased it from Eclectic Paperie, but it’s made by BIA!). The digital album is from Weeds & Wildflowers.  I printed the 4×4 pages on 4×6 prints so it was incredibly cheap to get printed (I paste a 4×4 on to a 4×6 blank ‘page’ in PSE so that wherever you get it printed doesn’t accidentally stretch your image to fit or crop it poorly.). I cut the extra two inches off, corner rounded the pages (and sanded the edges), then glued them back to back.  That was it and then I used my Bind-It-All to coil it.  That’s about it!  I just love that it’s pink and sparkly and girly!  Cause the pictures are all of me, my sister, and my nieces so it can be all girlied up!

The hardest part of this album was those silly glitter letters! I have a few sets of chipboard letters. But the set that was small enough to fit on the cover had some weird slick coating on the front. So I tried several methods to get the glitter to stick and it just wouldn’t! In hindsight, I should have sanded them a bit or something.

Anyway – I ended up tracing the ruined letters on white cardstock. I cut them out then laid them face down on a strip of really wide super sticky tape from Scor-pal. Then I cut them out again. I peeled the front off the tape and laid them in the glitter (from an SU glitter stack). They are adhered to the acrylic cover with glue dots.

Yes- this was a total pain in the rear!! But it’s super glittery and pink and I love it!

digital supplies:
template – Traci Murphy – With A Quickness 1
papers – Weeds & Wildflowers – Being Me
Doodles – Weeds & Wildflowers – Being Me
alhpa – Sausan Designs – Little Summer Breeze
staples – Jenn Patrick – Backwards Staples

Other pages:
font – Darcy Baldwin – Another Mandy

And here are the rest of the shots – you can click on them if you’d like the see them full size (eta: I thought you would be able to click on them…but you can’t.  So I uploaded them at the medium size.  Not sure why you can’t click on the thumbnails…new wordpress – I have no idea!):

julydd-china-album-2-7-08-erg1 julydd-china-album-3-7-08-erg1

julydd-china-album-4-7-08-erg1 julydd-china-album-5-7-08-erg1

julydd-china-album-6-7-08-erg1 julydd-china-album-7-7-08-erg1


Just a few more weeks!!!!


Jet Lag stinks~!

Like I totally have so much to do, right?  I mean, there is a lot that I need to catch up on….bills, grocery shopping, etc.  Thank goodness the house was absolutely SPOTLESS when I got home!  THANK YOU, BABE!  (and boys!)

But I am outrageously tired!  I think it’s a combo of jet-lag, stress from the whole airport ordeal and just coming down from doing SO much with Kimberly every day.  Anyway, I had a horrible time waking up today.  And I got nothing done.  Oh well!  I did post the Color Challenge at SCS – but I didn’t do a sample.  You can find it <here>.

However, I do have something I made for Katie and Libby.  I made this the day before I left – you know….when I was supposed to be packing….and I brought it with me to give them.  It was made from the 6×6 quick page book I did for our relatives at Christmas.  Kind of a year-in-review of the boys.  We have done videos before that use various pictures and camcorder clips as year-in-review things for family.  This was just a different take on it.  I figure grandparents and such appreciate something like this more than a present I could afford to buy, ya know?  At least I hope so!

This was done just like the last board book I made – you can see some instructions on that <here>.  Basically, I use the quick pages, paste them on to a 4×6 blank page in PSE 5 (so that I can The book I used was the Cuddlebug Album from Shabby Princess.   I love quick page albums for projects like this.  And unlike paper scrapping – I just printed several copies of the finished pages and gave them to lots of people!  I used a template and stuff from the Silly Boy {Cuddlebug} Kit to make the front and back covers.  And if you get a quick page book that doesn’t have enough pages – just try rotating a few of them for a different look!


Front Cover


one of the inside pages (there were 8 coasters – two sides to each)


Back Cover

I used 1 1/2 in white zutter coils for my Bind It All to make it.  4×4 in medium weight coasters, mod podge to put pics on (no sealant on top – just matte photos), and various ribbons all approved by Andy.

Album credtis:
template – Colleen Brady
paper – Shabby Princess – Smarshmallows and Cuddlebug
ricrac – Shabby Princess – Cuddlebug
photo corners – Shabby Princess – Cuddlebug
staples – Jenn Patrick – Wrong Side staples
red foil – Rachel Young – Fa la la la
blue stamped – Gina Miller – Goopy Stamped Alpha (recovered)
stitched paper – Dani Mogstad – Under Construction
font – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Heather G

I added a few things – journaling, a few dates (sometimes on tags), etc.  Pretty easy!  It takes me just a few hours to make an entire book this way!  I think all the family enjoyed theirs – I know the boys love their copy!  I also gave a copy to their cousins, they enjoyed it as well.  And it cost about $9 to print an entire album at Costco.

I will show you the rest of my China stuff, tell you about Beijing, and karaoke.  But I just was not up to it today!

My first Hybrid project!

We got a new printer last month so I decided I would try a hybrid project. Technically, I think that just means that you print out some digital products and use them. For this, I printed out some digital papers and used them to make a birthday calendar. I think it turned out pretty good. I by no means want to print my own paper though. It wasn’t even on both sheets and I bet it took a LOT of ink! But this was for someone specific and I wanted to use her papers to make it.

So here it is!


supplies: white cardstock; thin cardboard for covers; printed pages from Amanda Rockwell’s kit Happiness; Bind-it-all; 1/2 in brown zutter coils; crop-a-dial; plaid acrylic sealant to seal the papers (I thought that might prevent bleeding or something…); and grosgrain ribbon.

You can see my original post with directions on making these calendars <here>. My printer is just a cheapie one so I don’t think I’ll be printing my papers a lot. But it was fun to try this!

And one funny picture from last night….our kids actually made til midnight!  In fact, Matthew and I were sitting on the couch until about 1am waiting for them to fall asleep so we could go to bed, lol!  My nephew stayed the night with the boys – he’s the one in the Spiderman pj’s.  This is them toasting in the new year with their sparkling cider….


I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve/Day!  I’m exhausted and counting down the minutes til bed time and it’s only 6pm!  I had high hopes of crafting today…..but I’m too tired!  We did get all the Christmas stuff put away and the lights down.  That’s something, right?

Birthday Calendars

Okay – here’s the info on the Birthday Calendars! Chris wanted the custom gift sets and asked about a Birthday Calendar or having me include extra paper that matched so she could cover some that she could purchase elsewhere. Then I got to thinking…I have a bind-it-all, I have a Carl cutter – this is totally doable! So I went to work! Matthew made me a template in Word so that I can print the months out and then cut them lengthwise with my Carl cutter.


The sheets end up as 4 1/4 x 11. So just a regular 8.5×11 sheet cut in half. I used SU’s whisper white so they are nice and smooth. As you can see on this one – I remembered to punch the holes in the middle with my crop-a-dial so that it can be hung on the wall with a nail. This step must be done *before* you bind your calendar! I forgot about it on the first two – or rather, I didn’t get that great idea until then!


I did the covers by cutting some of that thinner cardboard that comes with 12×12 paper – like when you order it by the package or order it online? I cut those to be just slightly bigger than the calendar pages. Then I cut some matching patterned paper and stuck that on with mono multi – and I’m not perfect so I do any necessary trimming at this point! I used the bind-it-all here and did both covers in the machine at once. Then I split the pages in two stacks of 6 and punched those – I didn’t measure, I just eye-balled it to center it. It lined up really nicely! I used 1/2 in coils for mine. Because of the thickness of the covers, I found this to be a good size. If you used something thinner for the covers, you would be better off with a smaller coil.


Here’s the way it looks opened up after it’s been coiled. I wrapped a ribbon around the top to dress it up a little – it’s 11 inches long – it needed something, lol! I made the label in PSE 5 and printed those out and punched them with my marvy punches. I just glued my scalloped oval down with mono because I didn’t want it sticking out on dimensionals to get caught on stuff.


Here they all are! I definitely learned more as I went. The first two didn’t have the holes punched for hanging on the wall. Two of them don’t have the coil ‘seam’ (if you have a bind-it-all, you know what I am talking about) inside the calendar instead of outside. Any questions?

Ok – that’s it! They were pretty simple once I got going! I used my sister’s fonts – but please be aware – they are free for PERSONAL use. This would be commercial use if you were to make them and sell them. Then you would need to contact her about pricing. Just a note as a lot of people don’t realize that about fonts! Ok – they are being added to the *shop* page right now. I will be adding more things throughout the day (like a whole new batch of gift sets!), but I gotta go grocery shopping right now!

**ETA** For the month names I used the font Love Ya Like A Sister and for the tag on the front I used one she used to sell in her digi store – Drives Too Fast. I’m sorry – it’s not currently available unless you have the sister-hook-up, lol!**

Okay – here’s the info on the sneak peek – lots of pics!!

Bonus Pts for those of you who guessed that it was a Birthday Calendar! (except for you, Mom!  You knew already!)  I had a custom order to work on this week and that’s why I haven’t had much to show y’all! It was 4 gift sets that included: a lunch tin, a beaded pen, a post-it note holder, a notebook and a Birthday Calendar that all matched. So first, I’ll show you the gift sets – and I really think they turned out lovely – if I can say that about something I made myself!

(I’m not listing the info on all the products I used to make these, but I will list the paper used for each one and a set of links to the tutorials at the end.)

Oh! Baby Boy Gift set (basicgrey)


Key Lime Pie (Fancy Pants)


Dutch Girl (Cosmo Cricket)


Infuse Gift Set (basicgrey)


Tutorial links:

beaded pens

post-it note holders

lunch tins

target notebooks

And the Birthday Calendar….actually – let me save that for another post after church! It’s time for me to get out the door – but I promise to post more up close pics and the details when I get back, ok?

a box and cool idea….

When we were in Baltimore this summer, the boys used these crayon cake things (that’s what I call them) at a museum. They loved them and I thought – man, we should make these out of their broken crayons. So I finally did that this past weekend!

Here’s what we did…

First a tip – only use CRAYOLA crayons. The off brands don’t melt the same!

1. Peel the paper off all crayons you want to use.

2. Fill muffin tin with pieces of crayons. Try to use contrasting colors for a more noticeable swirl result.


3. Preheat oven to 250. Bake crayons in tin for 20 min.

4. Put tin in freezer for 5-10 mins to set, then leave on counter until completely cooled. The freezer helps the cakes separate from the tin easier. Then they are ready to color with!


Totally easy and the boys liked them!

And then one lady purchased a sample coaster box to help with making her boxes when she ordered coasters. Here’s the box I made for her sample:


supplies: coasters, basicgrey skate shoppe, ribbons, bind-it-all, mod podge, Plaid acrylic sealant, E6000 glue and sanding blocks.

Ok – my husband would really like the last of these coasters to be out of my house! So if you are interested, please shoot me an email @ You can find more information about them <here>.  Please do NOT send payment to that email address – it’s not the right one for paypal!  I promise to quit talking about them once they are gone! I only have one case left, ok?

These shipped:

Daisy Land

Elizabeth Augustin

Kaycee Duenas

Little Board Book

Okay, this is THE coolest thing ever! Kimberly came over and used my paper crafting stuff to make hers a few months ago – and I knew I had to learn to do it! So, first I’ll show it to you, then I’ll explain what it is and how to do it!


Isn’t that the cutest thing?? A little board book!



These are just some of the inside pages. Total it is 6 coasters (so 12 pages).


Okay, how cool is that?? Don’t you want to make one now too? And it was SO easy! Here’s what I used on it and then I’ll get into the how part.


Splash Piece A Cake Album from The Shabby Shoppe

King Cook KC font by Kimberly Geswein (

6 chipboard coasters (I got mine through a group share on SCS)

Bind it All (you can also use a crop a dial and rings)


mod podge

sanding blocks

Ok, and for the how. A piece-a-cake album is made to be up to 8×8 in size (usually) and you just pop your picture in and layer the pre-done page on top of it. You can move your photo around, mess with the size, etc til it looks how you want it. Then you are done! You can add to it – journaling, etc if you want. (You can get these at other digi stores, I’ve just only bought mine at The Shabby Shoppe.)

Then you print your ‘pages’ as 4×6 prints. Some places (walgreen’s for example) have software that screws this up and resizes it. You don’t want that. You want it to print on a 4×6 but with 2 inches of white space so it is really a 4×4 pic. I did mine at Costco (make sure you get matte/lustre finish – glossy would show way too many fingerprints!). It was about $2 for the pics and they were done in an hour. I put all the pages together in one 2 hr session with Kimberly at the coffee shop a few nights ago.

When you get your prints, you trim the 2 inches of white off. So you have a stack of 4×4 pictures. Then decide what order you want them to go in. Mod podge the backs of the pics and stick them on the coasters. Trim corners and then sand the edges a bit so they look softer. When I was done with that I put them in my Bind-it-All one at a time then used a white 7/8 coil. I think that turned out to be a pretty accurate size for the 6 coasters. Tied on some ribbons and that’s it!!

Seriously, can you believe it was that easy? I am so in love with this idea! I see many of them in my future – talk about a wonderful gift for grandparents or whatever – I’m thinking Christmas gifts!! I cannot take any credit for this idea – Kimberly said she saw it somewhere else. I just loved hers!

Ok, I’m off to spend the day helping out at the Doodliedoo booth at the Great American Scrapbooking Convention in Arlington. If you happen to be there, it’s booth #919 across from Heidi Swapp. Stop by and say hi!

My baby is 4!!

 Happy Birthday Adam!! My baby is 4 years old today.  We had little cake with the family today, nothing big.  Adam chose a fudge marble cake with vanilla and chocolate ice cream inside and white icing.  I used my bake and fill pan – expcept the ice cream was melty.  This time it was due to Texas heat and I didn’t get home from the store early enough to give it time to re-freeze!  But the kids all ate it.  Andy said it was the best cake he ever had, lol!

I haven’t ventured into the stamp room since I’ve been back, but I did have this to share from before I left.  I wanted to wait til Leigh got it before I showed it here.  She sent me one of those amazing 100 color challenge books and I had to make her something ultra nice as a Thank You.  This is what I came up with.  I used the zutter brand covers and had issues.  I covered them with Amy Butler’s new paper and Royal Coat decoupage (cause Debbie said it’s better than mod podge!).  Well – it wouldn’t hardly fit in the Bind-It-All!  Shouldn’t their own covers (which are supposed to be covered!) fit in their own machines??  And it was before I embellished it.  How frustrating!  Anyone else had this issue?  What have y’all used that fits in the machine better, but is larger than coasters?  So it turned out a bit crooked and I was so mad!  I really wanted it to be perfect because Leigh does such amazing work.  I embellished it with some velvet ribbon from Michael’s and a few primas.

Thank you so much for the color challenge book Leigh!


My new challenge….

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got lots of patterned papers. I am sure most people have more than I do – I was kind of late to bloom in the paper arena. (I think I just started using patterned paper on cards in the last 6 months). But I’ve collected lots! Well, I have decided to challenge myself to use it. Each week I will pull an older sheet of paper out of my stash and use the WHOLE PIECE. Yep, the entire piece gets used up. Not doing one sheet wonders or anything, just using up the whole sheet. I welcome any of you to join me in this challenge! Feel free to link your creations here so I can check them out! So, for this week, here is what I created with my paper! I chose a sheet of older Chatterbox paper I’ve had for at least a year.

This was my first card using it. I used SC122 for the layout. I was dying to use my new Green Thumb set again so I decided to do a pot of flowers and try to match the ones on the paper. I stamped them all in SU Classic inks: bordering blue, mellow moss, cranberry crisp, really rust, and blush blossom. That panel was layered on cranberry crisp. I used the SU sm horizontal punch (or whatever that thing is called!) and tied grosgrain and gingham ribbons through it. I mounted that on dimensionals over a panel of chatterbox with a strip of blush blossom. The Blush Blossom was stamped with same ink using SU’s linen stamp. I pierced holes along both sides. It was then mounted on cranberry crisp and a blush blossom base.


This card was made using the wagon of flowers from Ginak. It was stamped in brown stazon and colored in with creamy caramel, close to cocoa, cranberry crisp, blush blossom and mellow moss. I used the ticket corner punch on the corners and sponged creamy caramel around the edges. I mounted it on cranberry crisp and used vintage mini brads in the corners. I layered that on a mellow moss with scallop piercing done using the Ornare template. I popped that on dimensionals over a panel of the chatterbox paper that had the edges run along the cranberry crisp ink pad. I stamped the mother sentiment in chocolate chip on the mellow moss cardfront.


Next I whipped out my PaperTray set (with some of the accents from Green Thumb) and dug out my long forgotten craft ink pads. I have gotten rid of most of these, but I had a few left – and what do ya know?!? They matched the chatterbox paper! I love the look of craft ink on Kraft paper – I am really hoping my new Versamagic Dew Drops will acheive the same affect….we’ll have to see when they get here! So I stamped the flowers using so saffron, blush blossom, mellow moss and bashful blue craft inks. I sponged white craft along the edges after I distressed them using the Heidi Swapp distressor. I then pierced along the edges and did faux stitching using the Signo white gel pen. I put that on dimensionals on a mellow moss and then basic black. I punched a blush blossom tab using the SU tab punch and edged it with a black marker so it would pop more. I punched holes in the tab and tied black gingham in it. that panel is mounted on dimensionals then layered in black and mounted on a blush card base.


The last card was done using the same PaperTray sets. I stamped the flowers in craft ink again and punched the Kraft paper out using the GIGA scallop punch, edges sponged in white, and mounted on dimensionals. Mellow moss strip was stamped using one of the flower centers from PaperTray in white craft ink. It was also sponged along the edges. All layered on another cardfront of the Chatterbox paper. I stamped the sentiment in mellow moss craft ink – I’m not sure I like how that turned out, but oh well!


I used some of the last squares (and a few from another coordinating chatterbox sheet) to make this coaster box. I used medium weight coasters, modpodged the paper on, sanded the edges and sprayed them with Plaid sealant. I punched them with my Bind-It-All and laced up the box using mellow moss grosgrain ribbon. I sprayed sealant on the inside, but did not paper them. I stuck the bottom on using E6000 glue. There is a tutorial on these boxes here.


I used the last little bits of paper on these pens. There is a tutorial on the beaded pens here. I am using most of this for the Teacher Appreciation gifts for the boys this week.

I hope you all join me in the One Sheet A Week Challenge! I’ve got some great new stuff to show next Sunday for a long awaited Stamping Space Sunday segment.

And don’t forget to comment for the Blog Goody!

A few fun things….

I’ve got a few fun things to show you today. This past week, I submitted things to another Design Team – now I have to sit and wait! We’ll see how that goes – I’ve got another few days of waiting to go. Good thing I have had lots to make, I haven’t had time to stew about it too much!

A huge thank you to those of you who helped me identify my Asiatic lillies. Now I’ll know what to buy come fall! I am so excited about a beautiful flower that even I can’t kill!

First off, I wanted to share a GORGEOUS card I got in the mail from Lauren (mytime). She sent me this after she first set up her blog. She was having trouble learning wordpress, and Kimberly and I (mostly Kimberly!) were able to help her out with some of the glitches she encountered. She had a different blog banner at first, and this was inspired by that banner. Thank you Lauren!


Now I have two of the things I submitted for the Design Team. I got into their images after seeing them on Emily (waterpixie)’s blog. They are so cute and I love the French influences! So here is some of what I sent in.


This card was done using one of their chicklet stamps. They have so many of these and I want them ALL! Chicklets with hats, dressed up, weilding swords, etc. So cute! The sentiment is also from Just Johanna. I stamped the chicklet on white cardstock using black stazon. I colored it in with a so saffron marker. The sentiment is also stamped in black stazon. I punched it out with the mega oval punch and sponged so saffron on the edges. It is mounted on a black giga scalloped oval. That is on dimensionals on the saffron card front. Black gingham ribbon was tied in a bow behind it. Along the bottom of the cardfront, I used the Ornare paper piercing guide to pierce the scallops. The cardfront is on dimensionals as well – layered on black then on a saffron card base.


This is a box done out of medium weight coasters. I used Fancy Pants papers (mulberry road collection) on the coastesr. I mod podged the papers on, trimmed the edges and sanded them with a sanding block. Then I sprayed them with Plaid spray sealant. I used my Bind-It-All to punch the holes and then I “laced” it up using burgundy grosgrain ribbon. My only trick to the bow-tying is the tie them upside down (turn the project upside down when you tie the bow) because for some reason this helps them to lay right. The image on the front is a teacup colored in with watercolor wonder crayons and an aquapainter. My favorite part is the steam with the words ‘Happy Birthday” in the flourishes. I want every one of those flourish/steam sentiments they have!  Oh!  Almost forgot – the tutorial on making these boxes can be found here.  I used the stinky E6000 glue to stick the base on.  It smells bad, but it works.

So those are a few of things I’ve sent in. I’ve already shared all the others over the past week or two. And now I’ll just wait! I am so so not good at waiting, lol!