My Challenge – One Sheet

Ok – so this is my challenge for y’all! (And I’m thinking I should start a little blog hopping challenge – what do ya think? Once a week? less often? sketch or color or what? Hmmmm……)

Anyway, mine is an idea I started awhile back and then didn’t keep up with. I don’t know about . . . → Read More: My Challenge – One Sheet

More of the OSC2 and a class card…..

Hello! I thought I’d share another card from my One Sheet Challenge wk2 (and btw, when I upload these, I am putting OSC2 – or whatever week I am on in the keywords section in the SCS gallery. This way, you can click on it and see everything done with that sheet. Please do the . . . → Read More: More of the OSC2 and a class card…..

This week’s one sheet challenge…..

Okay, here’s the next installment to this week’s One Sheet a Week Challenge.  This is the same Chatterbox paper I used on the picture frames earlier this week.

I stamped the floral stamps from papertreyink’s Green Thumb stamp set.  I used bashful blue and stamped it off once for the first layer and then . . . → Read More: This week’s one sheet challenge…..

My new challenge….

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got lots of patterned papers. I am sure most people have more than I do – I was kind of late to bloom in the paper arena. (I think I just started using patterned paper on cards in the last 6 months). But I’ve collected lots! Well, I . . . → Read More: My new challenge….

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