Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

I’ve been working on some stuff that’s rather time consuming….but I’ll give you a little peek at it for the time being…..


Ok…..more on that later!!

And I talked about the Nestabilities <here> and wanted update the fact that I’ve changed how I store mine. I had issues with the magnet strips not sticking down – the ends would curl up, they would slip sometimes, etc. So I decided to try something else. I saw <this idea> on GinaK’s blog. I don’t have extra DVD tins but I figured I could make it work in CD cases. So I purchased a pack of magnetic sheets – ultra thin little suckers! – at Staples. They weren’t cheap – about $12 for 4 sheets – but I was able to do all 4 complete sets of the nestabilities and still had some extra. I just cut the size I needed and then used mono multi to glue the magnet in to the CD case. They seem to hold them much better than the other magnets I had. Now they do still fall off sometimes, but way less often than they used to! Here’s how they look now:



Now most sets (the large and small of that style) will fit in one case. The scalloped squares I had to use 2 cases for. I will probably move the scalloped rectangles to 2 cases as well. But I’m much happier with this than those silly magnet strips. But don’t worry – I’ve come up for a great use for all that cut up magnet too!

And since I had about a sheet left over, I decided to cut a 4×6 piece off and use it as a magnetic mat for the Nestabilities. It works great! I’m not sure what they one they sell looks like or how thick it is. But this seems to go a loooong way in helping them stay where I want them and it is so thin, it doesn’t mess up my sandwich layering at all.


Pretty handy!

So that’s what I’ve discovered to help me out in storing and using the Nestabilities. I will say that using them for a multiples project is kind of a PITA – I mean, running a scalloped circle die through there a bunch of times to cut multiples takes quite awhile. But really, they are just so classy and nice – I love them! Alrighty – enjoy your Sunday!

Happy 4th of July!

How about another digipage and some more answered questions? I swear I am going to answer all those questions some day! I made this page last night while Matthew and I watched some random TV. I’m pretty happy with it! I love Corina Nielsen’s stuff – she’s awesome!


Template: Got Scallops from Shandy Vogt (and she’s got 50% off and a FABULOUS grab bag -it’s worth it!)

Papers, ribbons and font: My Funky 4th Collaboration kit from FPD
paper for flourish: Urban Holiday by Corina Nielsen at FPD
Drop Shadows: Traci Murphy at FPD
Stitching: AtomicCupcake

And now for some of those questions!
1. I also wondered if you listen to anything while you stamp? If so what?

Yes, sometimes (when I want to be more productive) I listen to music instead of watching tv. When I watch TV ( I love House reruns!!), I tend to spend part of the time watching instead of working. So I listen to music when I want to be more productive. If no one is around, I’ll just play it from my desktop. If the boys are playing computer, I’ll use my Zen. I love my Zen! It’s the Creative Labs version of the ipod. And I’ve got a hot pink case for it, love it! My current faves to listen to are Gwen Stefani’s new album (after seeing her in concert, I love most of the songs on her new album!), Lisa Loeb – one of my all time faves, the Refreshments, and various other stuff. But I do sing along, loudly. And I am not a good singer.

2. What’s your favorite not-a-card project to stamp on?

Hmm….I don’t know that I ever stamp on non-paper/card items. I like to alter things, but I don’t really stamp on them. So I guess….nothing?

3. I am wondering how you (or me!) became/become a designer for a stamp company?

Well, just find a company that you would like to work for – this means that you love their images. Then do some research. See if they have a call posted anywhere about their DT. If not, ask! I asked justjohanna and they said they would have one in the spring. I signed up for their newsletter and when I saw the call come out, I submitted some designs. With GinaK, I asked if she had a call and she asked if I wanted a spot! Just remember, every Design Team is different. Make sure you ask and READ their specifications and what will be required of you. They all have different incentive programs as well. Just make sure you look things over before you sign a contract with someone.

4. You seem to use a lot of Blush paper from Basic Grey. Do you have a slab of that line and if so, where did you buy to slab?

That’s because Basic Grey is the bestest paper line ever! No really, I just love love their paper. I buy lots of it. Whenever there is a new line, I jump on the chance to get it ASAP. I usually buy by the sheet though. I’ll get a 6×6 pad, and then the rest is by the sheet. I prefer not to purchase the 12×12 packs as they have lots of things in them that I don’t want (letter stickers, etc). So, if Recollections doesn’t have it yet, I’ll find a store online that has what I want and get it by the sheet. Since I sometimes use it at classes, I’ll need several sheets of one design to use it.

5. Are you coming to convention this year in beautiful Denver, CO?

Nope! I’ve never been to convention. Honestly, I probably never will either. It’s just too $$! I just can’t fathom spending that much on a trip for just me. I am trying VERY hard to go to CHA in the winter though. I can’t go to the one this month as it is Kimberly’s last weekend in the country – I kinda want to spend that time with her!

6. When you watercolor, how do you get the background done without it muddying in (for lack of a better word) with the palm fronds?

Hmm….I am not sure if you are referring to the green palm tree part or the sky part. I am gonna answer both. I use stazon, so it doesn’t tend to run when you watercolor on it. For the background, I color right up to the tree, but don’t let the two colors touch, kwim? So the tree and the sky would be flush with each other, but not touching – then the colors won’t run together.

7. What is your favourite place online to order cool new stampin’ stuffs???

Gosh, wherever has what I am looking for?? Um, let me see. The places I have ordered from most recently are:

Doodlie doo


All That Scraps


Eclectic Paperie

8. When you sit down to stamp what comes first, the colors, image or layout?

Either the colors (if it’s a color challenge or if I want to use certain papers) or the image. The layout is always last unless it is the Sketch Challenge. I feel like I do the same layouts all the time, lol!

9. I am having too much water leak from my aqua painter. Is it cause it’s been used for much or do they “die” after a while?

They do “die” (IMO) after awhile. But usually, it’s the brush tip that gets kinda worn out. If you’ve got a leaky pen, most likely it is faulty. I’d contact your demo or SU. Although, I switched to the Niji Waterbrush and I’ve never had more even coverage when watercoloring. And it never leaks. I LOVE it! I got mine on ebay, but they are also at Ellen Hutson’s store (where the ornare piercing template is, hint hint!)

10. Do you have any pets?

Nope. I don’t do animals. We had a dog once, a very cute – but very naughty, beagle. She found a new home when I got pregnant with my oldest. I would prefer to live in a plastic bubble with astro turf for a lawn. Seriously! My allergies are so bad – I just can’t do nature or animals. I am allergic to grass and dogs. So, nope, no pets.

Ok, that’s enough questions for today! I am getting near the end – I see the light!


So you remember all those questions y’all asked back in April……well, I’m still working on answering them! I thought since I had a few minutes, I’d answer a few more tonight.

1. What is your favorite technique and can you do a tutorial on it?

Cracked Glass. There is a tutorial on it at SCS, but if y’all want one, I’ll do one. I love to do it, even though it’s a little time consuming.

2. Do you know of any other companies (besides SU) that sells mat packs?

I believe Making Memories has them. I think I’ve seen them at Michael’s. If you are just looking for a cushion – try foam or an old mouse pad. I just picked up an extra mouse pad for .79 at Ikea so that I would have a larger cushion to work with.

3. Here’s my non-stamping question since I enjoyed sitting next to you during dinner in Dallas SCS get together in October: I could eat ___ everyday.

Bread. Or Pizza. Chocolate. I don’t know!

4. What is a shoebox swap?

It is a swap where you design a card and then bring enough supplies for everyone else to make the card you designed. It’s called a shoebox because theoretically, all the supplies would fit in a shoebox. So if it’s a swap of 30, you’d bring enough cardstock, etc for 30 other people to make your card. Then you go around and make everyone else’s cards.

5. What is the most difficult project you have ever made?

Gosh, probably any project the first time I do it is most difficult. You make all your mistakes the first time, lol! After that, you learn how to do it better and it isn’t so hard.

6. How did you come to accept Christ?

I grew up in the church and have just always had Him as a part of my life. I can remember ‘renewing’ that commitment as a teenager, but as for when – I just remember that I was little. I will say, having my boys ask lots of questions has been such a cool experience. I love hearing them interested in Jesus and what he did for us. Their sweet trusting innocence is so precious.

7. When you are not stamping, what is your favorite fun for you thing to do?

Hmm…..I love having people over to watch football or something. Cooking lots of party foods and stuff. Or going to sporting events with Matthew. I love to read. I love to SHOP! I could shop all day forever. (Of course, I might not be able to walk the next day, but I’d love every minute of it!)

8. My question is how do you organized your time to do so much?

This question made me laugh. I am so not organized with my time. It never fails, right before something is due, I freak out and cram it all in. I have been told by family that I just work better under pressure. I don’t know – I feel more creative when I’ve got a looming deadline. As for the rest, I just tell myself the little stuff doesn’t matter. If the house doesn’t get picked up – no one is going to be harmed by that. Spending time with the boys or working on a project – much more fun. It’ll all get done sometime.

9. How did you meet your husband?

Let’s see…..we met in college. I was a freshman and he was a first year senior (he had a double major so it took 5 years). He was President of the Inter-Greek Council and it was Greek Week. The first night, he refereed our volleyball game and tried to help us win, but we sucked. He thought I was a cute little redhead. The last day of the week, we had the MS Walk and we hung out during it. The next week, he took me on our first date and it was my birthday. Shortly after, I moved home for the summer and he came and stayed with my family as often as he could. Six months later, we were engaged!

10. Have you been published?

Yes, I have been in SU’s On Stage magazine once, an issue of Take Ten and an issue of Stampers Sampler. I have only submitted once, about 9 mos after I started stamping. I have a hard time with making things that won’t get used. Plus, I don’t feel like anything I make is very original. And I can’t take rejection!

11. What is your favorite animal for a pet?

um….none? I am allergic to dogs, my husband can’t stand cats……I am really not into animals. Perhaps a turtle, but I’d probably freak if it peed on me or something. I don’t really do animals or nature or dirt……..

12. What is the latest silly thing your kids and/or dh said to you?

Um, the latest was a few days ago. Matthew and I were sitting there and Alex came up and asked Matthew to fix something. Then he said “It’s kind of like I have servants.” WHAT?!?! I think he totally meant Matthew and I were like his servants, lol! We about died laughing.

13. I am wondering if you can choose an all time favorite from your paper creations.

gosh, that’s a hard one! I can perhaps choose a favorite card – but that is hard too! Ithink it would be this one….

It uses one of my favorites sets, a favorite technique, a favorite background stamp and a favorite color combo.

14. Which inks/markers/chalks or other coloring utensil(s) are your favorite and why?

Reinkers and a waterbrush, hands down. I love to watercolor. I think it’s very therapeutic. I am really really loving my new Niji waterbrush, but I loved the aquapainters too. I love that with the reinkers, I don’t have to worry about matching colors – they already match cause they are the same ink.


15. If you use regular SU white cardstock, and the reinkers, do you wet the paper first, or just start adding color on a wet brush (or blender pen or aquapainter)? How do you choose between using watercolor paper and regular cardstock?

I usually use SU white cardstock, but sometimes I use the watercolor paper. No, you do not wet the paper first. I use an aquapainter type brush (the kind with water in the barrel) and dip that in the reinker. I put a drop or two of reinker inside the lid of my pad and leave it there – after I am done, I just shut the pad and the reinker stays there for next time.

As for how to choose on the paper – for me, it is usually dependant on color. The watercolor paper is more cream colored so if I don’t want a cream accent on my project then I use white. Unless I really want watercolor paper, I almost always use white.

Ok, whew! That was a lot…..enough for today. I think I am finally nearing the end of the questions!

Ahhh….my hair smells so nice!!

I got a much needed haircut today. And DUDE! My hair smells SO good! I got at least 3 inches cut off, it was just getting too long! I usually have them blow it out straight because I’ll never take the time to do it myself. But it is seriously humid and it rained this morning so I just let her leave it curly. Or should I say frizzy?? Seriously, what is the deal with beauticians and being able to manage truly curly hair? That little dollop of product they put in their hand is NOT going to control my hair! Not only is it curly and it NEEDS control, but it’s also pretty long and thick too! I always snicker when I see how much they think they can use. I use two different things to control mine and the mousse I use – well, just fill your hand as much as you possibly can maybe 5 inches high with foam. I am not joking. Anyway, it smells so so nice now.

I don’t have any cool things to share today because I am working on a few things I can’t share yet. So I thought I’d answer a few more questions today.

1. I was just reading on your blog that you can’t sell cards if SU stamps (or products?) are used. Why is that?

Well, every company has what is called an Angel Policy. It is really a copyright policy. Their images are copywritten. You may only use them how they say you can. They own the rights to whatever images they produce. Just like songs or whatever. You would need to contact companies specifically to find out what their policy is. SU’s is that you cannot sell items made with their images online or at a fixed retail location. So I can’t have a basket of their cards at the local coffee shop. But I can have a basket in my mom’s teachers lounge. Make sense?

2. In your pursuit of the art of papercrafting, what has been your most amazing discovery? It can be either personal (i.e. what has affected you most?) or professional (i.e. products)?

Hmm….as for products I would say two things have changed my style the most. The discovery of background stamps – I LOVE them! And finally being able to use patterned paper! Seriously, it is only in the last 6 mos or so that I have used it on cards with any regularity.

Personally, the most amazing discovery for me is that I am actually good at it! I am still surprised and honored every time someone says they like something I made or says that something here inspired them. I know that I have learned all I know from other online stampers and I am still amazed that people have learned from my stuff! I’ve never been into or good at anything artistic or crafty in my life until now!

3. What type of glue/adhesive do you recommend? I was so frustrated with snail adhesives that bungle up I went to glue sticks. But now, I am finding they don’t always stay stuck!!! Help!

I may have answered another question like this already, but I’ll answer again because this is my FAVORITE product discovery. I had used tombow tape runner style adhesive for the first 2 years. Then I found out what SweetMissDaisy uses (and I think she is just awesome!!) and I tried it out. The final straw for me came when my husband had an anniversary card I made him on his dresser. Every time I walked by it I had to squeeze the layers together again! So I tried the Tombow Mono Multi and I love it! It would tear the paper to take it apart! There is a bit of a learning curve using a liquid adhesive. I use the small end and run a line about 1/8 inch in from the edge of the paper. I love that it sticks forever. I have a link on the right side of my blog that says THE BEST GLUE EVER. This is where I get mine. Cheapest price I’ve found and it’s free shipping on orders over $25. I try to order once a year.

4. How long have you been interested in paper crafts/art/design?

I have been at it since Oct 2003, so about 3.5 years. I’ve never done anything else artsy since grade school.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go and why? That’s easy! Italy. I’ve always wanted to go there. Dh is 3/4 Italian. I love Italian food. We were planning to go for our 10th anniversary. However, that is next year and I don’t see that in the cards.

6. Do you do craft shows? How and where?

No, I’ve never done a craft show. I’ve thought about it and I might try one in the fall. We’ll see. Honestly, I hate making anything in bulk. (Except for the lunch tins, lol!) So I don’t know if I’d like it or not. I rarely even make two of the same card.

ok, that’s all! Kimberly and I are going digiscrapping one last time tonight – dang, I love hanging with her AND those Zebra mocha’s! (They are half mocha, half white chocolate – so so goooooood!)

Handwriting Font info and more questions answered…

Can you believe it’s been almost 2 mos and I still haven’t managed to answer all those questions?? Y’all just had so many!

Anyway, first off I wanted to go ahead and post here about the Handwriting Fonts. I used Andy’s handwriting from Feb of this year to journal on this digi page. I got asked by many of you where you can get that done. Well, my sister made me mine, but she ‘retired’ from font making. However, she passed her mad-skillz on to a friend and you can find her shop here! Specifically, if you want a font made that is exsclusive to you (in other words, you will own the rights to it) you will want this one for cursive and this one for print. You can have them done cheaper if you don’t mind a possibility of resale.

And now for some more of those questions!

1. Why do you prefer the black staz-on ink pad over the black SU ink pad?

Well….for one, the SU black ink pad – well, it’s kinda not black! Ever notice how it looks kinda purple?? Also, for watercoloring – which I LOVE – the stazon doesn’t run or smudge into your project as much.

2. How many stamps do you own?

Probably not as many as you think! I counted up that I had about 80 Su sets. I try to keep it at 75 or under. I find that if I have more than that, I don’t use them and they just take up space. Or I get overwhelmed with too many and don’t want to use any of them! I have lots of Ginak stamps, justjohanna stamps (since those are my two Design Teams I am on), my two Fancy Pants sets, a box or two of A Muse stamps, two papertreyink sets and a few TAC sets. And that’s about it! Seriously, you could fit almost all my stamps in two of those Crop In Style cubes.

3. How did you happen upon SplitCoast?

I found splitcoaststampers through the oh-so-talented Beate Johns. I was on a yahoo group where Beate shared her creations. She spoke of her favorite website and of course I had to go there too! I think I was member number 2,000 something. Now there are SO SO many members there!

4. How has blogging effected you life and do you recommend people starting their own blogs?

Well, I started my blog originally as a place for my sister, Kimberly, to view my things when she moves to China. Lots of sites are blocked in different countries and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to come to Splitcoast to see stuff I had made. And it just went from there! I have to say, I love that I have started one. It makes me get in my room SO much more often so that I can have new things to share with y’all. I say go for it, but it is A LOT of work. Posting takes time, linking takes time, etc. Of course, you can put into it as much as you want. I just enjoy talking…..and apparently some people out there listen, lol!

5. OK, Emily, I want to know if you really persued becoming such a *famous* stamper, ie: the tutorials on SCS, design teams, or did they just happen for you? (Clear as mud)

wow, this question kinda cracks me up! I have never thought of myself as a famous stamper. It all just kinda happened. I started doing the color challenges because Kimberly made me. Since she was hosting, she’d bug me all week til I did mine. Then I started doing the other challenges. I grew SO much as a stamper from that. Then Kimberly said we should make a card box (lunch tin) for our new stepmom, Cindy. And before I knew it, I had made TONS of them. Beate asked if I would do a tutorial on them and I did! Since then, I’ve just done tutorials when asked or when I think I have a different way to do something already shown. I know how much pictures help me figure stuff out so I am glad I can pass along things I’ve learned from other stampers.

I still don’t think of myself as famous stamp-wise. I don’t submit to magazines so I am not published. I am not a member of the Dirty Dozen. I have recently joined two Design Teams, and I love doing that! I just like making stuff with my hands and paper. I hope you can get inspired by something I made – I know how much I have grown through being inspired by other stampers.

6. I would love to know if you did your own watermarks on a certain program or if someone does them for you.

My watermarks are made by my sister, Kimberly. Seriously, what will I do without her??? Thank goodness for email! I haven’t the foggiest idea how to make them, I just ask her nicely for what I want and she does it. I know there are several threads on SCS about how to make them in different programs and also there are a few tutorials on different blogs that explain the process.

***ETA: Please DO NOT email my sister and ask her to make you a watermark or ask her if she sells them. She is entirely too busy preparing for their move to China and her life in general. So even if you know her through SCS, DO NOT contact her about making you a watermark, selling you a watermark or directions on how to do your own watermark. She does mine for me because she is my sister and she offered. Thank you!****

Okay, that’s enough for now. I have a card for later today though!


I can’t get to my card reader for my camera at the moment, so I’ll just answer some questions. I promise ultra cool pics of stuff later tonight!

Also, I’ve decided to use keywords for the patterned paper challenge. SO, this week would be week two and the keywords are OSC2 (One Sheet Challenge 2). If you are participating, feel free to use the keywords on your own challenges as well. It’s so cool to see what all you can make with just one sheet of patterned paper! I have re-coded all my previous uploads to have the keywords in them. So now, when you click on something in my SCS gallery, you can click the keywords and everything made with that sheet will show up.

And now for some questions answered! I *might* finish all 200 questions by the end of May….

1. I’d like to know how you come up with ideas for your cards. I usually see one that someone else did then put my own spin on it.

Isn’t that what I do?!?! I usually try to start with a challenge or an element that I want to try or include and go from there. I just try to see what seems to work for me and use it. I used to go to the gallery every day and view EVERY new upload. Now that it is impossible! But I try to get in there and see stuff every once in awhile. There’s just too much on there and I am way too busy these days.

2. what’s your favorite thing about living in Texas??

This is a funny question to me. The main reason: I don’t really like Texas! It is freaky-deaky hot! My allergies are OUT OF CONTROL here. I sunburn SO easily. I have way way more freckles now.

I do love being able to wear flip-flops about 9 mos out of the year. And when it is so hot all the time – ice cream just seems to be a must a lot more often! I have a huge weakness for chocolate ice cream – the more fudgey, chocolatey goodness the better! But please hold those nuts!! (I still remember when my OB – this was with Andy, my first – said that perhaps I should try limiting my chocolate ice cream cones to once a week when I had gained too much weight one month. My thought was maybe I should only have one a DAY!!!)

3. How often do you stamp?

I’d say about 5 days a week I stamp or work on some type of project. Lately it’s been almost 7 days a week. The one thing I love love love about blogging – it sure makes me get in here more often!

4. If you had to pick just one stamp set, one ABC set and 3 colors to take with you on a deserted island to stamp your SOS letter with which ones would it be?

Hmm….Roses In Winter, Doodle Alphabet, cool caribbean, basic black, white.

5. What was your very first experience stamping? Do you remember and can you share it with us?

Sure I remember it! Kimberly had been stamping for roughly a year and I had flipped through the catalog a few times, always saying “This is cute, but I could buy this at Hallmark.” (**I know!**)

Then just two months after I had my youngest son, she showed up for a weekend at our house and brought card stuff. She had designed a few cards using one set and a handful of colors. We made them all and I was hooked! You can read more about how I got started in this post.

6. Do you have time to stamp for fun or do you feel like everything has a deadline?

Yes, basically everything I do is for fun. I have two design teams, but they are images I love to work with so it isn’t really ‘work’ to me. I only pursue ‘jobs’ like that if they are something I will honestly enjoy working with. I do have a list of projects in the back of my mind that I just never seem to get to, but it’s only because I am a terrible procrastinator and if I don’t have a deadline – I just don’t get to it, lol! I don’t submit to publications because I just don’t see that as fun. That’s making something that won’t be used and it’s more like work to me. That’s not what I am in this for. I just like to play with stuff!

Questions answered, more back stuff, etc.

Whew! It’s been a day! I had a chiropractor appointment bright and early this morning. I am about at my whit’s end dealing with this back stuff so I am trying something different. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about. Meaning, he knew exactly what was wrong – found the source of my pain right away, and explained it in a way that made sense to me! So, we’ll see if this makes any headway. I am tired of being stuck during a cortisone shot fishing expedition! No fun.

I had a great time at the Gwen Stefani concert Saturday night (thanks Dad!). Matthew politely suffered through it with me, thanks hon! I didn’t care for the two opening acts that much, but Gwen puts on a fabulous show. The absolute best part – she announced her next album would be back with No Doubt! This makes me really happy! I can remember almost melting my Tragic Kingdom cd on a road trip with my friend Kaycee back in college. Ahh…..those were the days! Anyway, I like her period. But I love No Doubt! So that was really cool news, I’ll be stalking them to find out about a concert near here! Cause let’s face it….I am way too old to be sitting on the lawn!

And a few more questions answered from last month:

1. I know you are now on a design team, but am wondering if you have ever submitted to any magazines or publications?

Well, I had one of the very first cards I ever made published in Take Ten by Stampers Sampler. Then later, one of the cards I had sent in at the same time was used in Stampers Sampler. But that is the only time I have ever submitted anything for publication. Mainly, I just hate the idea of the item not being used. I would much much rather gift it to someone else, sell it to someone who will use it or whatever. Plus, I don’t feel like I am very original and I wouldn’t want anyone to think I stole their idea for publication!

2. I am curious about your favorite stamp company (other than SU!). Which would you choose, and why?

Gosh, that’s a hard one! I have a few, and it depends on what you are looking for!

Cute stamps with ‘pun’ny sayings: GinaK Designs

Fabulous sentiments in the best fonts: A Muse Artstamps

Birds, flourishes and lots of cool French sayings: Just Johanna

But I am also loving my new Fancy Pants stamps and my new PaperTreyInk sets as well!

so that wasn’t really one, was it?!!

3. Are you saving your pennies to go and visit Kimberly overseas when she is living there?

We shall see! I will miss her and the girls SO SO much! (I guess Keith too, lol!) But it would be terribly expensive for all 5 of us to go, and I don’t know about being able to get away from the boys to go alone. But I’ve never been out of North American before and it would be awesome to go to China as well as see them! We shall see!

4. I’d like to know how you come up with ideas for your cards. I usually see one that someone else did then put my own spin on it. I love making cards but have a really hard time coming up with my own designs.

Gosh, are any of my ideas my own?!?! Rarely! I use elements of someone else’s card or a challenge idea to get started and then I just go from there. Sometimes it is really easy and it just comes together. Others, I can agonize over the smallest details and it just doesn’t seem to ‘work’, kwim? I get started by just choosing one thing I want to try or a challenge or a set I want to work with and go from there!

5. How did you become CC hostess on SCS?

well, roughly two years ago, Kimberly decided to start this weekly challenge dealing with a color combo. A year later, she was burnt out and asked me if I wanted to take over. That’s it!

6. What is your favorite type of ink to use?

Stampin Up’s Classic inks. I use those nearly every time. Sometimes I’ll use the SU craft ink, but not often. I almost always use Stazon brown and black for the sentiments or images to be colored or whatever. I am anxiously awaiting my Versamagic Dew Drop inks, and I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on those!

Pieces of Me….

I have had this page for awhile and Gina gave me the ok to share it. Now, please remember, I am not a scrapbooker! I do it once in a blue moon. I mean, I think I’ve scrapped 1 page so far in 2007. Seriously. Anyway, when Jen, Kimberly, Julie, Jackie and I met up at Recollections last month, we saw a page on the wall that said “Pieces of me…” and I knew it would be perfect done with the GinaK Love You To Pieces set. So here’s what I came up with……


First of all, let me say that the pink on this page just did not photograph well – it’s not nearly that hideous IRL! Okay, I used Basic Grey Pheobe paper for the background. I stamped the puzzle pieces from Love You To Pieces in Pixie Pink and Certainly Celry (I think) on whisper white cardstock. I cut them out and stamped the letters using Typeset Alphabet and brown stazon. The smaller puzzle pieces were from the multi-piece stamp in that set. I used the same alphabet on that as well. The photo was one Kimberly took of me several months ago. The rub-ons are from Crate Paper -one of the only companies that has brown rub-ons! I can’t remember where I got mine – Jacksonbelle Embellishments maybe? Anyway, some of the words came from that and some I wrote in chocolate chip marker.


Pieces of me:









rubber stamper

And that’s all! Unlike when I make cards – when I do scrap, I am rarely satisfied with the end result. I already see stuff I would change about this. Maybe because I haven’t scrapped as much, I don’t know. Anyway, that was my attempt! So what are the pieces of you?

Also, some more questions answered. I totally didn’t get to them all in the month of April – there were just too many!

1. My question for you is what is your all-time favorite SU stamp (the one that you will never part with)?

Thus far, the only set I have held on to more than six months after it retired is Easy Elegance. But I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of Roses in Winter either.

2. I would like to know if you do any other kind of crafting? You and your sister are both artistic — do you get the talent from your Mom? Did she encourage you two when you were young?

Honestly, neither of my parents are very artistic. My mom always says (when she comments here, lol!) that I didn’t get it from her! My dad always made us cards growing up – you know with clippings from magazines or comics. But neither is artsy. My stepdad is very artistic though. Much more on the drawing side – he uses charcoal, pencils and oil pastels. I did not start doing this until I was 25 though – and I’d never done anything else artistic before that.

3. So, what is your favorite color and color combo??

Well, I just did these for my birthday color challenge. But my two favorite SU colors are Rose Red and Cool Caribbean. Color combos are cool caribbean, basic black and white (you can always spice that up with eggplant or celery or something!). The other combo is so saffron, elegant eggplant, rose red and the optional artichoke.

4. Have you ever had stampers block or a period of time you didn’t feel like stamping?

Of course! Although, honestly – it hasn’t happened since I started blogging. That is the main thing I get out of this (and the main reason I do it!). I want to have something to share every day (or as often as possible) so it gets me in my stamp room more often. Now I do have stuff that I start and then just don’t know where to go with it and it’ll sit there. Like this Thank You for Leigh…’s half done and I am about ready to scrap the whole thing!

For me, the best way to get past a block is to do a challenge. That way you have a starting point.

5. Do you do any sketching of ideas or just sit down and start stamping?

I’d say 95% of the time I just start stamping. My issue is that I usually do what ever for the main image or panel and then have to figure out how can I make a card with this that doesn’t look like every other card I make?!?! I rarely think out the whole card before I start unless it is a sketch challenge.

6. I would like to know what is your favorite adhesive to use when you make altered items?

I prefer mod podge matte. For projects that I don’t want the brushstrokes on and it doesn’t need to be sealed quite that much, I will use Plaid sealant to spray the outside. I use that for the tumbled tile coasters as well. I don’t have a xyron or anything like that either. I did and it collected dust for a year so I got rid of it. Mostly just my 33 for $1 foam brushes from Michaels (you know the ones!) and a nice big jar of Mod Podge matte. I don’t like the glitter or the glossy. Glossy just seems to take away from the paper I used too much and the Glitter – well, that just isn’t me, lol!

Okay, that’s all for today!

April is almost over…

so I thought I would show another card made with the Love You To Pieces set by GinaK. She has raised almost $3500 for Autism Speaks! How awesome is that?!?! So you are helping a great organization AND getting a super cute stamp set! I tried it out with this week’s sketch challenge. It isn’t my favorite card with this set, but it turned out ok. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to stamp when I had too many other things running through my head for tomorrow!


I used the Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl line again because I just love that paper! I stamped the hearts in real red ink on white cs and cut them out. They are layered onto a piece from the Dutch Girl line that has the puzzle pieces stamped on it in versamark. The top heart is on dimensionals. That panel is layered on real red cardstock and then on a card front from the Dutch Girl line. The sentiment is stamped in real red ink on more of the Dutch Girl paper. It is layered on real red and them mounted on dimensionals.


This is a little 4×4 card I made to accompany my Door Prize for tomorrow. Sorry, I am not showing the prize until after the event! I made this using the Fancy Pants Key Lime Pie paper and Ginak’s flowers in a vase stamp. I love that stamp! I stamped the image in black stazon on white cardstock. I aquapainted it with pixie pink, green galore, and bashful blue. The centers are the A Muse micro mini dot jewels in yellow. After I punched it out with the mega oval punch, I edged it with a black marker. I did the same with the pink scalloped giga oval from the Fancy Pants paper. It’s mounted on a panel of paper from that same line with some apple green grosgrain tied around it. The base is pixie pink.

Okay, I’ve got some more stuff to assemble for tomorrow. I will post my door prize in the morning though!

Oh, and I promised some more answered questions too!

1. Emily, my question is how do you stamp the Winter in Roses so that the flowers really do look like roses?

Well, it’s a combo of things. One is called smooshing. I think it was coined by StamperSharon. When you set the stamp on the paper, you smoosh it. This is done by moving it (while it is still on the paper!) a 1/4 turn in each direction. You do this with each layer and the leaves too. It gives them a nice soft look. I also almost always use shimmer cardstock with the roses….it is better for the smooshing and it’s shimmery! The last thing is trying to choose colors that real roses might be. I will stamp the largest layer (or bottom) off twice, the second layer once and the smallest layer not at all. I’ll try to take pictures sometime, but it’s a hard thing to photograph especially with my left hand!

2. Do you work better in a very organized space or clutter?

Probably in a very organized space. However, my space is rarely organized! It’s so messy from the last few months of craziness in there…..I don’t even know where to start!

3. how do you find time to stamp with three kids around? Do they have a special place in your craft room??

Well, I’ve touched on the first part before, but I mostly do my stuff at night or when they are all at school. And NO, they do not have a place in my room. Actually, my stamp room is OFF LIMITS to little people. They are supposed to knock and ask if they can come in. Not that they follow this rule….which leads back to mostly working at night! I have one who likes to cut with the paper trimmer…..and unfortunately, it’s usually a finished project or some of my beloved paper that gets cut! I do stuff with them, but we usually do it at the dining room table. There’s not enough room in there for all of us anyway.

4. What is your one favorite thing (tool, embellishment, etc.) to use when doing cards or scrapbook pages?

That’s easy. Hands down – RIBBON! I can hardly make something without it! But I also love mini brads, jewels, primas, punches……………………

5. I’d like to know how your align your guide when doing corners and manage to keep them in perfect sync. Meaning EVEN, I waste so much good paper. Do you use removable adhesive tape or something to mark the area?

No, I don’t use anything. I just hold it really tight (or I guess push on it) to keep it in place. This would be why my shoulders are always tense….I get kinda uptight about keeping things straight, etc.

6. Anyway, I would love to know how you go about picking colors for cards? Do you usually use things you see somewhere for color combos, or the color wheel, or are you just that good?

Well, for the color combos – a lot of them are suggested by other stampers. I have a color wheel, but I don’t use it. I will either pull my colors from paper I am going to use or just what I like or feel like at the moment. I love color – not that I have ever done anything artistic besides stamping – but it’s just something I’ve always been into. I don’t venture into the Bold stuff very often, I am a more muted person, lol! It’s also something I don’t really think about, but I find it funny that it’s one of the most remarked upon things for me. I guess it is just something I that flows for me. I like well matched, well blended color. That’s one reason why it was so hard for me to venture into patterned papers. I just started really using them in the last 6-9 mos. I hate when things don’t match PERFECT!


I cannot believe what the mailman just brought me!! Seriously, my mouth is hanging open! Do you remember the 100th Color Challenge book that Leigh O’Brien made as a prize? Well, she decided to sell them and took orders through her blog. And she sent me one in the mail today!!! As a “thank you for your inspiration”….um…HELLO?!?! She totally inspires me! Anyway, it’s absolutely gorgeous, THANK YOU LEIGH! Now I’ll have to try to make something amazing as a thank you! Check it out – isn’t it so pretty?!


Ooops! I forgot to answer questions today!

1. Where do you find your ‘best’ inspiration and when you get in a rut, or just don’t feel too creative, where do you turn to get your juices flowing again?

Usually I will flip through my favorited cards on SCS or go to the challenge forum. I can always find something there to spark an idea. Seriously, if you haven’t tried the challenges – do them! I have grown SO much since starting them. At first, they were really really hard for me. But it got easier and easier to think of ways to do whatever the ideas were.

2. What is your favorite current stamp set?

That’s easy! Roses in Winter, hands down.

3. Do your boys like to cut up paper or squeeze out glitter glue along with you?

well, the only one who really makes anything is my oldest. The other two like it alright when we do things for VSN or for grandparents or whatever. But they don’t seem too interested in doing it on their own. Although my middle son LOVES to use the cutter. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s on things I just made!

4. Do you scrapbook? Are you going to participate in VSBN?

I only scrap under duress. I mean, I love having the memories. But I don’t like to do it. I am going to try out the digiscrapping and see if I like that better. But if I am at home – I wanna make cards or projects. I have to make myself scrap.