Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

I’ve been working on some stuff that’s rather time consuming….but I’ll give you a little peek at it for the time being…..

Ok…..more on that later!!

And I talked about the Nestabilities <here> and wanted update the fact that I’ve changed how I store mine. I had issues with the magnet strips not sticking . . . → Read More: Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

Happy 4th of July!

How about another digipage and some more answered questions? I swear I am going to answer all those questions some day! I made this page last night while Matthew and I watched some random TV. I’m pretty happy with it! I love Corina Nielsen’s stuff – she’s awesome!

Template: Got Scallops from Shandy Vogt . . . → Read More: Happy 4th of July!


So you remember all those questions y’all asked back in April……well, I’m still working on answering them! I thought since I had a few minutes, I’d answer a few more tonight.

1. What is your favorite technique and can you do a tutorial on it?

Cracked Glass. There is a tutorial on it . . . → Read More: Questions….

Ahhh….my hair smells so nice!!

I got a much needed haircut today. And DUDE! My hair smells SO good! I got at least 3 inches cut off, it was just getting too long! I usually have them blow it out straight because I’ll never take the time to do it myself. But it is seriously humid and it rained this . . . → Read More: Ahhh….my hair smells so nice!!

Handwriting Font info and more questions answered…

Can you believe it’s been almost 2 mos and I still haven’t managed to answer all those questions?? Y’all just had so many!

Anyway, first off I wanted to go ahead and post here about the Handwriting Fonts. I used Andy’s handwriting from Feb of this year to journal on this digi page. I got . . . → Read More: Handwriting Font info and more questions answered…


I can’t get to my card reader for my camera at the moment, so I’ll just answer some questions. I promise ultra cool pics of stuff later tonight!

Also, I’ve decided to use keywords for the patterned paper challenge. SO, this week would be week two and the keywords are OSC2 (One Sheet Challenge 2). . . . → Read More: Questions….

Questions answered, more back stuff, etc.

Whew! It’s been a day! I had a chiropractor appointment bright and early this morning. I am about at my whit’s end dealing with this back stuff so I am trying something different. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about. Meaning, he knew exactly what was wrong – found the source of . . . → Read More: Questions answered, more back stuff, etc.

Pieces of Me….

I have had this page for awhile and Gina gave me the ok to share it. Now, please remember, I am not a scrapbooker! I do it once in a blue moon. I mean, I think I’ve scrapped 1 page so far in 2007. Seriously. Anyway, when Jen, Kimberly, Julie, Jackie and I met up . . . → Read More: Pieces of Me….

April is almost over…

so I thought I would show another card made with the Love You To Pieces set by GinaK. She has raised almost $3500 for Autism Speaks! How awesome is that?!?! So you are helping a great organization AND getting a super cute stamp set! I tried it out with this week’s sketch challenge. It isn’t . . . → Read More: April is almost over…


I cannot believe what the mailman just brought me!! Seriously, my mouth is hanging open! Do you remember the 100th Color Challenge book that Leigh O’Brien made as a prize? Well, she decided to sell them and took orders through her blog. And she sent me one in the mail today!!! As a “thank you . . . → Read More: WOW!

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