Digi Freebies

So people always ask where I look for digi freebies. I figured I’d share a few places I like to check!

My all-time favorite is www.ikeagoddess.blogspot.com – she always lists high quality, great freebies! However, as she’s gotten busy with other pursuits – she doesn’t update quite as much.

So now I have been checking www.digifree.com. It can be a little tricky to navigate and a lot of it is not stuff I am interested in, but there’s tons to dig through!

And while I am on the subject – Miss Tiina just posted TONS of freebies on her blog – there are fonts, bushes and quickpages galore! You can find her blog here:

Miss Tiina’s Blog
Miss Tiina’s Freebies
Miss Tiina’s Shop

Happy Downloading!


Gina K Release

I am really excited about this – my first Digital Paper Pack for Gina K Designs!  I cannot tell you how thrilling it has been to see the other Design Team Members use them and I am looking forward to see what y’all do with them too!  Here is the preview of them:


*created at 150-200 dpi*

They come in both 8.5×11 and 12×12 so you can choose what size you would like!  I have printed them all out and I am really happy with how they look!  I have both glossy and matte brochure/flyer paper I purchased from Staples.  This works really well for printing patterned papers as it’s not too thin or too thick and it has a nice consistency.  Sometimes I like the glossy look – for certain papers it really works!

Also there is a FREE pack of 4 coordinating papers that I am giving away{HERE} – Gina has papers she’s sharing for FREE as well!  Be sure to check those out and give them a whirl!


I have also printed it on Pure Luxury cardstock as well – yesterday’s post used Ivory and it really worked with that paper!  Kurtis Amundson has put together a Tips booklet on working with and printing Digital Papers – I highly recommend checking it out if you are interested in using these.   You can find it here:

Digital Papers Tips Sheet

You can find more about the new releases from Gina K Designs on her blog {HERE}!

I hope you have a fantastic Friday!  I have another episode of A Gnome Saga for tomorrow….and it’s got a HUGE twist – stay tuned!

Digital Project…

So any of you digiscrappers used your skillz with your child for school?  Andy, my oldest, had a report to do about a President.  He chose George Washington.  After he wrote the report, he decided to do a poster for it.  I remembered that we took a trip to Mount Vernon 2 years ago – and of course our photos are all digital these days.  I asked Andy if he’d like to make the poster using our pictures from Mount Vernon – and we could just print it like a large picture.  So we did!  It was pretty easy to do – nothing elaborate.  He chose all the papers and alphas, etc that we used – I just did the photoshop assembly for him.  Then we had it printed as a 12×18 photo at Costco for $2.99.  Cool, huh?  His teacher loved it, it  looks really cool, we kept a copy for his school bin, and in a way – we scrapped the photos at the same time!

So here’s a copy of what we made.  And I just showed him some papers I thought might work, he told me what he wanted to use and we went from there.  Same with the alphas, etc.  I tried to let him do as much as he possibly could so it was still his project.  And he sat with me while I *assembled* it in photoshop.


*most everything used here is from Weeds & Wildflowers*

Anyway – I was happy with my first attempt to use digital scrapbooking for something besides a scrapbook!  Sorry my posts have been so infrequent – I’ve been at school everyday doing inventory in the library – fun times!

Tip about uploading to Costco…

I forgot one minor thing about uploading the 12×18’s to Costco for printing. When you upload – there is one little box that you MUST check or they will not be good quality. At the bottom of the upload screen, there are two boxes. One is for a fast upload and one is for larger uploads. Make sure you check the large print upload box!


How I print my pages….

All digi tutorials on my site use PSE 5.

So this is something I get asked all the time. How do I print my digital scrapbook pages. People always say their printer doesn’t print 12×12. Well, mine doesn’t either! I still scrap 12×12, but the beauty of digital is that you can always resize it smaller! I resize mine to 6×6 pages (still retaining the original 12×12 for future use) for printing. So here’s my tutorial on how I do that.

I print mine as 6×6 pages. I’m not really sure why – mostly because Kimberly does hers this way and since she taught me all I know, lol, I do mine that way too! I do not print my pages at home (my printer sucks). I get mine printed at Costco. I put together what K calls ‘a slab’ which is 6 6×6 pages on a 12×18 sheet. It costs $2.99 to get a 12×18 printed at Costco. Then I cut them apart and I have 6 6×6 pages! Pretty cheap and I have albums to look at. AND, it’s pretty inexpensive if you want to print extras up for the grandparents or something. (Best part of digital – there’s not time consumption in making duplicates!!!)

So here’s how I do the slabs:

1. Open a new item. Use the dimensions of 3600 x 5400 at a resolution of 300 dpi. Make sure the background contents box says white.


2. This is what you’ll have on your screen.


3. Then open one of your pages and resize it to 1800 x 1800 (or 6×6), but retain the resolution of 300 dpi.


4. Once your page is resized; select (ctrl a), copy (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) the page onto your new slab.


5. You will repeat this with 6 different pages (or the same page if you want more than one copy of it). To get your pages aligned correctly, read on!

Select (ctrl a) the thumbnail of your page in the layers palette on the right side.


At the top tool bar (the one closest to your slab in the light gray area) there will be some alignment options. For this I selected ‘align bottom’.


Then I selected ‘align left’.


6. Once you have your slab finished, it will look like this. Then you have two options.


You can flatten your image, save (at high quality – 12) as a .jpg and then upload and print. Kimberly recommended another step because she found that a lot of times she would lose things that were close to the edges. This is how she avoids that…

7. Select (hold down ctrl and click on each thumbnail image in your layers palette) each page and merge layers. You will find this option in the ‘more’ tab at the top of your layers palette. Or you can right click and find that option as well.



8. Then select the pages layer and resize (ctrl t) to 99%. After that flatten your image and save. This will leave a tiny white border around the entire thing so that you don’t lose anything on the edge of the pages.


After that you are free to upload to whatever photo printing site you want! Like I said, I do mine at Costco and have been very happy with the results. I get 6 6×6 pages printed for $2.99 and that seems really reasonable to me! And I can usually pick them up in one hour! I also do mine in glossy because the elements seem to retain more dimension in glossy. Here is what a slab looks like ready to print:


Okay – that’s how I print my pages! I hope that helps y’all understand the way I do it!

***ETA*** <Here> is an additional tip about uploading to Costco! Thanks!***

Using a frame in PSE 5

Alright, here’s your tutorial on using a picture frame in PSE 5. I hope you find this useful! It really helped me out a lot when I learned how, I could do pretty things with my photos and was able to crop them easier too!

1. Open your photo you want to frame and the frame you want to use in PSE 5.


2. select -> copy -> paste your photo onto your frame (ctrl a -> ctrl c -> ctrl v)


3. (move frame on top of picture in the layers palette if you haven’t already) Highlight the photo layer and transform (ctrl t) your photo. This allows you to resize and move it around to whatever part you want in the frame.


4. Highlight the frame layer in your layers palette and select your magic want tool (this is found on the left side of your screenand it’s like the 7th thing down, looks like a stick with sparks coming out of the end!).

Then select the area inside the frame (you do this by touching your wand anywhere inside the frame). This will create those marching ant things around the inside of the frame.

Then go to the top and do select -> modify -> expand (I usually do 10-20 pixels, this just expands the cropped area a bit so that you don’t accidentally delete too much.)


5. After you have expanded your inside area, highlight the photo layer in your layers palette.

Then go to select -> inverse selection

Once you have done that, hit the delete key. This should delete everything outside what you selected inside the frame.


6. Next you select the more arrow at the top of your layers palette and merge visible. This will allow you to merge the photo and the frame while still retaining the transparency of the outer edges. If you flatten the frame with the photo, you will get a white background instead of transparent.


7. After this you can copy -> paste your frame onto whatever you would like. (For posting on my blog, I just flattened the image and left the outside area white.) The page below is an example of how it would look on a page. Once you have pasted your framed photo, you can transform (ctrl t) it to move it or resize it. That’s it!


And here it is just framed. (And this is our dining room after we repainted it this summer.)


**frame used in this tutorial came from Nancy Comelab @ The Lily Pad. Paper for the tutorial came from Corina Nielsen @ The Funky Playground. Thanks!**

Here are the directions written out if you want to copy them down or print them out without pics:

using Frames in PSE 5

copy and paste pic & frame (with frame on top)
resize pic so what you want is in the frame
magic wand middle of frame (the part you want to keep – make sure that when you do this, the frame layer is the highlighted layer)
select -> modify -> expand (if needed to enlarge the area a tiny bit)
select/highlight pic layer -> inverse selection -> hit delete

Ok, the next tutorial requested was on using a template. So we’ll get to that one next!

Recoloring in PSE 5

Ok, here’s my first digi tutorial! And it’s kind of a more ‘advanced’ thing, but I am SO SO thrilled that I learned this today! I’ll do some more basic ones later. And I am by NO means an expert. So if you are reading this and laughing at the simplicity of what I tell you – that’s ok, I am utterly thrilled that I can do this now!

Ok, first I’ll tell you how to recolor by adjusting the hue. This will allow you to use another shade in the same ‘line’. (not sure how else to describe that.)

1. open the item you want to recolor


2. go to the top tool bar: enhance ->adjust color->hue/saturation

hue – changes color
saturation – level of black
lightness – light

Use the slider to adjust the hue as necessary to change the color but retain the quality. (use saturation and lightness sparingly as these affect the quality)


3. Click OK when you get the shade you want.


And there you have a different shade! Now Kimberly taught me how to do this a few months ago when I first started. It’s great when you want another shade in the same color line. But what if you want to make it pastel or bold or something? If you use the paint bucket, you’ll loose all detail. Well, when I fiddled around today, I found just what I wanted!

1. open the item you want to change


2. go to enhance ->adjust color-> color variance


3. click the options (for mine I did several increase green, decrease blue and lightens) until you get the results you want


4. Click OK when you are finished.


Ok, that’s it! I hope that makes sense! All of my digi knowledge is for PSE 5, so if you use something different, I make no promises about how this will work in your program. I’ve known how to do the first way for awhile but the second I just discovered today and I was SO excited! Just had to share it!

**Ribbon for this tutorial is from Puddles of Silk Ribbons by Paint the Moon Designs at The Digi Shoppe**

Also, if there is something that you would like to know how to do (In PSE 5 only, please), feel free to ask.  I never know what others would like to know how to do because a lot of it is second nature once you get started.  Please do NOT ask how to digiscrap, lol!  If you have a specific question that is great.  But I can’t possibly tell you everything!

Digi Tip of the Day

So I thought perhaps I’d share different digi tips as I discover them.

So here is my first one!

Digi Tip of the Day: Blurring faces

Ever need to blur the face of someone because you want to post a lo online – but you don’t have permission to show that person’s picture? Well, here’s how to easily blur someone’s face.

(all instructions were done in PSE 5 – sorry – I don’t know other versions!)

1. select marquee tool

2. drag a box (or oval) around what you want to blur in your photo

3. select filter – pixelate – fragment (or ctrl f)

4. repeat until you get the desired level of blur

I hope that helps! Here is a layout I did using this technique!

And here’s the page I made with a blurred face.


All items below: FPD Collab July – @ FPD (later @TDC)
Papers – Chere Kaye
Glitter Paint – Kylie Clark
Bracket – Marcie Reckinger – altered with Kylie Clark’s journal spot (same kit)
Button Ribbon – Chere Kaye
Paper Knots – Chere Kaye
Frame Paper – Corina Nielsen
Ribbon Flowers – Chere Kaye

Other items:
silver glitter overlay – Shabby Princess – Sparkle Me Happy
Drop Shadows – Traci Murphy
Template – Two Sisters
alpha – Shabby Princess – Rummage Chic
alpha – Kimberly Geswein – Messy Alpha
Journal strips – Chere Kaye
Font – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Mandy ( favoritest font ever!!)
Staples – Jenn Patrick – Wrong Side Staples

So I hope that teaches someone something!  And if you know a better way  – don’t laugh at mine!