Digi Freebies

So people always ask where I look for digi freebies. I figured I’d share a few places I like to check!

My all-time favorite is www.ikeagoddess.blogspot.com – she always lists high quality, great freebies! However, as she’s gotten busy with other pursuits – she doesn’t update quite as much.

So now I have been checking . . . → Read More: Digi Freebies

Gina K Release

I am really excited about this – my first Digital Paper Pack for Gina K Designs!  I cannot tell you how thrilling it has been to see the other Design Team Members use them and I am looking forward to see what y’all do with them too!  Here is the preview of them:

. . . → Read More: Gina K Release

Digital Project…

So any of you digiscrappers used your skillz with your child for school?  Andy, my oldest, had a report to do about a President.  He chose George Washington.  After he wrote the report, he decided to do a poster for it.  I remembered that we took a trip to Mount Vernon 2 years ago – . . . → Read More: Digital Project…

Tip about uploading to Costco…

I forgot one minor thing about uploading the 12×18’s to Costco for printing. When you upload – there is one little box that you MUST check or they will not be good quality. At the bottom of the upload screen, there are two boxes. One is for a fast upload and one is for larger . . . → Read More: Tip about uploading to Costco…

How I print my pages….

All digi tutorials on my site use PSE 5.

So this is something I get asked all the time. How do I print my digital scrapbook pages. People always say their printer doesn’t print 12×12. Well, mine doesn’t either! I still scrap 12×12, but the beauty of digital is that you can always resize it . . . → Read More: How I print my pages….

Using a frame in PSE 5

Alright, here’s your tutorial on using a picture frame in PSE 5. I hope you find this useful! It really helped me out a lot when I learned how, I could do pretty things with my photos and was able to crop them easier too!

1. Open your photo you want to frame and the . . . → Read More: Using a frame in PSE 5

Recoloring in PSE 5

Ok, here’s my first digi tutorial! And it’s kind of a more ‘advanced’ thing, but I am SO SO thrilled that I learned this today! I’ll do some more basic ones later. And I am by NO means an expert. So if you are reading this and laughing at the simplicity of what I tell . . . → Read More: Recoloring in PSE 5

Digi Tip of the Day

So I thought perhaps I’d share different digi tips as I discover them.

So here is my first one!

Digi Tip of the Day: Blurring faces

Ever need to blur the face of someone because you want to post a lo online – but you don’t have permission to show that person’s picture? Well, here’s . . . → Read More: Digi Tip of the Day

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