Kimberly Countdown

So Kimberly is headed back to the US to visit this summer.  And of course I am counting down!  In fact – I think I’ll steal the ticker she has on her blog!  And I am totally kidnapping the girls so they can live at my house this summer!  I am not joking about that . . . → Read More: Kimberly Countdown

Yuck!, Olypmics stuff, and a card

Ok – I guess I’ll do them in that order! So you know how we went to the waterpark all day Wednesday? Well, surprisingly I did pretty well staying lathered up with sunscreen and I am still as glow-in-the-dark white as I was before. Except for one place. The part in my hair! Do NOT . . . → Read More: Yuck!, Olypmics stuff, and a card

The rest of my trip…

Alright, here’s the summary of the rest of my trip in China.

We went to Karaoke on Thursday night.  Wow was that interesting!  They really need Karaoke bars like this in America!  They are really nice!  Like huge fancy buildings with lots of rooms inside.  Each room has lots of comfy seating, a big screen . . . → Read More: The rest of my trip…


Well, I was supposed to be back in Texas Saturday afternoon. Didn’t happen.

Our flight from Beijing was delayed 3 hrs. So I spent 3 hrs in line with Kimberly in Beijing trying to rebook another flight home once I landed in San Francisco. No luck.

I got to San Francisco – waited in line . . . → Read More: Seriously?!?!


I wrote a whole post about yesterday and karaoke and stuff….but it’s gone in cyberspace. So I’m done. I’ll rewrite it later, but I don’t have time now. There were no pics yesterday because I forgot the flash card in my camera.

We are leaving for Beijing soon and then I will be home . . . → Read More: so…

Tianjin – Day Four

Good morning! Or evening…..

We didn’t do a whole lot yesterday – I think our feet needed a little break from all the walking! We did eat lunch with her Korean group of students. They are all wives of various execs of large companies here in Tianjin. Kimberly is teaching them English. We went to . . . → Read More: Tianjin – Day Four

Tianjin – Day Three

Hello!  Here’s the stuff from Day Three.  We really didn’t take too many pictures today – we went to another market to shop, but forgot to get the camera out.  It rained which made the fact that they are digging up all the pipes to replace them in the entire city (good thing!) a very . . . → Read More: Tianjin – Day Three

Tianjin – Day Two

Well, today we visited Libby and Keith at school. And we went by way of the fish market area… was…..special. Very crowded and not very pleasant smelling. It is one of the really poor areas – as you can see by the housing.

You can see the housing here…..

And this is the . . . → Read More: Tianjin – Day Two

My first day in Tianjin…..lots of pics!

Alright y’all, here’s pics from my first day in Tianjin! My ankle is doing pretty good – I have no idea what is in the herbal smelling patches they gave me, but it feels pretty good! The patches, motrin and an ace bandage made it pretty tolerable. Kimberly and I even managed to walk . . . → Read More: My first day in Tianjin…..lots of pics!

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