Laser Tag

Yeah, that’s the title of my post.  The boys and I went to a fun thing yesterday.  The local bowling alley/arcade had a deal where you went from 9am-5pm (well, any time during those hours) and for $22 a person, this is what you got: unlimited bowling, unlimited putt-putt, unlimited laser tag, a hot dog, . . . → Read More: Laser Tag

PSA: Cooking

This is my cooking PSA:

ALWAYS check the # of eggs you have and compare to what you will need for whatever you are making BEFORE you dump all the ingredients in a bowl.

Nothing is worse than dumping everything for pancakes in a bowl and realizing you have 1 of the 4 eggs you . . . → Read More: PSA: Cooking

PSA: Sewing and a card

I have a quick little Public Service Announcement for you all.   If you care to see my other PSA’s (so you can learn from my mistakes!) you can find them all {HERE}.

PSA: ALWAYS put the foot lever thingie DOWN before you start to sew!

So the other day after I finally got my sewing . . . → Read More: PSA: Sewing and a card

Stamping Space: New Toys!

So I’ve gotten a few new toys of late – and just didn’t have any place to put them!  I finally managed to convince Matthew that the computer needed to be relocated to a new room – woohoo!  So now the entire *study* is officially mine!

Here is how it used to look on that . . . → Read More: Stamping Space: New Toys!

Quick Monogram Stamp Buying Guide

Ok – I have been asked several times what Monogram stamps I recommend starting with, so I just figured I’d write a post about it!  I guess this also qualifies as *Stuff I Like* because I love these suckers! (All product names and photos are linked for you to find the items easily online.)

. . . → Read More: Quick Monogram Stamp Buying Guide

PSA: Charge your battery!

This is a Public Service Announcement:

Make sure that if you are planning a photo shoot – you charge your battery the night before!!

I planned to take photos of the boys so we could get crackin on our Christmas card photo…..and didn’t charge my camera battery.  Of course I only have one.  And . . . → Read More: PSA: Charge your battery!

Easy Monograms – the Perfect Christmas Gift

By now, y’all know how much I love monogrammed cards.  I think a monogrammed gift set of cards is useful, elegant, and personal.  But on the giving side – they are inexpensive, simple and easy to coordinate colors.  So all around a great gift!  Here are some I made last week – these are teacher . . . → Read More: Easy Monograms – the Perfect Christmas Gift

Cute, easy baby gifts!

So I know this doesn’t really have much to do with Thanksgiving, but I do have a reason behind posting this now.  I have a friend that has been coming to my Classes for  – well, forever!  She came to them when my sister Kimberly taught them and she’s come to mine since I took . . . → Read More: Cute, easy baby gifts!

Stuff I Like: Spica Glitter Pens

Ok, let’s try this again!  I have no idea what just happened to the entire review I just wrote up!

Welcome to another Sunday (or Monday) edition of “Stuff I Like”.  You can find all the previous editions {here}.  Today I want to talk about Spica Atyou Glitter Pens by Copic.  They are fun, easy . . . → Read More: Stuff I Like: Spica Glitter Pens

What NOT to do when you get a new computer…

Yes – I did something bad.  Ugh.

So when I got my new laptop in September, I moved all the files and programs I wanted to keep on to my EHD.  I loaded them on my new laptop….made sure they were all fine…..then erased my old laptop.

Or so I thought….

Um…ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure . . . → Read More: What NOT to do when you get a new computer…

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