Valentine Mailboxes

I have been having so much fun tooling around with our Wii Fit that I never posted these!  We got a gift card for Target to get a Wii Fit at Christmas – they finally had one in stock this week!  And it is awesome!  Seriously – that hula hooping will totally work your abs!  . . . → Read More: Valentine Mailboxes

What I’ve been up to…

This past weekend/week I have been trying to get rid of some clutter in my stamp room.  I have a terrible habit of cutting a few extra cards for classes, setting them aside after class with the idea of stamping them myself, and then leaving them there.  For months.  It had gotten really out of . . . → Read More: What I’ve been up to…

Thank You gift…

I’m taking a little break from my CHA pics (and yes, I have a LOT more!) to share a little Thank You gift I worked on this evening.  Both my younger two boys have long term subs at school since both their teachers had babies this fall.  Funny enough, both of them will have their . . . → Read More: Thank You gift…

Some Christmas Goodies

I had some Christmas goodies that I forgot to share with y’all!  So I’m gonna share them even though you probably aren’t starting next year’s goodies quite this early – but maybe you are!  And if not, file them away for next year!

First up is a set of letters I did – I picked . . . → Read More: Some Christmas Goodies

Stamping Space: New Toys!

So I’ve gotten a few new toys of late – and just didn’t have any place to put them!  I finally managed to convince Matthew that the computer needed to be relocated to a new room – woohoo!  So now the entire *study* is officially mine!

Here is how it used to look on that . . . → Read More: Stamping Space: New Toys!

More Onesies and CYBER MONDAY!

I’ve got another set of baby onesies – both my younger two have expectant teachers this year and both are due in December!  So I made a little set of onesies for each of them.  But first – let me remind you!

It’s CYBER MONDAY!  If you’re shopping online USE YOUR EBATES!  Or some other . . . → Read More: More Onesies and CYBER MONDAY!

Cute, easy baby gifts!

So I know this doesn’t really have much to do with Thanksgiving, but I do have a reason behind posting this now.  I have a friend that has been coming to my Classes for  – well, forever!  She came to them when my sister Kimberly taught them and she’s come to mine since I took . . . → Read More: Cute, easy baby gifts!

A little Halloween goodie….

Ok – I love Family Fun magazine.  I got a subscription as a gift last year and I love it!  It has the cutest ideas of crafts, recipes, etc to do with your kids.  The boys have really enjoyed most of the things we’ve tried this year.  And now it is online!  You can find . . . → Read More: A little Halloween goodie….

Eat More Chocolate!

Ok – when I saw the new goodies at The Stamp Castle – I knew just what I wanted to do with this stamp!  Because really – don’t we all need to eat more chocolate?!?

Last year I made a bunch of the nugget tins for various staff at the boys’ school.  It was the . . . → Read More: Eat More Chocolate!

Tooth Tins – part 2

Okay – here’s the part two on the Tooth Tins.  I finished them all up and thought I would share the end result!  I ended up using very similar papers on all of them – the boy tins used Dude! by Corina Nielsen for Prima and About a Boy by Fancy Pants.  The girl tins . . . → Read More: Tooth Tins – part 2

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