Berry Chocolate Smoothie

So I have been doing ‘green’ smoothies for about 2 weeks now.  I’ve talked about them a lot on facebook and figured I would blog the recipes we try and like.

In the first two weeks having them for breakfast and lunch, I have dropped my blood pressure 10 points and lost 8.5 lbs.  Yes, . . . → Read More: Berry Chocolate Smoothie

Acrylic Alpha Freebie and Asparagus….

I know – asparagus….but really and truly, we found an awesomely easy and delicious recipe!  The boys (and myself really) have never been asparagus fans.  But we saw Melissa D’Arabian make some and thought we’d give it a whirl…..but she used some ingredients I don’t care for.  I liked the lemon zest idea so I . . . → Read More: Acrylic Alpha Freebie and Asparagus….


Yep, it’s a post all about food!  I’ll start with a few more Bento lunches – although before pictures, I am going to share some links.  I ended up purchasing my goods from 3 ebay sellers.  I was really happy with 2 of them (the other had great prices, but slow shipping – all ordered . . . → Read More: FOOD!

Fresh Apple Cake – again….

Alright – here is that recipe I promised!  My Mom made this while we were home over Thanksgiving and the boys LOVED it!  So of course I had to get the recipe!  I don’t know where it originally came from, but a church friend passed along to my Mom – thank you Peggy!   The boys . . . → Read More: Fresh Apple Cake – again….

Easy Lemonade Pie

I know – it’s been forever since I have shared a recipe! Partly because I’ve been in a funk lately about cooking. This is probably why I’ve gained 10 lbs in the past 4 months. That and turning 30…..darn it! Anyway, this is a SUPER easy recipe and it is absolutely yummy!

Easy Lemonade . . . → Read More: Easy Lemonade Pie

Stamping Space Sunday (late), a recipe and a winner!

Well, technically it is still Sunday (9:30pm) so how about a Stamping Space Sunday! I haven’t done that in forever. Mostly because you’ve seen my stamping space and overall – it hasn’t changed much! If you haven’t seen it, you can click <here> and find all the Stamping Space posts. But I thought I would . . . → Read More: Stamping Space Sunday (late), a recipe and a winner!

Last food thing, I swear!

Can you tell I’ve done jack squat the last few days?? (speaking of jack squat – that brings up a hilarious story!) My allergies have been terrible and frankly – I’ve just napped a lot! Mostly my allergies give me awful headaches or I am extremely tired. This time it was tired.

Kid story alert!

. . . → Read More: Last food thing, I swear!

Revisiting Apple Pie….

Cause I just love it! I’ve not crafted at all this week, but am gearing up for a day of catch up. You know – I have not even finished MY blocks for the mantle yet?? So bad. Anyway, the boys and I are not going anywhere today. I don’t have any extra children in . . . → Read More: Revisiting Apple Pie….

Peanut Butter Balls and a Penguin….

Another Christmas favorite of mine – Peanut Butter Balls.  Just love those suckers!  One of the things I am bringing to Christmas (lunch) Dinner is the cookies and peanut butter balls.  Since we ate dinner with some friends last night, we made these up to take over there – and now I’ve got them made . . . → Read More: Peanut Butter Balls and a Penguin….

Another Christmas card and cookies!

So I know you are all getting ready for Christmas – and that means making cookies! I shared this recipe last year and I’ll share it again because it’s my favorite! I’m not sure why we make them more often at Christmas, but we do! You can see more pics on how I’ve done them . . . → Read More: Another Christmas card and cookies!

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