Paper Addiction

Help.  I have a problem.

I am addicted to 6×6 (or 8×8) patterned paper pads.

I do not spend much money (very very little) on stamps.  I tend to buy a few I like and use them a lot.

I make up for that by buying TONS of paper pads.  I just love them.  And . . . → Read More: Paper Addiction

Stamp Room Update!

So the Stamp Room was one of the last places to get unpacked and put together here.  But it’s finally looking pretty good.  Well – parts of it are!  I thought I’d do a little update on how it looks now – mostly cause I love seeing other stamp spaces.  I get lots of ideas . . . → Read More: Stamp Room Update!

Best Ribbon Rack EVER – revisted

In case you missed my first post about the BEST RIBBON RACK EVER – I thought I would repost about it.  I also got several requests for the measurements of the rack itself, as well as questions about what ribbon rolls will fit on the rack.  So, here’s a more comprehensive review!  I hope this . . . → Read More: Best Ribbon Rack EVER – revisted

BEST Ribbon Rack EVER!

So this is what I have been waiting to share with you….I am so so excited to show you this! I talked a little about this a few weeks ago. My friend Jenn got this amazing ribbon rack this summer – her Dad made it for her! Well, Matthew asked her about getting one made . . . → Read More: BEST Ribbon Rack EVER!

Stamping Space: New Toys!

So I’ve gotten a few new toys of late – and just didn’t have any place to put them!  I finally managed to convince Matthew that the computer needed to be relocated to a new room – woohoo!  So now the entire *study* is officially mine!

Here is how it used to look on that . . . → Read More: Stamping Space: New Toys!

Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

I’ve been working on some stuff that’s rather time consuming….but I’ll give you a little peek at it for the time being…..

Ok…..more on that later!!

And I talked about the Nestabilities <here> and wanted update the fact that I’ve changed how I store mine. I had issues with the magnet strips not sticking . . . → Read More: Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

Ribbon!! Grosgrain Ribbon Share!

Man – it’s been SO busy this week! Got back on Sunday evening…..then Alex came home with another ear infection (I think from the croup/flu thing he had last week) poor guy! So to the dr for that…..then class last night….Math Night at the elementary school…..just lots going on! On top of all that, I’m . . . → Read More: Ribbon!! Grosgrain Ribbon Share!

Tips/New Products Week Day 6 – Photos

Alrighty – I am no photographer, by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m learning. I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my site photos. It’s really hard to capture details sometimes! I don’t do anything special to take my photos – nothing that anyone can’t do! So here’s how I . . . → Read More: Tips/New Products Week Day 6 – Photos

Stamping Space Sunday (late), a recipe and a winner!

Well, technically it is still Sunday (9:30pm) so how about a Stamping Space Sunday! I haven’t done that in forever. Mostly because you’ve seen my stamping space and overall – it hasn’t changed much! If you haven’t seen it, you can click <here> and find all the Stamping Space posts. But I thought I would . . . → Read More: Stamping Space Sunday (late), a recipe and a winner!

cool, cheap storage!

I found this cd rack at Target the other day for $6.99. It will hold stamps in cd cases and GinaK’s dvd tins – it holds 40 of them!  I think it’s pretty sweet!  Nothing else for today, I’m helping out with the garage sale and I had a sick kid today…

here’s the . . . → Read More: cool, cheap storage!

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