Paper Addiction

Help.  I have a problem.

I am addicted to 6×6 (or 8×8) patterned paper pads.

I do not spend much money (very very little) on stamps.  I tend to buy a few I like and use them a lot.

I make up for that by buying TONS of paper pads.  I just love them.  And I feel the need to go through each and every one to choose just the right paper for what I am making.  While the end result is great – it is stupidly time consuming.

This is my current stash.  See!  It is an addiction!

Though I suppose it is better than some – I mean I do actually use the paper all the time.  I have no fear of cutting into a new pad or anything like that.  I just love choices I guess!

So what crafty thing are you addicted to?

And be sure to check out my Stamps For Sale – I’m sure you need some of them!!


Stamp Room Update!

So the Stamp Room was one of the last places to get unpacked and put together here.  But it’s finally looking pretty good.  Well – parts of it are!  I thought I’d do a little update on how it looks now – mostly cause I love seeing other stamp spaces.  I get lots of ideas about what I want to do that way!

Here goes!

My Desk

This is my space.  Where I sit when I work and all the things that are at my fingertips.  And my pretty new TV!  I had a little 13 inch VCR combo unit before (that the VCR didn’t even work on) and I got upgraded to a 19 inch LCD!  Yay!  I also got 3 of those Ikea lamps you can see  in this shot – they were only $7 and I put my own daylight lightbulbs in them.  They are super bright and it looks like daytime in there even in the middle of the night!  (Now this room is on the front of our house, so it likely freaks our neighbors out – but who cares!)

This is the other half of my table…’s a mess!  I am going to mount the ribbon racks so I have a better area to work with.  Until then – it’s just a collection table of hodge podge.

Paper Storage

First I have the same tub I have always had my SU papers in.  I used file folders to label the colors and they are in alphabetical order.

And then I just got {this rack} from Office Depot for $35.  It’s fabulous!  I have my Gina K papers in the front in hanging files.  I found these great tabs that you can attach them to for labeling – this way they stick up higher and I can still label them with my color squares I punched out so it’s easier to see what color is in that folder.

Sewing Table

This is where my sewing machine, Cricut, etc is stored.  It’s also a bit of a collection area right now because I haven’t set any of that up yet.

Piles of Junk

Not really!  But it is piles of stuff!  All my GKD stamp cases, papers, etc.  I am looking for a skinny tall bookcase to put between those two windows so I can put all my stamp cases on there.  With spine labels by illustrator.  So perhaps someday this will actually happen.  Until then….piles.

And here’s the really bad part.  See, Matthew had surprised me once by putting these fantastic shelves in the closet of my old stamp room.  You can see them {here}.  But now…..I have a nice deep closet……with ONE shelf.  And I really don’t want to spend $200 on shelves that we can’t take with us.  It’s a rental – we won’t be here more than 2 or 3 years.  But I have nowhere to put this stuff.  And I had a great system of alterables, albums, mailing supplies, etc in my old shelved closet.  This is where all that stuff is now……(and if you have any ideas for a more portable solution, please share!  I’d love something we could take with us on moves.)

What the heck do I do with all that?!?  And it’s in the front room across from my stamp room – the one that we have no furniture for (I believe it’s a formal living room, but we have no nice furniture like that!) so it’s just empty aside from those boxes and a rug that is too small for the room.  Nice.

So that’s my new space!  I’ll post more pictures as I get it more organized, but that’s what it looks like for now!  Just functional enough for me to get to work on GKD’s newest release this week!  So stay tuned for lots of sneak peeks this week!


Best Ribbon Rack EVER – revisted

In case you missed my first post about the BEST RIBBON RACK EVER – I thought I would repost about it.  I also got several requests for the measurements of the rack itself, as well as questions about what ribbon rolls will fit on the rack.  So, here’s a more comprehensive review!  I hope this answers any of your questions – and if not, ask away!  I promise, this thing is everything I would ever want in a Ribbon Rack.  Absolutely wonderful – and functional!

So here is the original photo: this is how it will come to you, minus the ribbon and the cuttlebug!


This is the original photo of the rack painted and filled:


Here is that same pic with the measurements added:

Those measurements are:

width: 19 13/16 inches

knob to knob width: 21 1/2 inches

depth inside the rack: 3 1/2 inches

depth outside (the frame): 4 3/8 inches

width of each column: 8 3/8 inches

height of rack: 20 5/8 inches (this one was left off the photo – oops!)


And just to show it fits all ribbon rolls – here it is with several different brands of ribbon.

The first several are PaperTreyInk, then Stampin Up! wide stitched grosgrain, SU 1/4 in grosgrain, and even the large plastic rolls from May Arts!  See – every kind!  And there is still almost a fingertip of room behind those!



So there you have it!  Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know about these beauties!  Here’s the info about purchasing them.

Price: $65

Shipping & Handling: $22.50

Paypal preferred/check accepted

Now, like I said, there are at least 10 racks ready to go.  If you are local, please email me first about picking one up to avoid shipping charges.  If you are not local, please email Tom ( about purchasing one.  He will let you know if he has one ready for you or if you will have to wait for one to be made.

And I just want to assure you that these are top-notch.  I hope that you all know by now that I am really committed to only endorsing products that I truly adore.  This is absolutely the best ribbon rack I’ve ever seen.  Not only is it functional, but it’s lovely too!  Now I realize that it’s not every-one’s cup of tea – but if you want something functional that also looks great in your room, this is it!


BEST Ribbon Rack EVER!

So this is what I have been waiting to share with you….I am so so excited to show you this! I talked a little about this a few weeks ago. My friend Jenn got this amazing ribbon rack this summer – her Dad made it for her! Well, Matthew asked her about getting one made for me – and it turned into an idea of making them to sell. So here’s the exciting part – Tom (Jenn’s Dad) has decided to sell them through my blog! He’s got at least 10 made and ready to go already! (And I have a few on hand if there are any local ladies that are interested.)

So you want to see what I am so excited about?!?!

Ok, here’s how the rack will look when you get it. There is such attention to detail – it’s got half rods so that you don’t have to take EVERY roll off to get to one in the middle. Extra details on the knobs and the edges. Very sturdy – and the dowels are suitable for every ribbon roll I have! Just skinny enough to fit all rolls and still sturdy enough to take the weight of the ribbons. And here it is!


The cuttlebug is just there for size referencing.

And I chose to paint mine white – this shot is just to show off my awesome Painter’s Pyramids!  I got these at CHA – they had a booth.  I was walking along and saw them and freaked!  I saw these in one of Matthew’s Handyman magazines months ago and told him I needed some for my crafting, lol!  I totally accosted the guy at the booth and he gave me a pack!  SCORE!  I love them!


And here it is all filled up with ribbons!!  Now, I just have mine sitting at the back of the table with my sewing machine, etc.  It does not come with mounting paraphernalia, Tom felt that it was too heavy to mount.  I think if you get it mounted into the studs, you would be fine.  But that’s up to you!


Isn’t that FABULOUS?!?!?  Now, here are the details if you are interested in purchasing one of these beauties!  After I get all that out, I’ll go over a few painting tips in case you are interested.

Price: $65

Shipping & Handling: $22.50

Paypal preferred/check accepted

I believe they are being shipped via UPS (I will double check on this though!)

Now, like I said, there are at least 10 racks ready to go.  If you are local, please email me first about picking one up to avoid shipping charges.  If you are not local, please email Tom ( about purchasing one.  He will let you know if he has one ready for you or if you will have to wait for one to be made.

And I just want to assure you that these are top-notch.  I hope that you all know by now that I am really committed to only endorsing products that I truly adore.  This is absolutely the best ribbon rack I’ve ever seen.  Not only is it functional, but it’s lovely too!  Now I realize that it’s not every-one’s cup of tea – but if you want something functional that also looks great in your room, this is it!

Painting Tips:

1. Use a semi-gloss paint.  I used some left over trim paint from when we painted our house.  I did at least 3 coats, I’m sure if I had primed it first – I would not have needed to do that many.

2. Stuff something (cotton balls, kleenex, etc) in the holes before you paint.  This will keep paint from getting glopped in the holes and then making the rods hard to insert.

That’s about it!  Please ask away if you have any questions!  I really hope that you are all as impressed with this as I am – I totally love mine!

Stamping Space: New Toys!

So I’ve gotten a few new toys of late – and just didn’t have any place to put them!  I finally managed to convince Matthew that the computer needed to be relocated to a new room – woohoo!  So now the entire *study* is officially mine!

Here is how it used to look on that side of the room:

And now it looks like this!


Sweet, huh?  I finally got my sewing machine out!  It’s been in a box since I got it back in April (a birthday present)!  I am thrilled to have it out and useable….now for those lessons – Oh Jenn!!!    And next to it is my Cricut Expressions!  I picked up some of the black vinyl for the walls the other day and I play to do some words to put around the room – you know – some inspirational ones or something.  I am so excited to have space for these and now that they are out, I am sure I’ll use them more!

It’s still a little rough in there – but it’s coming along nicely!  However, that’s why I haven’t been up to much crafting lately – it’s been in upheaval for a while.  I am really looking forward to sewing on cards though – I’ve been dying to do that for years, lol!

And did you notice the special thing in that photo?  Here’s a better shot:


 Lookee what I found at Target in the $1 spot!  Yep, mailboxes!  In NEW colors!  They had some of the solid white, red and pink – but they had new metal ones and metallic pink ones (with a Strawberry Shortcake tag?)!  So you might want to check your Targets if you want some for this year!  I got mine the day after Christmas here – and yes, I left some at the Mansfield Target – I promise I did not buy them all!

You can find my Mail Box tutorial {HERE}!

All my Tutorials can be found {HERE}!

And all the organization and such for my Stamping Space {HERE}!

Now I am off to prepare for the boys’ NYE sleepover – 6 boys age 8 and under – SERENITY NOW!

Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

I’ve been working on some stuff that’s rather time consuming….but I’ll give you a little peek at it for the time being…..


Ok…..more on that later!!

And I talked about the Nestabilities <here> and wanted update the fact that I’ve changed how I store mine. I had issues with the magnet strips not sticking down – the ends would curl up, they would slip sometimes, etc. So I decided to try something else. I saw <this idea> on GinaK’s blog. I don’t have extra DVD tins but I figured I could make it work in CD cases. So I purchased a pack of magnetic sheets – ultra thin little suckers! – at Staples. They weren’t cheap – about $12 for 4 sheets – but I was able to do all 4 complete sets of the nestabilities and still had some extra. I just cut the size I needed and then used mono multi to glue the magnet in to the CD case. They seem to hold them much better than the other magnets I had. Now they do still fall off sometimes, but way less often than they used to! Here’s how they look now:



Now most sets (the large and small of that style) will fit in one case. The scalloped squares I had to use 2 cases for. I will probably move the scalloped rectangles to 2 cases as well. But I’m much happier with this than those silly magnet strips. But don’t worry – I’ve come up for a great use for all that cut up magnet too!

And since I had about a sheet left over, I decided to cut a 4×6 piece off and use it as a magnetic mat for the Nestabilities. It works great! I’m not sure what they one they sell looks like or how thick it is. But this seems to go a loooong way in helping them stay where I want them and it is so thin, it doesn’t mess up my sandwich layering at all.


Pretty handy!

So that’s what I’ve discovered to help me out in storing and using the Nestabilities. I will say that using them for a multiples project is kind of a PITA – I mean, running a scalloped circle die through there a bunch of times to cut multiples takes quite awhile. But really, they are just so classy and nice – I love them! Alrighty – enjoy your Sunday!

Ribbon!! Grosgrain Ribbon Share!

Man – it’s been SO busy this week! Got back on Sunday evening…..then Alex came home with another ear infection (I think from the croup/flu thing he had last week) poor guy! So to the dr for that…..then class last night….Math Night at the elementary school…..just lots going on! On top of all that, I’m fighting some bp issues (runs in my family) and I’ve had a splitting headache for several days now. I’ve started a post a few times and just never had enough time to finish it! So I scrapped that topic for now and I’ve got something else for you!

Tiff, Jenn and I wanted to order a bunch of grosgrain ribbon. So we decided to do a bulk order of 100 yard rolls and split it up. I figured 10 yards of each color is perfect. So I picked out 20 different colors and we had a little ribbon cutting party today. And I’ve got some to offer to y’all! I’ll post a bunch of pics of it all and then I”ll get to the details on it. We will be doing this several times until we get all the colors – as long as it seems like other people want to participate with us!

First of all, this is NOT SU ribbon. It is 1/4 in. 100% polyester ribbon. Now…SU’s says it is 1/4 and this says it is 1/4 but I think this is a little more narrow than SU’s grosgrain ribbon. I’m not sure who’s is the right width and I don’t have a ruler with me at the moment, lol! But – I love this ribbon for tying on things. I think that because it is a little narrower, it works perfectly for tying on notebook coils, tins, etc. So – I guess that means you need some, right? 😉

Anyway, here is the chart I made with all the colors and their names.


And here is how the ribbon will look when you get it. Each color is cut in a 10 yard segment and then a sticky label is wrapped around it with the color name written on it.


And here it is all boxed up and ready to be mailed out!


And here is how I store my ribbon from shares like this! I have other pics on my blog about my ribbon storage, but this is how I do the kind from shares. I find that 10 yards fills a 3×3 card very nicely. (Ribbon in these boxes is from various places and NOT from this particular share. I haven’t wrapped my ribbon on cards yet!)


And now for the nitty gritty details! Here is a list of the colors and the SU cardstock I think match pretty well…now these are entirely my opinion and you may not like these matches!!!

Turquoise – cool caribbean cardstock

Shocking Pink – pink passion cardstock

Emerald – no SU match

Pink – pretty in pink cardstock

Sugar Plum – kind of elegant eggplant cardstock

Capri Blue – ballet blue cardstock

Lavender – no SU match

Lime Fizz – gable green cardstock

Festive Fuchsia – no SU match

Aquamarine – soft sky cardstock is a tad lighter and cool caribbean cardstock is a tad darker but would compliment either

Copen – no SU match

Azalea – purely pomegranate cardstock

Flannel Grey – basic grey cardstock

Pansy – no SU match

Apple Green – no SU match, but matches SU’s discontinued apple green ribbon

Jade – taken with teal cardstock

Then the neutrals: cream, white, black and dark brown

2/08 Ribbon Share Details:

1. You will receive 10 yards of each of the 20 colors listed above.

2. It will be shipped priority mail within 24 hrs of payment.

3. The share is $35 and that includes your priority shipping.

4. You get 200 yards of grosgrain ribbon (including the shipping cost that comes out to 17.5 cents per yard – pretty sweet!).

5. There are only SEVEN slots for this share. We will likely do this again if it goes well and there is interest. However, we will not be repeating colors for awhile. We can do a bigger lot next time (more open slots) if there is enough interest.

6. The first 7 people to email me ( and send payment via paypal (sorry no checks this time!) will get the ribbon.

7. It is already cut, labeled and ready to ship to you!

Any questions?

****ETA – All Ribbon slots are filled at the moment!  If any don’t work out, I’ll let y’all know!  Thank you!!**** 

Tips/New Products Week Day 6 – Photos

Alrighty – I am no photographer, by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m learning. I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my site photos. It’s really hard to capture details sometimes! I don’t do anything special to take my photos – nothing that anyone can’t do! So here’s how I do it!

I take two sheets of white cardstock and place them so they form a base and a background for my project. If it is a project that is too large for that, I will either add another sheet of cardstock or use a white pillowcase. Then I put the card in front of the paper and take the pic! Because I have a table top Ott Lite (which Joann’s is offering at 50% off with FREE shipping!! Totally a good deal!), I place that beside my card so that the light shines directly on it. That’s it! I edit in a super simple photo program. I crop the picture, resize the larger side to 500 pixels (the width of my blog) and then sometimes I’ll click the auto fix button for brightness. That’s all. Here’s what my photo set-up looks like….


(and no, the lights aren’t off in the room or anything – it just looks that way!)

So that’s it! Like I said – nothing special or anything!

Stamping Space Sunday (late), a recipe and a winner!

Well, technically it is still Sunday (9:30pm) so how about a Stamping Space Sunday! I haven’t done that in forever. Mostly because you’ve seen my stamping space and overall – it hasn’t changed much! If you haven’t seen it, you can click <here> and find all the Stamping Space posts. But I thought I would share something new I just added. Tiffany gave me one of these the other day – something she found while getting ready for the garage sale. I’ve been looking for some type of shelving or storage so that I could put my Making Memories paints out. I wanted to be able to see all the colors easily and piling them up on a wire shelf in my closet just wasn’t cutting it. I picked up a bunch of these (basically every color I didn’t already own) during the Recollections going-out-of-business sale. So I have quite a few of these little bottles now. This seems to work pretty well!

It’s called an expand-a-shelf. It’s one shelf that is 14″ wide and you can pull a second one out from inside it to expand it to 27″. Anyway, I figured it would work perfect on my second table since I had just cleaned it off and rearranged it anyway (I have the cuttlebug in front of the paint on the table).


I also have a new recipe to share. The boys love fish and salmon and we’ve been trying to incorporate it into the menu once a week since it is so good for you and I’d like it if they grew up liking some healthier foods like that! So we tried a new recipe for Salmon with Mango Salsa. Well… was good and all…..but we really liked the Mango Salsa! Cause of course we had to taste test it before we put it on the fish! And well, we just kept eating it! So we added that to the Super Bowl menu and just had it with tortilla chips! Anyway, I thought I would share the recipe with ya.


Mango Salsa

1 mango – peeled and diced (1 cup)

1 sm avocado – peeled and diced (1/2 cup)

1/4 c red onion, diced

2 T fresh cilantro – chopped

1 t salt

1 t lime juice (I also squeezed 1 fresh lime over ours)

1/8 t ground cumin

1/8 t ground red pepper

1 1/2 T papaya lime serrano sauce (by Fischer Weiser) – the recipe calls for 1/4 cup Consorzio Mango fat-free dressing but my store didn’t have that so we used this other stuff instead

Just toss it all in a bowl and stir. Serve with chips, that’s it!

And the winner of the Valentine stamp set is:

Michelle Says:
Oh wow! How cool – these are great stamps – thanks for sharing!

I really like the Buddy Monster – the monsters are sooo flippin’ cool & cute!

Congratulations Michelle! Email me ( and I will get that in the mail for you!

I’ve got something else exciting to share tomorrow and watch for that Color Challenge!

cool, cheap storage!

I found this cd rack at Target the other day for $6.99. It will hold stamps in cd cases and GinaK’s dvd tins – it holds 40 of them!  I think it’s pretty sweet!  Nothing else for today, I’m helping out with the garage sale and I had a sick kid today…


here’s the label so you know what you’re looking for if you want one!  I got it in the cd storage section…