Three and it’s only the 8th!

I know – I’m shocked too.  Three scrapbook pages and it’s only the 8th of the month!  My goal was only TWO!  See – set low goals and you are easily impressed with yourself!

Special Andy:

quickpage – Sueli Colbert – So Cute font – SU KP Quick photo action – Natasha Whiteley

Enjoy! . . . → Read More: Three and it’s only the 8th!

A Page and another freebie!

Just a quick on tonight – a sweet Adam page and another digiscrapping freebie, Enjoy!

quickpage – Three Paper Peonies font – Tunga photo action – Natasha Whiteley

And for the freebie – today I have Glitter Splatters II! If you missed the Glitter Splatters I – you can find them {HERE}!

Glitter Splatters . . . → Read More: A Page and another freebie!

Another page and another freebie!

See that?  I got my two pages in for October already!  And I’ve got another digital freebie for you – my very first kit!  I hope you find it useful!

First – my page:

quickpage – Sueli Colbert – Moment font – Kimberly Geswein – King Cool KC

And the freebie:

Sparkleween – the . . . → Read More: Another page and another freebie!

Check this out!

It’s only October 3rd, and I’ve got one of my scrap pages done already!  That’s halfway to my goal!  I am so glad I decided to grant myself the freedom of any guilt over using Quickpages.  I am actually looking forward to scrapping now!  I’m one of those people who agonizes of every decision in . . . → Read More: Check this out!

Acrylic Frames freebie and another page!

Yep, I can’t believe it either.  I scrapped a second page – so it’s a quick page….So what!  That means I met my goal for Sept in just this week!  Right on!

And the second Acrylic freebie – Acrylic Frames!  I actually really really love these.  Just fun and easy to embellish.  I may just . . . → Read More: Acrylic Frames freebie and another page!

Love and CC237

So I decided that I just can’t squeeze in scrapping.  I tried.  I kept buying kits.  Then I just never got time to actually do it.  This month I decided to make an easy goal of 2 pages a month.  And I can use quickpages.  What do I care if someone else made the actual . . . → Read More: Love and CC237

Kimberly Countdown

So Kimberly is headed back to the US to visit this summer.  And of course I am counting down!  In fact – I think I’ll steal the ticker she has on her blog!  And I am totally kidnapping the girls so they can live at my house this summer!  I am not joking about that . . . → Read More: Kimberly Countdown


I haven’t scrapped in about 6 months.  For no particular reason – just got busy and kind of stopped.  Recently I’ve been feeling the urge again…..and today I did!  Nothing spectacular, just a photo from a bike ride this weekend.  But it felt good to do it again!  And here it is!

template – . . . → Read More: Scrapping

A Color Challenge and a PAGE!

Yep, I actually scrapped a page!  I haven’t done many in the last 6 months.  I think I kind of go through stages with my creativity or something….for awhile it’s paper, then photography, then digital…..and so on.  Well – I’m entering a digital stage right now…of course I still have lots of obligations with paper . . . → Read More: A Color Challenge and a PAGE!

I scrapped a page!

Ok, so it was a really fast page, but still! And the best part – you can download the freebie I used too! It is by Vinnie Pearce and you can find it {here}. I’ll be checking her other things out!

This was a photo of Alex reading to Matthew and Adam one evening before . . . → Read More: I scrapped a page!

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