My Stamping Space

I promised pictures of my stamping space today, so here they are! This is my actual stamping area. I have two tables (one 6ft and one 4ft) in an ‘L’ shape. The ink pads and paper file box are in the center of the ‘L’ so that two people can stamp at the same . . . → Read More: My Stamping Space

Comfort Foods

Another thing I love is cooking. My mom is a wonderful cook, and I have been lucky enough to copy a lot of her recipes. One of my favorite foods is Baked Potato Soup. I just love it. Top it off with some good bread (for dippin’) and it is perfect! So tonight, we’re having . . . → Read More: Comfort Foods

Hard Day…

I am working on a tutorial for a Diamond Fold Book. I will be teaching a class on them this Saturday. I was hoping it would be up tonight, but it may be a few days. I have been having bad back/hip pain for awhile now. After seeing several doctors, having x-rays, an MRI and . . . → Read More: Hard Day…

Here is my color challenge card for this week…

Here is my color challenge card for this week on splitcoaststampers. It is CC90: blush blossom, true thyme, and cranberry crisp. Since I was short on time this week, I brought out my all-time favoritest set…..Roses in Winter. I just love this set. Especially with the rock and roll (where you ink it . . . → Read More: Here is my color challenge card for this week…

My Stamping History

So I was thinking maybe I would share how I got started as a stamper. I owe this obsession to my wonderful sister (and blogmaster guru), Kimberly. Exactly 3 years ago, Kimberly showed up at my house (we were stationed at Fort Hood, TX at the time) and said we were going to stamp. I . . . → Read More: My Stamping History

Mixer Day!

I am so so excited! Today my new mixer arrives! I have been borrowing my sister-in-law’s kitchenaid mixer for the last few weeks. I finally blew out my cheapie wedding gift mixer and decided it was time to move up. I cook all the time, so I know I’ll get a lot of use . . . → Read More: Mixer Day!

Test Pic Post

Okay, this is just a test to make sure I know how to post a picture. This was the color challenge from last week. I was just finishing my display for my upline and this was my last card for her. (I do displays – 25-30 cards with one stamp set – several times . . . → Read More: Test Pic Post

New Blog

So this is my new blog. My sister Kimberly, or Mamakimberly as some of you might know her, decided I needed one so here it is. I guess I will be blogging my stamping adventures. I don’t know that anyone is interested, but we’ll see! I am not sure how much stamping I’ll get done . . . → Read More: New Blog


just testing….

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