Monogram Post-It Holders

I love post-it holders. My dad gave me a huge stack of post-it note pads when he was packing up to move, so I have lots to make them with! Well, I had several things I was mailing today and I just love to tuck one of these in a package. I mean, you can’t . . . → Read More: Monogram Post-It Holders

CC99: Only one MORE!!

So it’s here! CC99 is here! Only one more week til I get to give away the AWESOME prize Leigh O’Brien made! And guess what?!?! Besides the fact that you can win it… get ANOTHER sneak peek today! Oh yeah, and I’ll show you my color challenge card too! I have such a hard time . . . → Read More: CC99: Only one MORE!!

We have a WINNER!!

I enjoyed reading all of your favorite things over the past few days! There are some great recipes in there as well! There seemed to be some common threads amongst our faves too. Our families, chocolate, stamping, reading, reading blogs, chocolate, etc. Thank you for sharing with me! And now, for the winner! My 6 . . . → Read More: We have a WINNER!!

So CHA is going on now…

This is only the biggest crafting event ever. It is held in CA and all crafting companies go there to unveil new lines for the next year. You can find out more about what SCS is seeing here:

SCS Blog about CHA

I am way stoked cause of course that means new products and stuff . . . → Read More: So CHA is going on now…

Can You Believe It?! FREEBIE!

So I just hit over 20,000 hits today! In honor of this momentous occasion, I am doing a freebie giveaway! So you must comment on this post by 9pm CST Monday, January 29th to win! Please tell me one of your favorite things in your comment. Since my blog is all about sharing my favorite . . . → Read More: Can You Believe It?! FREEBIE!

January Stamp Camp

Last night I held my monthly stamp camp. We made these 5 cards. I tried to do one ‘fun’ valentine and one more elegant valentine. We also did a pocket note. I love those! This is a copy of the first pocket note I made, so nothing new there. I did the cool caribbean . . . → Read More: January Stamp Camp

I wish I could breathe….

I am absolutely miserable. My allergies are on overload right now. They were kinda bad and then I got my shot Tuesday and now it is WORSE! I got a welt on my left arm that is at least 2 inches in diameter. And I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose since. Ugh. . . . → Read More: I wish I could breathe….

Drowning in a pile of ribbon!

Yes, that’s me. I am drowning in a pile of ribbon! It’s a good place to be though! I participated in a ribbon share with my friend (I say friend cause we’ve met twice and she’s the SWEETEST person ever!) Jody. It’s the coolest thing! She gets bulk ribbon and cuts it into 10 yard . . . → Read More: Drowning in a pile of ribbon!

Coaster Gift Boxes and CC98…

Okay, the newest tutorial on Splitcoast is a good one! Another use for all those restaurant coasters that I got a few hundred of. Here is the link for it, please check it out! Taylor VanBruggen wrote this one, and these little boxes are too cute! I’ll probably do them as teacher gifts for . . . → Read More: Coaster Gift Boxes and CC98…

More Scrap pages….

Here are two more pages I did on my scrapping with mamakimberly night. The first is a page of the boys on our first family bike ride (and by family, I mean we walked and the boys rode). They were so cute all decked out in their helmets and bikes. This has quickly become . . . → Read More: More Scrap pages….

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