I was talking with Mamak the other day and I mentioned that a lot of the more project-y items that I make……I don’t necessarily have anything to do with them when they are done.  But I just like making them. She said I could have a kind of ‘store’ using paypal for things like that. . . . → Read More: Thinking…….

And she chose……

The first one with the crayon resist! She said she actually liked the second one better, but it was from a few people and they liked the other one.

I’ve got a picture from my lunch/swap from Thursday and I’ll show it to y’all tomorrow. I am posting from my new laptop!! But, I am . . . → Read More: And she chose……

Which one??

So my StepMom Cindy requested a bridal shower card for a coworker.  She asked to have it match a bag she had picked out.  Well, it matched the SU Petal Prints stamp set pretty well, so I went with that.  The first idea that popped into my head was crayon resist.  But then when I . . . → Read More: Which one??

Stamp Camp Cards

You’ve already seen several of them, but here are the last two of the cards we made at stamp camp.  It was a requested Baby, Wedding and Kid Birthday camp.  I don’t make a whole lot of any of those!!! Mostly I make generic blank, thinking of you, birthday or thank you.  It was hard . . . → Read More: Stamp Camp Cards

Oh My Gosh!!

Check this out!!! GinaK is giving away a giga scalloped punch EVERY DAY until April 1st in promotion of the big news!!!  Seriously, y’all need to check it out!!


And this is another of the cards we will be making at stamp camp tonight.  I did a traditional (pretty) wedding card and I . . . → Read More: Oh My Gosh!!

CC107: cool mustard

I had to make a kid birthday card for my stamp camp tonight and I decided to re-make a cute wild about you card so that it would be a bit more camp friendly (like no background stamps, lol). So, I just used the colors from that card for the Color Challenge today: cool caribbean, . . . → Read More: CC107: cool mustard

More VSN cards…

Theseare the cards I did on the actual VSN day.  I got caught up doing another deadline item, I’ll share that with you tomorrow, so I only got 2 cards done.  But I like them!  So it was productive, right?


This first one was for MAR07VSNI – Passport to Paris.  We had to use . . . → Read More: More VSN cards…


Well, I didn’t get too many cards done for VSN, only 4 (and two I had done in advance for my own challenge!) But I did help the boys do the kid challenge and I got some cards done for another challenge.  Since I am a bit hungover from VSN (from the lack of sleep!)  Stamping . . . → Read More: VSN…wow!

Class, Tags, VSN and Scones

It’s a great Saturday – or it would be if I didn’t have stupid allergies.  Aside from that, it’s a great day!  I got up this morning and made scones.  YUM!  The Country Crock honey butter spread is to die for on these.  DE-LISH!

I’ve got a class this afternoon and we are making the . . . → Read More: Class, Tags, VSN and Scones

Blogger RAK!

I got my first RAK from the Blogger RAK group on SCS!  (I actually had to take my name off the list for awhile because I am not able to send any right now and I didn’t want to be on the list until I could be a better RAK’er myself!)  But I got . . . → Read More: Blogger RAK!

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