Blog Goody!

I promised some blog goodies the other day as this site passed 100,000 hits! I can’t believe that many people wanted to read what I write! Thank you for looking at my work!

So… honor of the 100,000 hits, I am taking a break! That makes sense doesn’t it? As a thank you for your . . . → Read More: Blog Goody!

Just Be-Claws…..

Just a little card I made yesterday since it’s the holiday weekend and some of y’all may be seeing the beach!

I used Ginak’s crab in a bucket stamp in black stazon.  I colored it using my new Niji waterbrush (dang I love that thing!) He is cranberry crisp and the bucket was going . . . → Read More: Just Be-Claws…..

Sweet Boy….

Hello!  I digiscrapped with Kimberly again today.  Check it out – I used an embellishment!  That’s a first for me!  Thank you so so much for the template Darcy!  I can’t scrap without a template!  Anyway, this was one of the shots Kimberly took the other day…..just as we were finishing up and heading to . . . → Read More: Sweet Boy….

Ahhh….my hair smells so nice!!

I got a much needed haircut today. And DUDE! My hair smells SO good! I got at least 3 inches cut off, it was just getting too long! I usually have them blow it out straight because I’ll never take the time to do it myself. But it is seriously humid and it rained this . . . → Read More: Ahhh….my hair smells so nice!!

Color Challenge 115, a day late!

I did finally get a chance to do the color challenge from yesterday….just not until late last night!  I asked Rachel (Rachelhope13) to fill in for me this week because I knew I would probably  not get a chance to do one.  Thank you for filling in AND for choosing such a great combo!   You . . . → Read More: Color Challenge 115, a day late!

Life’s a beach!

I saw the crayon resist technique challenge this week and knew right away what I wanted to do! Enjoy!

I tried this card with glossy cardstock and with whisper white cardstock. I can’t decide which I like better! I stamped the castle stamp in black stazon. I traced various parts with a white crayon. . . . → Read More: Life’s a beach!

Handwriting Font info and more questions answered…

Can you believe it’s been almost 2 mos and I still haven’t managed to answer all those questions?? Y’all just had so many!

Anyway, first off I wanted to go ahead and post here about the Handwriting Fonts. I used Andy’s handwriting from Feb of this year to journal on this digi page. I got . . . → Read More: Handwriting Font info and more questions answered…

Stamping Space Sunday: new drawers

Okay, two weeks ago I had a class on Saturday. I sent my husband to Costco with the boys for several reasons. I was out of my Zipfizz, the boys think it’s the best place on Earth because they have samples, and they needed to be out of the house. I had also cleaned out . . . → Read More: Stamping Space Sunday: new drawers

Busy Busy…..but I got a digipage!

Wow, we had a garage sale this weekend.  That was hectic!  We had some junk to unload and Kimberly had dropped loads of stuff off at our house when they moved.  Now the clean-up of the leftovers commences.  Yuck.  So needless to say, I have not stamped or done anything fun the past few days!

. . . → Read More: Busy Busy…..but I got a digipage!

What is that circle for???

So, for those of you who have the papertreyink stamp set Green Thumb…..what is that large circle for?!?! I looked around the stamp set several times. I looked through galleries. I’ve not really seen anyone use it. So Kimberly and I were chatting the other night and she suggested making a flower out of it. . . . → Read More: What is that circle for???

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