Coaster Update, new foot stuff, and a project

Ok, I’ve got another update on the coasters.  All coasters have been mailed at this point.  I will update the blog with new coaster information when I get the next shipment.  If you have emailed me to tell me that you want some next time – I am NOT saving those emails.  That is just way too much for me to keep up with.  I only asked if you wanted any on the last post because I wanted an idea of how many to order.  They are NOT reservations, ok?  I will NOT be emailing anyone personally (aside from those with pending orders and I’ve already talked with them) to let them know the coasters are here or anything else.  Okie dokie?

It’s not meant to be mean or anything, I just can’t keep up with all that.  I’ve lived and breathed coasters for the last 3 days.  Shipped at least 50 boxes.  So I just want to make sure everyone understands so that no one thinks they’ve got any reserved or anything (aside from pending orders – if you think you are a pending order – you may leave a message HERE,NOT emailed, ok?)

So – back to the details of the shipped coasters. Here is the list of coasters I shipped today….(please check ALL three posts with shipped names before you email me and say your name isn’t on the list.  I have made mistakes, but please check all three before you ask, ok?)

Michelle Mathey

Michelle Ide

Amber Aslakson

Kristen Mastrorio

Kathleen Elliott

Jennifer Spina

Katherine Rassmussen

Alison Rynders

Tonna Etier


Keri Jackson

Michael Karels

Debbie Cunningham

Maryanne Steffe

Sharon Tong

Barbara Duran

I also still have Christi Thorensen’s here to be picked up (no pressure – just wanted to make sure I had it down for ya!)

Ok, that clears up the coaster stuff for now.

New Foot Stuff

So I was all set to take a new pic for y’all  – one sans stitches.  But when I went to take it, I noticed the top steri strip was already falling off!  Hmm….I mean, that’s ok, but I just got it on yesterday.  When I looked closer I realized it was oozing fluid and was so wet the strip wouldn’t stick at all.  And it was kinda bloody or something.  It also looks way more open on the seam than I am comfortable with.  So I called the dr’s office to ask if that was ok.  Turns out they left early for the holiday weekend.  I called my older sister (an ER nurse) asked her about it.  She said most likely it’s a fluid pocket that opened or something.  But she would call again.  So I called back and left a message with the answering service.  They returned the call and said they could work me in on Tuesday and until then, use neosporin and a band-aid.   Um…ok.  I am so NOT ok with this.  It hurts, it’s nasty and there is FLUID coming out.  I can handle the bodily fluid stuff when it is the boys – I just shut down the squeamish side and get to business.  But when it’s me….ack!  I totally want to vomit every time I look at it or think about it.

So I took pics for you!  (I know, you are so happy I did this, right?)

before the strip fell off….


after the strip fell off and I cleaned it up….


it doesn’t look so bad there….I swear it’s way worse IRL….or at least it is in my head!  And to top it off…I’ve had this chest funk for a few days (thank you Matthew!) and I’ve been taking Mucinex….the coughing is just yuck!  Until today, I didn’t really feel bad besides the chest stuff.  Now I feel kinda tired all over.  Fun way to start a holiday weekend, huh?

And now for something pretty.  I made this post-it holder for my stepmom, Cindy (the H is for her last name), because she loved the one I made for myself.  The card was a thank you for a few things (one being that she took Andy to Six Flags and I didn’t have to go!) and I knew she’d like those colors.  I’ve made both of these things before so I am going to be REALLY lazy and not post the supplies.  I think I am gonna fall asleep instead. Sorry!



Ok – did I totally whine enough for one day???

I do have something awesome fun to post later. But I gotta take a nap first.  And honestly, isn’t this post long enough already?

Big Day today!

At 9:30 am, I sign the papers to close on Kimberly’s house!! WOOHOO! I know this will be a HUGE relief to them to have it sold and taken care of. Wish me luck! Pray everything goes smoothly, ok?

Then at 11:15 – I get my stitches out! I am way nervous about this as I have horrid memories of getting them out of my finger when I was about 3 or 4 and it was awful! I’ll take a pic sans stitches for y’all – I know how much you want to see my foot again!

And then, meet the teacher for Adam at prek. He’s got the same teacher Alex had last year, so nothing new. But he’s really excited! It’s been hard for him this week to have the other two at school every day.

Ok, I’ll update you on how everything went and I’ve got something cute to show you too!

***ETA*** If I already sent you my paypal information on the coasters, yours are still here for you. Okay? And if you paid and do not see your name on the list – PLEASE contact me and we’ll get it figured out!!***

***ETA***  Did y’all notice my little counter WAAAY down at the bottom?  Almost 200,000 hits!  I’ve got a BUNCH of goodies ready for that milestone!*** 


Ok, the coasters are GONE! I will order more and I will let you all know when I get them and how we’ll do it then, ok? I can’t believe that all 5,000 went in less than 1 day! I am glad you all wanted them though – I would have hated hearing about the cases of them from my husband had you not!

I will reply to the people that have already emailed me, but I am out for now. These are the names that have paid and will be shipped tomorrow:

Mary Rindal

Shauna Mathie

Lois Perfetto

Corinne Lee

Julie Campbell

Katie Ault

Kelly Herrick

Dawn Nelson

Jean Barney

MaryAnn McRae

Douglas Dvnevich

Geraldine Cook

Jeff Licktieg

Rachel Hillman

Sara LaGace

Adelina Starace

These will ship, but I ran out of boxes:

Michelle Mathey

Michelle Ide

These two are pending:

Jeanette Karels

Debbie Cunningham

So – I will get more – and if you are interested, please post a comment here with a rough number so I have an idea on how many to get, ok? It will take about a week to get them (not sure on how much labor day will throw that off).

Quickie Page and more coaster info…

So I mailed the first wave of <coasters>. I discovered that the packages I used for weight…well I just used a random zipcode from a family member and then went with that cost. Apparently I grossly underestimated! I’m not going to change it this time, but if I do this again, I will find some way to do a shipping calculator!

I guess this was pretty popular because I shipped out 1500 coasters this morning!!

Here are the names I shipped out today:

Cheryl Sims

Carol Moore

Susan Ridgway

Lorri Feidt

Kathy Jackson

Kyla Leanhart

Kristen Taylor

Nanette Evans

Terri Trotter

Liza Nakata

Margie Meyers

Susanne Boyd

Kelly Elliott

Susan Conti

Amy Mathes

Debbie Cunningham (PENDING)

So if you name is on that list, I got your payment before noon and box shipped out via priority today! Enjoy! If you paid after that, I will ship it tomorrow – so watch for you name then!

And a quick page of the boys last day swimming before school started…..


template – Two Sisters and Amber Clegg – Collab layout kit
papers – Amber Clegg – Luminosity
paper (underneath) – Corina Nielsen – Punky Power Brights
alpha – Marcie Reckinger – Happy Alpha 3
Stitches – Christina Renee – GetRDone Stitches
overlay – Kylie Clark – Star Trails
font – Kimberly Geswein – KGD Creative Scribbles

Drop Shadows – Traci Murphy
Peeled and Revealed template and action – Traci Murphy and Marcie Reckinger

***Coasters are GONE!!!*** 

You want coasters?!?!

Get them here! Ok, everytime I post something made with those chipboard coasters I get requests for where I get mine. So, I decided to order a bunch and offer them here! I am hoping to make them not so expensive as they are at stores and stuff. Now, the only thing is – I’m just a person with a BUSY life and not a store. So, I am only offering them in a few pre-determined quantities. I can only ship priority mail. It just makes it tons easier for me! Okie dokie? So first off, I’ll show you the other two gift sets I made for the boys’ teachers (using said coasters for the boxes) and then I’ll share the details for purchasing some coasters for yourself!



Ok, I’m not going to share all the supplies, because I did that already <here> (it’s just different papers – all basicgrey).

So, here’s the details on the coasters:

4 inch square medium weight plain chipboard coasters

Shipped via Priority Mail (shipping is already included in the price listed)

Quantities and Prices:

50 coasters = $9

90 coasters = $13

180 coasters = $22

more than that and you will need to contact me for a total!

For now, I will only accept paypal and I will not sell them in smaller quantities. If you are local, feel free to pick them up in person and I will deduct the shipping costs.

So, if you would like any, please email me at and I will send you my paypal address! This is the first time I’ve done something like this so I hope I’ve got everything right!

I just love these things, I think I’ve gone through 400 in 6 months!

***ETA*** All orders paid for after this moment (so if you are reading this, it is in effect!) will be shipped tomorrow! Also, the only real “reservation” of your coasters is payment. I am not keeping track of emails. So once you pay – they are officially reserved and yours. I am not running out or anything – and I will do it again if there is a need. But I just wanted you to know that’s how I’m doing it!***

***Coasters are GONE!!!*** 

CC129: Pretty Pink Pomegranates

That’s the color combo for today!   pretty in pink, purely pomegranate and old olive.  An easy one and I want to do some more with it today.  I made this last week and we did it at stamp camp.  Unfortunately, I need more sympathy cards so that’s why I went to the old standby – Roses In Winter.  I’ll never get enough of that set.


 Supplies: roses in winter and brighter tomorrow stamp sets by SU; purely pomegranate, pretty in pink and old olive ink; dimensionals; corner rounder with the guard off; pretty in pink, old olive; purely pomegranate, pretty in pink, old olive and shimmer cardstock; and basic grey perhaps ( or is it phoebe??) patterned paper.

Okay, that’s all I got for right now.  I’m working on finishing up the coaster info for y’all!

sweet card and some pics

I thought I would show another card from my last stamp camp today….and I had a photo shoot with the boys this weekend…..and I am SO impressed with myself, lol! I mean, they aren’t as good as Kimberly does for me….but I think they are adorable pictures!


Supplies: Simply Said SU stamp set; marvy punches (giga scalloped circle and mega circle); kraft and pretty in pink cardstock; white craft ink; paper piercer; white grosgrain and pink polka dot organdy ribbons; dimensionals and sponge.

And here are the pics!






Oh – and despite the fact that we look like we are having fun….I was totally stressing and yelling at them! But we survived! Tomorrow is the first day of school – YAY!!! So it’ll just be Adam and me…..and the coasters will be listed here on sale tomorrow!

***ETA*** I have had several comments about how I get them to look like they are having fun – my husband stands behind me and makes fart noises. Seriously. ****

Sweet Baby

Wanna meet my new nephew? My older sister had her baby Friday afternoon. They chose to have the gender be a surprise and it was a BOY! So, let me introduce Gabriel! They haven’t decided for sure on a middle name quite yet.


The boys loved Gabriel! They were very sweet and careful with him.  (and that’s the outfit and blanket I gave him!  when we didn’t know if it would be a boy or a girl)


A little up close pic – oh yeah – he’s totally sucking his fingers!  I think her kids come out doing that, lol!


Alex was thrilled because he wanted a chance to hold him too.

Ok, that’s my new nephew!  I know you’ll see a page with those pics on it soon!  And guess what came in the mail yesterday?

COASTERS!!!!  LOTS of coasters!  So I’ll be posting the information about purchasing them either tonight or tomorrow!

Scary Foot Pics….

Well, I had to scrap my foot pics, right? And I decided to play with them in PSE with my new photo actions. So I’m gonna share those with you and then I’ll share the page!

Ok, here is the original pic…


Soda Pop Action…


x process action….


and one of the black and white actions…


These actions all came in a pack (there are over 50 of them!!) and they are so easy…just one click of a button and it’s so cool! I got them <here> and I am totally not affiliated at all! I just think they are so cool! She also has some free ones on her blog that you can download and get a taste of what’s in her set. Her blog is <here>.

So, now that I had these cool pics….well – I decided to make a page with them! And here’s what I did:


Right side: This is my foot 3 days after I had surgery. The nurse actually said these were cute stitches. I’m not sure I agree!!
Left side: I think it is pretty gross looking. I like showing the boys and grossing them out!

template – Two Sisters – Collab Templates with Nancy Comelab
Paper – Corina Nielsen – Everyday Solids
Glitter Paint – Michelle Martin – living on the edge
Alpha – Kate Hadfield and Tiff Brady – Wordy Bits Alpha
Stitches (pink) – Sausan Designs – Funky Funky
Flowers – Annie Manning (Paint The Moon Designs) – Funky Flowers Brights
Ribbon – Annie Manning (Paint The Moon Designs) – Puddles of Silk
Staples – Jenn Patrick – Backwards Staples
Teal RicRac – Corina Nielsen – My Funky 4th Collab (recolored)
Font – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Katherine
Pink ribbon – Weeds & Wildflowers – Being Me

Drop Shadows – Traci Murphy
Photo Actions – Natasha Whiteley

Okay, hope you liked that! I thought it was really cool and I am totally not good at learning how to do stuff like that in photoshop. Oh! And <here’s> a site with directions on how to install actions.

True Friend

Here are a few cards I did with that set the other day. I was working on cards for class (for some reason I was on a one layer kick that day) and I made these.

This one we didn’t end up doing. It just wasn’t working for me. And now that I looked at it again I realized I used cameo coral ink and groovy guava paper! Ooops!


Supplies: images by SU (True Friend and linen background); cameo coral and eggplant envy ink; groovy guava, white and eggplant envy cardstock; dimensionals; ticket corner punch; sponge; and narrow organdy ribbon.

This is one we did make at class – although most people did not use that sentiment (I always leave my box of small A Muse sentiments out and let people put whatever they want on the cards.) And honestly, it is kind of a weird sentiment, isn’t it?? But it’s a good fall color combo!


Supplies: True Friend SU stamp set; ruby red, more mustard, old olive and white cardstock; colored mini brad; paper piercer; dimensionals; sponge; more mustard and ruby red markers; more mustard ink and stazon.

We got to meet Andy and Alex’s teachers last night – that was fun! Except for the HUGE line to show your proof of residency….dang, if I had known we had to do that I would have taken it up there earlier!! I will totally do that next year! I ended up going to the front of the line and finding somewhere to sit down and I waited there with Alex. Matthew and Andy stayed in line. I just couldn’t stand up that long with all those bags of supplies, my foot was killing me already! Oh well, I’m resting it now. Hope you have a great weekend!