Winners, blocks and Blog-A-Versary Day 4!

Ok, first up – the winners of Day 3!! I’d have to say my favorite thing to alter is probably frames. Although – I am LOVING the blocks! It’s one of my first ‘original’ ideas. I know that they were out before I made them – but I hadn’t seen any of them! I just . . . → Read More: Winners, blocks and Blog-A-Versary Day 4!

Rude net bots…

So several times this month I have had some net bot come to the gallery on my site and post lots of lewd comments on my gallery items.  nice.  Thank you to those of you who let me know this was happening.  I have deleted all the disgusting comments and banned those users.  For now, . . . → Read More: Rude net bots…

Winners, another card and Blog-A-Versary Day 3!

So – wanna know the winners of Day 2??  First – what is my favorite SU color??

Gosh – can you even pick one?  Um….hands down – Cool Caribbean!  But that’s retired, so it doesn’t count! (even though I have 5 packs stashed in my stamp room!!!)

Um….Rose Red!  Or is it Certainly Celery….no Bashful . . . → Read More: Winners, another card and Blog-A-Versary Day 3!

Winners, a card and Blog-A-Versary Day 2!

Ok, first up the winners of Day 1! There were 208 entries and here are the two winners! I am not really sure what my favorite current SU set is (of course my favorite retired set is Roses In Winter)…I guess baroque motifs would be a good one, or Wild About You….or Sassy Stems – . . . → Read More: Winners, a card and Blog-A-Versary Day 2!

It’s my Blog-A-Versary!!

Woohoo!  Yep!  I can’t believe it!  I’ve been blogging for an ENTIRE YEAR!

1,355 posts (of course this isn’t just posts – somehow wordpress categorizes something else in there as a “post”, but still….)


almost 300,000 hits

WOW!  I am still in awe that so many people read what I have to say.  . . . → Read More: It’s my Blog-A-Versary!!

It’s Cyber Monday!

It’s supposed to be one of the busiest online shopping days of the year!  If you’re getting in on the online sales – remember to use your ebates!!  For 14 hours, ebates has even HIGHER cash back rates!!  You can view their list of the going rates for Cyber Monday <here>.  Heck, you might as . . . → Read More: It’s Cyber Monday!

I’m so excited/nervous!!!

So I finally took the plunge!  I’ve been saving and saving for the  last 6 months for this!  I really wanted to upgrade to a digital SLR and I did it!  I am really excited to be able to take better pictures, but I am also really nervous about figuring it all out!  I snagged . . . → Read More: I’m so excited/nervous!!!

Blocks – where to get them

I had been purchasing my blocks at Hobby Lobby.  But of course, I have to pursue other options – cause I love a good deal!  Well, now GinaK is selling them on her new site -which is really cool – because she has the 2 inch ones which are harder to come by.  But – . . . → Read More: Blocks – where to get them


Just thought I’d show you some of the blocks I shipped out before I left this weekend.  Dawn ordered these (she was my 2nd customer!) a bit ago and I finished them up right before we left for Missouri.  I got some of the Tattered Angels Interference Gold shimmer spray – I think I like . . . → Read More: Blocks

quick post-it note holders

My mom asked me to bring 8 post-it note holders for her to use as gifts when I came up this weekend.  Since she asked the day before I left – I needed to do them quickly.  So I chose this design using GinaK’s Punchy Words stamp – merry & bright.  I used 4 different . . . → Read More: quick post-it note holders

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