Lots of stuff!

I’ve got a few things to share today so here goes!

First up, Tiff (my SIL) and Jenn (my friend) came over yesterday and we did a little crafting while our kids were in prek. I’ve been wanting to add some watercolored Fabriano cards to my ‘for sale‘ page for awhile, so I worked on . . . → Read More: Lots of stuff!

CC151 and the tips…

So I’ve decided to do a tips week next week – I want to have a bit more time to get stuff ready.  But starting next week, a new tip/tutorial every day!  For today, just the color challenge.  You can find more info <here>.

This was a hard combo!  When I first read the suggestion, . . . → Read More: CC151 and the tips…

Hmmm….maybe not….

So I did some more research and found this <here>:

Over the weekend there were reports that a New Kids on the Block reunion was in the works and looking official. The NKOTB website was back up and People reported that there would be an announcement in a couple of weeks. You can . . . → Read More: Hmmm….maybe not….

The Right Stuff!

Holy Cow!!! Seriously – this is too good to be true!!

The New Kids on the Block are staging a reunion/comeback!! Oh my – never thought I’d see them together again! Any other late 80’s/early 90’s young peeps remember that craze? You can read about it <here>!

Also, Kimberly had a very interesting blog . . . → Read More: The Right Stuff!

Hugs and Kisses tins

We made these at class Saturday and I made several to mail to my mom.  I think they turned out pretty cute – nothing special, I just used the PaperTreyInk Sweet Love set and went from there!

This one uses real red and pretty in pink:

supplies: nugget tin; sweet love stamp set; real . . . → Read More: Hugs and Kisses tins

Wow – Twice in one month!

I’ve never been featured anywhere before!  And now, twice in one month!!  I am so flattered!  Makes me feel famous or something, lol!  Anyway, I was featured over at Andrea’s blog Crafts on A Whim. You can view the post here:

Crafts On A Whim Featured Crafter

I’ll have some more crafty stuff to show . . . → Read More: Wow – Twice in one month!

Valentine Tins

Ok – here’s the crafty stuff I promised!  Only two tins, not quite what I had planned….but I fell asleep – AGAIN!  Dang, these allergy naps are really cramping my productivity!  Oh well – I think they are pretty cute!

I got some of the Doodliedoo heart tins and oh my goodness!  They are so . . . → Read More: Valentine Tins


EEEK!  I did it!  I bought my ticket!  Only $1275 – yikes!  And they bumped up the Visa prices because of the Olympics, nice!  Anyway, I am terribly excited – but really nervous too!  Kimberly posted this ticker on her blog – makes the whole thing seem so much more real, huh?

Last food thing, I swear!

Can you tell I’ve done jack squat the last few days?? (speaking of jack squat – that brings up a hilarious story!) My allergies have been terrible and frankly – I’ve just napped a lot! Mostly my allergies give me awful headaches or I am extremely tired. This time it was tired.

Kid story alert!

. . . → Read More: Last food thing, I swear!

Now that I’m on the topic of foods….

I thought I’d share a favorite of mine from growing up. Every time we would visit my Grandma in Pennsylvania or if she visited us…..we would get Tastykakes. These are the best things ever. Now, some members of my family liked different kinds, but to me – these are THE BEST!

If you put . . . → Read More: Now that I’m on the topic of foods….

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