Lots of stuff!

I’ve got a few things to share today so here goes!

First up, Tiff (my SIL) and Jenn (my friend) came over yesterday and we did a little crafting while our kids were in prek. I’ve been wanting to add some watercolored Fabriano cards to my ‘for sale‘ page for awhile, so I worked on those. I got a few sets done and I’ve added them to the site. Here’s one of them!


supplies: fabriano notecards and envelopes; palette noir ink pad; niji waterbrush; may arts ribbon; Penny Black stamps: clusters, modesty, and flying stars; reinkers: always artichoke, purely pomegranate, and rose romance; and A Muse sentiments.

I used rose romance and purely pomegranate on those and it made for a different combo! I was worried at first – almost trashed the first one, but decided to just go with it. And I like the result! I was going for a shades of pink thing….but this is a little different. Anyway, you can find the 3 sets I finished <here>. Just keep scrolling, all images are clickable thumbnails.

I also added some other card sets and some more gift sets. I’ve heard a nasty rumor that Target is discontinuing my lovely little notebooks – so I may have to change up my gift sets for the next time! We’ll see! (You know I’ll be scouring every Target in my area!)

And then, I’ve got another cool coupon code for you! I am excited to share this because it’s one of my everyday items. I use this little tool all time when I make cards, it’s really handy! I’ve never been good at distressing the edges of things on my own. I’ve tried roughing it with my fingernail, getting it slightly damp and mussing it up, etc. But this tool makes it totally simple! Only downside – the tiny bits of paper that fluff off. I can deal with that! Here’s an up-close shot of how it distresses your paper….(this is my card yesterday)


See how nice that is? I just drag the distresser along the edge of the cardstock a few times until I get the amount of rough edge I want. That’s it! And here’s how you can get one of these fab tools FREE!

Go to Scrapbookpal.com.

Purchase *anything*!

Add the coupon code edge on the view cart page (Just type edge into the box for coupons and click *add to cart* and the free distresser will appear! You do not need to add the distresser to your card first!)

That’s it! And in case you needed something to purchase – I highly recommend the Mono Multi! It’s the Best Glue Ever! And they have the cheapest price I’ve ever seen – I always order mine there!

The coupon will expire 2/15/08!

Later I have some pictures of the boys using my old aquapainters to watercolor with reinkers – I know, I was brave yesterday! But they wanted to watercolor with me – those card sets took most of the day to work on, good thing I love to watercolor and it’s soothing! – so I let them watercolor with my older brushes. I might even have some free stamps for tomorrow!

CC151 and the tips…

So I’ve decided to do a tips week next week – I want to have a bit more time to get stuff ready.  But starting next week, a new tip/tutorial every day!  For today, just the color challenge.  You can find more info <here>.

This was a hard combo!  When I first read the suggestion, I was like – she’s got to be kidding!  But it really looked good!  I mean – yo yo yellow has to be one of my LEAST used colors.  I think I am still on my very first pack from when I started stamping 4 years ago.  It’s just so…….bright!  But I made a go of it and I really like how it turned out!  So here it is!


supplies: penny black cluster stamp; paisley SU stamp; going gray, basic gray, white and yo yo yellow cardstock; yo yo yellow, mellow moss, going gray, and basic grey inks; niji waterbrush; heidi swapp distressor; dimensionals; sponge and taffeta 

Alrighty – that’s all I got for today!

Hmmm….maybe not….

So I did some more research and found this <here>:

Over the weekend there were reports that a New Kids on the Block reunion was in the works and looking official. The NKOTB website was back up and People reported that there would be an announcement in a couple of weeks. You can hang up your acid wash jeans, because it looks like a reunion is not going to happen. However, there are other plans for the New Kids!

Original Danny Wood, posted a bulletin on his MySpace:

Hello to everyone. Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the New Year. I wanted to address the rumors of the NKOTB Reunion Tour. There has been no talk of this and you are getting it from source directly. Never say never, and you can’t believe everything you read. On another note my solo record will be released in Australia in March. There are a few new songs on it and I hope you guys will check it out. Thank you so much for your continued support. Dwood

A Dlisted reader wrote in to tell me that it’s not a reunion they are working on, but a full-fledged reality show looking for new members. Yeah, just like that “Menudo” reality show crap. Great, I would have preferred a reunion show. They will select 5 tools to front the new NKOTB and will launch them in Germany later this year. Can they launch them into space instead?

Thanks Jenn & L



So perhaps no reunion….bummer!  However, I did find an NKOTB Reunion Campaign site <here> in case you are interested, lol!

The Right Stuff!

Holy Cow!!! Seriously – this is too good to be true!!

The New Kids on the Block are staging a reunion/comeback!! Oh my – never thought I’d see them together again! Any other late 80’s/early 90’s young peeps remember that craze? You can read about it <here>!

Also, Kimberly had a very interesting blog post today that really shows the differences in work ethic and attitude between Americans and the Chinese.  I encourage you to read it – it really opened my eyes to how incredibly privileged we are as Americans.  You can find the post <here>.

Hugs and Kisses tins

We made these at class Saturday and I made several to mail to my mom.  I think they turned out pretty cute – nothing special, I just used the PaperTreyInk Sweet Love set and went from there!

This one uses real red and pretty in pink:


supplies: nugget tin; sweet love stamp set; real red and pretty in pink ink; A Muse twinkle jewels; pretty in pink grosgrain ribbon; sponge; SU slot punch; Hershey’s nuggets. 

Then I got out my old rose romance ink (love that color!) and used that with real red:


supplies: all the same except rose romance instead of pretty in pink ink and ribbon. 

So I was thinking about doing another tips week like I had last June….I’ll have to see if I can get enough time to get that together this week……

Wow – Twice in one month!

I’ve never been featured anywhere before!  And now, twice in one month!!  I am so flattered!  Makes me feel famous or something, lol!  Anyway, I was featured over at Andrea’s blog Crafts on A Whim. You can view the post here:

Crafts On A Whim Featured Crafter

I’ll have some more crafty stuff to show you after class today, but I’ve got to get things ready right now!

Valentine Tins

Ok – here’s the crafty stuff I promised!  Only two tins, not quite what I had planned….but I fell asleep – AGAIN!  Dang, these allergy naps are really cramping my productivity!  Oh well – I think they are pretty cute!

I got some of the Doodliedoo heart tins and oh my goodness!  They are so cute in person!  Just cute little heart tins!  Here’s a quick one I did today…


supplies: heart tin; Bo Bunny Smitten line by Shabby Princess; extra jumbo scalloped heart punch by marvy; dimensionals; and sticky strip. M&M’s


supplies: 6 oz tin; cosmo cricket Hey Sugar papers; How Sweet It Is stamp by GinaK Designs; cranberry crisp and rose romance inks; niji waterbrush; mega scalloped circle and jumbo circle punches by marvy; slot punch by SU; sticky strip; coral grosgrain ribbon; and dimensionals. 

And just for visual purposes – here’s a side by side comparison!


Ok – we’ll see if I can accomplish more tomorrow.  I’m heading to bed early so maybe I can hold off the allergy nap….if not – I can always get one of these!

I know I said no more food posts…..but the Mocha Java Chiller is so so yummy!  It’s like a coffee milkshake! And I don’t like whip cream so I get mine without – that makes it healthy, right?!?


EEEK!  I did it!  I bought my ticket!  Only $1275 – yikes!  And they bumped up the Visa prices because of the Olympics, nice!  Anyway, I am terribly excited – but really nervous too!  Kimberly posted this ticker on her blog – makes the whole thing seem so much more real, huh?

Last food thing, I swear!

Can you tell I’ve done jack squat the last few days?? (speaking of jack squat – that brings up a hilarious story!) My allergies have been terrible and frankly – I’ve just napped a lot! Mostly my allergies give me awful headaches or I am extremely tired. This time it was tired.

Kid story alert!

So Adam often says words he shouldn’t and we tell him he can’t say that. It’s his way of testing the boundaries. Sometimes he gets soap in his mouth, sometimes he gets sent to his room (I think this actually irritates him more because he does it for the attention). Anyway, he doesn’t do this as much anymore. But now he’ll ask if a work is appropriate or if he can say that word in our house (or if he can say that word in my room if he’s hanging with me in the stamp room). And at times, he’ll ask if it’s appropriate (well, his version of pronouncing that word) several times….like lots. Totally annoying.

So the other day, he asks me if he can call me Jack Squat. I really had to control myself to not laugh in his face. Because it wasn’t just what he said…it was the way he says “Jack Squat”. I told him sure, you can call me Jack Squat if you want to, lol! And then we had to go through if “sure” was an appropriate word and if we can say “sure” in my room…..so it began all over again.

Now, if I ever hear Jack Squat – that’s all I think of…..Can I call you Jack Squat???

Ok….back to the food…and I do swear this is the last one. I promise REAL crafty goodness tonight! Promise! I’ve been working on a project that I can’t share until next week, but it’s about finished and I am taking the afternoon off to make some other things. So I’ll show you those! But this is what we had for dinner last night…


YUM! That’s Eggplant Parmesan…in all it’s saucy-cheesy-goodness! Makes my mouth water! This is probably my favorite dish ever. Mine is usually 3-4 layers deep. Yum! The younger two won’t try it and as much as I am all about ‘this is dinner – eat it or don’t eat,’ I do not waste it on them if they won’t eat it! So they had ‘naked noodles’ – or noodles with a little olive oil, garlic, and stuff. Andy has loved it since he was about 18 mos old though – smart kid!

Eggplant Parmesan

1 eggplant
Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Spaghetti sauce

2 eggs
2 T water
¼ c flour
1/3 c parmesan cheese

Wash and peel eggplant. Cut into ½ inch slices. Mix middle ingredients together to form a runny pancake batter. Dip eggplant into batter, then cook in hot oil. (4 to 6 minutes)
In large baking dish, pour thin layer of sauce. Place eggplant on sauce, sprinkle with sauce, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese. Repeat layers until all eggplant is used.
Bake in oven at 400 for 15 to 20 minutes. (I usually double or triple the recipe – and it is just as good warmed up for leftovers, and I hate leftovers!)

Also, when I was at Ikea I looked for my hot pink chair. When I went last time, they were out of the hot pink. But the seat of the chair is sold separately and it’s only $6 to buy the seat. Well, this time they had pink! So here’s my new chair – again, please ignore the disarray that is my stamp room…..it’s actually kinda clean-ish there!


notice all those cd cases and dvd cases of stamps to the right? Yeah….gotta get better storage for those, huh? It’s on my list……

Now that I’m on the topic of foods….

I thought I’d share a favorite of mine from growing up. Every time we would visit my Grandma in Pennsylvania or if she visited us…..we would get Tastykakes. These are the best things ever. Now, some members of my family liked different kinds, but to me – these are THE BEST!

If you put them in the freezer they are DIVINE! So so good. While we were in Baltimore this summer, we found them at a gas station on our way to Ocean City! I was so stoked! Michelle (my sister-in-law) probably thought I was crazy, but she told me they had them at the grocery store by her house. Needless to say, LOTS made it back in our luggage! I was really really nice, and distributed them to the rest of my family that lives in Texas.

They do not sell these here in Texas and they didn’t have them in the midwest where I grew up either. (Is Texas considered Southern or the Midwest??) But I am sure all you east-coasters know all about TastyKakes!

And don’t even get me started on frozen Thin Mints (the Girl Scout cookies)…..what’s my deal with frozen cookies? Seriously – so so good. Did you know that Girl Scout cookies have their own myspace page?? How weird is that!?!  And then there’s that ice cream made by Edy’s…..YUM!

And it is a sad day – the Peppermint Mocha creamer from coffeemate is no more. It’s retired for the season. So sad. I love that stuff!! I tried using white chocolate creamer and putting a candy cane in my coffee……it wasn’t the same.