Monograms – so cool!

Ok, so I saw these lovely monogram cards on Debbie’s blog <here> and I just had to get that stamp! So I checked it out and purchased this: C-45 DIY Monogram Kit by Just Rite Stamps. This is a really cool toy!

This version is fantastic for stamping large quantities as it has the . . . → Read More: Monograms – so cool!

Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

I’ve been working on some stuff that’s rather time consuming….but I’ll give you a little peek at it for the time being…..

Ok…..more on that later!!

And I talked about the Nestabilities <here> and wanted update the fact that I’ve changed how I store mine. I had issues with the magnet strips not sticking . . . → Read More: Nestability storage tip and a sneak peek…

Baby Gift…and the Draft!

Yeah really – I watch the NFL draft.  And I like it.  My boys – well, they are pretty much hating us right now……they find it a little boring, lol!  But seriously – how else do you know who’s up and coming…..and the human interest stories….good stuff, I tell ya!

A friend at church had . . . → Read More: Baby Gift…and the Draft!


This month has just been so crazy busy! Sorry for being MIA…but I do have several goodies to share. So I’ll just get right in to the crafty things because I’ve got another busy day…..

First up is another card using one of GinaK’s new releases….a cute set with owls! I found this cool paper . . . → Read More: Whew….

Hail Pics

So I promised those hail pics a long time ago….and here they finally are.  This was Thursday last week.  It was pretty nice that day – probably in the mid-70’s.  Matthew and I went to dinner in fine weather and came home to this:

Crazy, huh?  That’s just little pellet sized hail!  Of . . . → Read More: Hail Pics

Color Challenge Tuesday!

Alright, it’s Tuesday so here’s all the info about the Color Challenge! It’s a great spring combo – and I can’t believe it hasn’t been used before! You can find all the details <here>. And here are my two samples!

This was something else I made using GinaK’s new stamp set Comfort & Peace – . . . → Read More: Color Challenge Tuesday!

A magnet, some hail, and more…

First off, I’ll show the cool magnet I made using an idea from the ever-fabulous Amy R’s blog and one of GinaK’s new stamp sets. So that any craft-only readers can enjoy that….and then some other stuff for any of y’all that just like to read my ramblings.

I saw this scalloped coaster frame on . . . → Read More: A magnet, some hail, and more…

A Sneak Peek and some winners!

So first off – I got a little confused and if you followed a link here yesterday expecting to see a sneak peek of one of Gina K’s new releases…..I am SO sorry about that! How about we start with that first, ok?

This is a little peek at Melanie Muenchinger’s newest designs for Gina . . . → Read More: A Sneak Peek and some winners!

quickie sale post!

Just wanted to let you all know that there is a 1 day sale at Christina Renee’s store. There are some super discounts on some NEW items! And they might be changing which items – you never know!

Right now, my fave papers of hers are only $1!

There are also some HUGE discounts . . . → Read More: quickie sale post!

April 17th – part two

Alright – this will be REALLY quick cause I gotta get gas before I take Adam to school. Here’s my Birthday Blog Goodies for y’all to win!

Goody (no idea why I spelled that wrong on the photo) #1

includes: various grosgrain ribbons, a black stampin spot, assorted die cut tags in SU cardstock, . . . → Read More: April 17th – part two

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