Monogram Sets Galore

Ok – I made these last week for the end of preschool. I wanted something fairly simple and yet personalized for the director, asst director and spanish/music teacher. These were pretty quick and they seemed to really like them! Plus they fact that they were personalized.

Set 1: (3 of each)

supplies: JustRite . . . → Read More: Monogram Sets Galore

slow going…

wow – this satin ribbon has take forever to cut! Perhaps because I am so meticulous – but I don’t want people getting theirs all crinkled up and bent! I hope it stays this nice and neat in the boxes though! I promise crafty posts tomorrow!

But isn’t it all so pretty!!!!

***ETA*** This . . . → Read More: slow going…


Ok – utilizing all your brains again!

I absolutely love David Cook’s version of Baba O’Riley by The Who. Do any of you know where I can get a copy of that clip? Not a video, like the mp3 version of something?

AI never had it on their site for download – just the video. . . . → Read More: Help!

digi alpha!

This is my all-time favorite digi alpha – and it’s 50% off today so I thought I’d pass that info along! It comes in a shadowed and a non-shadowed version. You can find it {here}!

And here’s a sample using it…..

A Video!

Cara alerted me that there is a video on youtube (of course!) so you can fully appreciate that t-shirt I mentioned {here}.


So dude – I know all you 80’s lovers out there saw the BMX bike movie called Rad.  Seriously – it was awesome.  Lori Loughlin and Bart Conner.  Goood Stuff.  If you haven’t seen it – put it on your netflix or something.  Totally worth your time.

It’s going to take a lot more . . . → Read More: OH MY GOSH!

Dude – y’all the wait is over!!

So you want your NKOTB tickets??? They will be here October 19th – and they are not cheap either! Jenn called to tell me she saw a commercial on TV about it so I had to go look it up right away.

You can see info {here}.

Matthew said part of my birthday present is . . . → Read More: Dude – y’all the wait is over!!


Today I am buried in piles and piles of satin ribbon.  Fun times!  But I did have these to share with y’all.  I made these for Adam’s prek teacher for an end of the year gift.  She was Alex’s teacher last year and I’ll miss chatting with her all the time!  I mixed them up . . . → Read More: Blocks


So I really don’t have anything.  I hope Cindy enjoyed the Spurs win – Happy Early Birthday!

We ate in the Power & Light district after graduation today – it was really nice down there.  Much better than when I lived here.  (In Kansas City, Missouri). 

I miss my bed….especially because Adam keeps joining . . . → Read More: random-ness…

Happy Graduation Day, Beth!

Yes, today my baby sister graduates from High School.  I’m sure we’ll have a nice loooong ceremony, lol!  Hopefully Adam won’t be too hard to entertain. 

And here’s the card I made for her. 


 supplies: Small Alpha from JustRite; Medium Times New Roman alpha; confetti cream and vanilla cardstock; chocolate chip ink; classic circle . . . → Read More: Happy Graduation Day, Beth!

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