Pretty flower and monogram set

I forgot I had one last card that I sneak peeked during Gina’s release this month and I never posted it here! Also – I realize I didn’t do a “stuff I like” post yesterday. I’m just going to skip this week and work on next Sunday’s. Sorry about that – I just got busy! . . . → Read More: Pretty flower and monogram set

Another Kindred Kid…

I totally didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in 2 days, lol!  We are having a garage sale this weekend and I just got busy getting all that together!  That and watching the entire series of Bones.  I just finished season 1 – loved it!  Thanks Jenn for getting me involved in yet another show~!  But . . . → Read More: Another Kindred Kid…

Some more funny stuffs…..

Since several of you enjoyed the NKOTB Father/Daughter dance video I shared… are some more I found that are hilarious!!!

TIP: if you have trouble viewing it without a lot of stopping and starting – turn the volume down and let it play all the way through once. Then go back, turn the volume . . . → Read More: Some more funny stuffs…..

More Magnets

Ok – so I know I said I’d be back yesterday to share something crafty…..sorry about that! And I had this ready to show you and just never made it back here! Oh well – it’s here for ya now! Enjoy!

I had a class Saturday where we made these scalloped chipboard magnets – actually, . . . → Read More: More Magnets


Thank you so much to Jenifer for sharing this video with me! You can find the post, etc, {here} on the NKOTB blog. So Dad….Warren….would either of you have done this at my wedding?!?! Somehow I don’t think they would have! Seriously awesome stuff though!


And I promise – a crafty post later . . . → Read More: This is HYSTERICAL!

SU – etc stuff for sale….

I have a bunch of stuff for sale {here}.

I quit being demonstrator for Stampin Up several months ago and I finally cleaned out my closet of all Demo related things.  Right now I am only interested in local pick-ups only.  So if you’re interested, check out the page {here}.   Some is for sale, some . . . → Read More: SU – etc stuff for sale….

Berry Sorbet

Yeah….I really like this color. I’ve got another card we made at class earlier this month. I’m trying to finish up a few things this week to get ready for vacation. So I’ve got stuff to show every day, but my posts might be rather short. But before I show the card – something else!

. . . → Read More: Berry Sorbet

Sunday’s Stuff I like: Cold Stone Prismacolor Art Marker

A little late, but here it is! Since I brought this up earlier this week, I figured it would be a good topic for today’s post. And now for the disclaimer….

**These are not products that I was asked to endorse in any way. While they might be things that are carried by companies I . . . → Read More: Sunday’s Stuff I like: Cold Stone Prismacolor Art Marker

Summer Fun

Well, I hope that those of you who were at GinaK’s release party had fun! There were a ton of fabulous samples shown! And this is a quick post to share one of mine! Enjoy!

This is using the newest additions to the Kindred Spirits line – the kids! You can find them {here}.

. . . → Read More: Summer Fun

Cuddles & Hugs Sneak Peek and a mini tutorial….

The release party starts at 7 pm Friday night! Not too much longer! My sneak peek today is of Melanie Muenchinger’s new animal set: Cuddles & Hugs! It’s really really cute – and I don’t even like animals! But first I have a little mini tutorial on how to line up words for the ribbon . . . → Read More: Cuddles & Hugs Sneak Peek and a mini tutorial….

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