CC186: holiday cards

I knew I would be busy this week, so I asked the ever talented Jodi to fill in for me as a Guest Color Challenge Hostess.  Well, I ended up finding a few minutes to play today and made these!  I love the idea of a personalized holiday card – and it was easy to . . . → Read More: CC186: holiday cards

Gina K Sneak Peeks!

Two of them!  And gosh y’all – there are so many fab stamps this round!  And the other goodies – really fabulous stuff coming out!  I’ll share just a few of them today – but be sure to click on the other Design Team links at the end and maybe you’ll catch a few more . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peeks!

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all off to a great start to the week!  I have a few things to share this morning – but I’ll have to make it quick!  If I don’t get out the door early enough – I’ll hit all the rush hour traffic to downtown Fort Worth.  So here goes!

This . . . → Read More: Happy Monday!

Sparkly Halloween

Hello!  Well – I warned y’all it might be a little slow around here for awhile.  And to top off all the stressful stuff I have going on right now (I am so tired of driving to Fort Worth twice a day!) – we decided we wouldn’t wait to give the boys the Wii and . . . → Read More: Sparkly Halloween

Sparkly goodness…

As a paper crafter – and a girl – it’s my job to continually be on the look out for newer and more sparkly products on the market.  Right?  The other day I emailed Gina and asked her if she’d seen these paints by Niji – she said they carried them in the retail store . . . → Read More: Sparkly goodness…

Digital Freebie: Kraft Paper Pack

Remember that paper pack I said I was working on awhile back??  Well, it’s been sitting here on my hard drive finished…I just hadn’t made a preview for it.  So while I was transferring files from one laptop to another this evening, I made one!  So here is!

Download Freebie HERE~!

You can find . . . → Read More: Digital Freebie: Kraft Paper Pack

Wii question….

so we’re contemplating this as a ‘family gift’ for Christmas this year.  We don’t have any game systems as I’ve always been pretty against them….but I think we can figure out ways for it to be more of a family thing and such.  Anyway – what do y’all recommend for games?  We’ll probably only start . . . → Read More: Wii question….


I’m sick.  I thought it was allergies….but now I suspect a sinus infection.  I’ve got some other things going on right now that will be taking up a lot of my time for a bit – and as they are not craft related, I won’t have anything to share from that.  I’m also trying to . . . → Read More: blehhhhhhh…..


I had a friend/class-goer ask me about buying one of my cards for a wedding she was attending.  She really wanted it to be special and passed along their info and wedding colors.  I thought that personalizing it with the JustRite products would be perfect!

The colors were ivory, copper and a bit of brown.  . . . → Read More: Weddings

Just a giggle….

This makes me laugh….and I needed that right now!

So that’s my inane funny for today….

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