Ooops…..I forgot.

I forgot to add the cards that went with the candle!  It was also Adam’s teacher’s birthday yesterday.  So that’s why the tag and accents on the candle were lime green – to match the monogrammed cards I made for her. So this’ll just be a quickie post to add that photo.

I love this . . . → Read More: Ooops…..I forgot.

A little Halloween goodie….

Ok – I love Family Fun magazine.  I got a subscription as a gift last year and I love it!  It has the cutest ideas of crafts, recipes, etc to do with your kids.  The boys have really enjoyed most of the things we’ve tried this year.  And now it is online!  You can find . . . → Read More: A little Halloween goodie….

A Color Challenge and a PAGE!

Yep, I actually scrapped a page!  I haven’t done many in the last 6 months.  I think I kind of go through stages with my creativity or something….for awhile it’s paper, then photography, then digital…..and so on.  Well – I’m entering a digital stage right now…of course I still have lots of obligations with paper . . . → Read More: A Color Challenge and a PAGE!

A cute pic and a Gina K card

First up I have a little card I shared during Gina K’s Land Cruise on SCS.  This was a little party for all of us who did not go on the stamping cruise.  It was a lot of fun!  Just a lot of chatting, cool challenges, prizes, and even a special was posted!  Anyway, I . . . → Read More: A cute pic and a Gina K card

Essential Textures, Color Theory and a FREEBIE!

Yep – lots of fun stuff today!  First off I’d like to talk about Color Theory.  All the designers hanging out at CRD this month got together to work on this project.  Each designer (or pair of designers!) took a different color and made an entire kit with just that shade!  The kits were all . . . → Read More: Essential Textures, Color Theory and a FREEBIE!

Thank you….

BTW, I have a digital freebie to share with you later today – but I have to take Alex to an appointment.  So if you are interested, check back later today!

Now for some Thank you’s.  Matthew has a coworker who recently survived Pancreatic Cancer.  When he returned to work, Matthew took  a ‘welcome back’ . . . → Read More: Thank you….

CC189, a freebie and a coupon….

Lots to share today!  I meant to get this up earlier, but my allergies kicked my butt today.  So I took a nap instead.  Actually, I had an appointment this morning and I had a sick boy as well.  Don’t you love it when your kids come home from school in a funk – then . . . → Read More: CC189, a freebie and a coupon….

NKOTB – really?!?!

Yeah – so the concert was tonight.  I thought I would blog a quick one with some of my initial thoughts cause I don’t want to forget some of these…….they waaaaay to important!

Let’s see….

When Jordan told the crowd to “pump your fist!” – riiiiight.

The *interludes* – priceless.

1.  The one I refer . . . → Read More: NKOTB – really?!?!


Yeah – you read that right!!!  But first….the birthday!

I wanted to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband!  I love you!  And um…’re old!  😉

And you want some FREE mono multi?!?!

Here’s a little tutorial pic on how I use the stuff – a little goes a LONG way!  {Click HERE!}


Awareness Charity Kit and other goodies!

Ok, I promised more PINK goodness today – and here it is!  I have teamed up with a fellow CRD team member to bring you this kit:  Awareness.  Andrea (TLC Designs) had this idea to do a pink themed kit and donate all the proceeds to the Susan G Komen Foundation.  We both have had . . . → Read More: Awareness Charity Kit and other goodies!

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