CHA Day 3 part 7

Ok, I’m back with goodies from Crate Paper, K & Co, etc.  And not much chatter now – I’m just focused on getting all these pictures out there!  If you haven’t seen your favorite company yet, don’t despair!  I have quite a few more photos to work through!

So here’s some new offerings from Crate . . . → Read More: CHA Day 3 part 7

CHA Day 3 part 6

So I know you all want to see what Prima had to share….and I have a bunch of pictures from their booth!  I am determined to finish these CHA photos this weekend, so here goes!

This looks like clear stamps and ink perhaps?

This cutesy line by Nancy Kubo for Prima….

And . . . → Read More: CHA Day 3 part 6

Thank You gift…

I’m taking a little break from my CHA pics (and yes, I have a LOT more!) to share a little Thank You gift I worked on this evening.  Both my younger two boys have long term subs at school since both their teachers had babies this fall.  Funny enough, both of them will have their . . . → Read More: Thank You gift…

CHA Day 3 part 5

Alright, here’s another round of photos!  And a funny thing – so Anna Wight is amazing.  She draws, stamps, crafts, takes amazing pictures, etc.  She was at CHA and I never saw her there – but when I walked up to the gate for my flight home….guess who was sitting there!  Yep, and we ended . . . → Read More: CHA Day 3 part 5

CHA Day 3 part 4

I’m home!  I would have gotten on to post more pics earlier – but when I got home our internet was down!  Suck!  It’s finally up and working again so I’ll slip some pics up here quickly – just in case it goes out again!

Ooops!  I hit publish too early on that one!  Here . . . → Read More: CHA Day 3 part 4

CHA Day 3 part 3

Alright, I have time for one more quick post before I head out to the airport!  Can you believe that the boys have no school today?  I believe we got a smattering of something that might be ice?  I have no idea – Texas is so funny about winter weather!  Anyway, here’s a bit more . . . → Read More: CHA Day 3 part 3

CHA Day 3 part 2

Ok – here are some more crafty finds from Day 3!  I’ll be posting pics from this thing forever!

A newer company that I found was Canvas Corp – I really liked what they had to offer – lots of possibilities!

Check out this Diamond Hard paint they have – no sanding or priming needed!!

. . . → Read More: CHA Day 3 part 2

CHA Day 3 part 1

Ok, I’ve got a little time before dinner to post a few more photos of goodies!  I hope you are enjoying all of these!

This will be a catch up of a few companies that I had other things to share…..first up – that BasicGrey fabric I told you about!

And seriously, who wouldn’t . . . → Read More: CHA Day 3 part 1

For my boys…

Ok – I promised you pictures at the Lego store!   (My boys are saving their money to buy the Lego Death Star  – of course, this thing is like $400 so it might be awhile….)

And with R2D2….and he even made noises!

And this one is for you, babe.  The beignets were delicious!!

. . . → Read More: For my boys…

CHA – Day 2 part 6

Ok – I think this is my LAST post about Day 2….aside from some people photos that I’ll share on another day!  I’ve got quite a few for this one, but I’m just gonna put them all in here!

Starting off we have some really lovely lines from Bo Bunny!

Really great stuff, . . . → Read More: CHA – Day 2 part 6

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