Just a quick post – I’ve got to get to my workout this morning.  Which, btw – I finally got our Wii Fit (we got a gift card for one at Christmas and they’ve been out of stock since!) – and I am loving this thing!  There are a few things I can’t hack due to a bum knee (step aerobics, squats, etc) and that darned toe surgery rules out anything that require you to stand on tip toe.  But there’s so much you can do on there!  Surprisingly, I can actually jog for the run and it doesn’t bug my knee.  So I’ve got quite a routine of warming up with the yoga and strength training, then moving to the jogging, hula hooping and boxing.  We’ve had it for almost 2 weeks and I’ve done 10 hrs on it.  Now we’ll see if that truly translates to anything over time as far as weight loss or whatever…..but I do work up a good sweat.  And since it’s changing stuff all the time, it’s not boring.

Anyway – that’s my thought on it – I really like it!  I wasn’t expecting to, but I do!  If any of you have any other games that go with it that you’d recommend, I’d love to hear about them!  I know you can use the board with lots of games, but I just want to know about really good exercising ones that you like.

Now back to my quickie post!  This is a card we made several classes ago…


supplies: Little Lady by PTI; kraft and pure poppy cardstock; Pure Luxury layering weight white cardstock; palette noir black and pure poppy inks; SU scallop border punch; basic black cardstock; and gingham ribbon.

The next episode of A Gnome Saga will be up later today….and this will require some serious retribution!

A quick tutorial…

I’ve got a quick tutorial for y’all today.  I’m sure many of you know how to do this – but since I had to dig out my brayer, I figured I might as well take photos and share it!  But first – Gina K had a NEW episode of StampTV!  You can find it {HERE}!  Again, she uses the Floral Frenzy Kit – and since she did, I did too!

Now this card was inspired by one I saw on SCS by Makiko Jones.   I decided to use some glossy cardstock because I accidentally picked up two packages last year at Recollections – I thought it was plain white that my Dad has asked for.  Ooops!  Anyway – I figured I’d better use it sometime!  So here’s a bit on how did the mask – I’m not sure that’s what this would actually be called, but that’s what I’m calling it!  Or I suppose it would be Reverse Masking….we’ll go with that!

Reverse Masking:


To start – I took a piece of cardstock (yes, yo yo yellow – cause let’s face it, I’m still using that first pack I bought when I started stamping 5 years ago….) and used a nestability to cut out a rectangle from the middle.


Then I taped the white glossy cardstock (glossy side down) on to the back of the yellow cut out.


Now you see the glossy side up through the yellow cardstock frame.


Then I ran the brayer over the kiwi kiss ink pad and onto to the glossy white cardstock. 


And I am sorry this shot turned out so fuzzy – but here it is – all colored underneath!


And since this was a card we made at class – I brayered them all in advance.  And that’s how they look finished!

This is the finished card:


 supplies: Elegant Flowers from the Floral Frenzy Kit by Gina K Designs; black soot distressed ink by Ranger; glossy white cardstock; Pure Luxury Base Weight White cardstock; SU kiwi kiss patterned paper; May Arts black ruffled ribbon; kiwi kiss ink; brayer;  classic circle nestabilities; classic rectangle nestabilities; basic black cardstock; and dimensionals.

Be sure to check out the new episode at StampTV – if you join (or are already a member) you can find my page {here}!  If you’d like to invite me as a friend, it’s easier to find me if you ever have any questions on there!

PSA: Sewing and a card

I have a quick little Public Service Announcement for you all.   If you care to see my other PSA’s (so you can learn from my mistakes!) you can find them all {HERE}.

PSA: ALWAYS put the foot lever thingie DOWN before you start to sew!

So the other day after I finally got my sewing machine up and running….I decided to test out my skillz (or lack thereof) on some scraps of paper.  I got everything in place and chose my stitch and went to town!  This is what came out….


Wow!  Isn’t that special??  I showed the boys – they had really kind comments like “Mommy, I think you need some more skills (I think he meant practice) at sewing” and “Is it supposed to look like that?” – this was accompanied by a classic Andy *wha?!?!* look….

I just figured I needed a lot of practice – I mean, I haven’t used a sewing machine since I made a pillow in Home Ec in 7th or 8th grade!

The next day I sat down to try it again….and I realized that I had not put the foot lever down!  OOPS!  Big mistake!  I was thinking there was no way I’d ever be able to sew remotely straight – well, sheesh!  That’s why, huh?  It was a TON easier with the foot down….I mean, I still can’t sew straight – but really, isn’t that over rated anyway?

So just remember – before you start sewing, PUT THE FOOT DOWN!!!

And now a quick one-layer card we did at that Birthday Stamp a Stack:


supplies: Father Knows Best by PTI; vintage cream cardstock; May Arts ribbon; dark chocolate palette ink; kiwi kiss ink.

Alright – I have to finish cutting cardstock for class tonight!

Elegant flourishes

One of the cards we did at my last stamp camp was a simple elegant one.  I really liked the design – it was inspired by one Debbie Olsen did earlier.  I decided I liked it so much that I would make a bunch and just stamp different verses on them…so I’d  have a little stash of them for whenever the need arose.  You never know when you’ll need an encouraging card quickly!  I always like to have a few on hand for those times.

So here’s what I came up with….I tried it in black with the PTI Vintage Cream Pigment Ink.  And I was less than impressed with the end result.  It doesn’t really look cream to me at all.  Perhaps on a different color cardstock it would look more cream?  I don’t know.  But I ended up switching to a cream base and using black ink on it instead.



supplies: BasicGrey Two Scoops Swirlie stamp set; Everyday Blessings by PTI; palette noir black ink; vintage cream cardstock; basic black cardstock; dimensionals; classic oval nestabilities; black and cream satin ribbon from my share; corner rounder; vintage cream palette ink from PTI; and American crafts Black marker for edging.

So what do you think of the vintage cream ink there?  Ok, I’ve got class tomorrow night so I have to get back to making those cards….stay tuned for another segment of the Gnome Saga!

A Gnome Saga – part 2

In case you missed part 1, you can find it {HERE}.

Now there was just no way that my Husker pride could just let this little incident go unanswered.  So I had to plan a little response to their stunt.  I decided the best response would be a little cattle roping – just like they deserve!  Here’s how it looked!


Nice, huh?

Now to answer a few of your questions – we currently live in Texas, but I was born in Nebraska.  That’s where I get my love for Big Red.   No, I will not be at the Nebraska SU regionals – as I am no longer an SU demo (I was a terrible one anyway – I didn’t really have many customers!) and I live in Texas.

Tune in later this week to see what happened next!

Elegant Masks Vol 2

Just a quick post – I forgot to let y’all know about these yesterday!  They are still on sale for a little while longer if you want to grab them {HERE}!

Elegant Masks Vol 2 – even more elegant details than last time!


And a few samples with these – from my team! (click on the thumbnail to see it full size)

Janel                              Carolyn                                Christie

2lppartygirl-janel.jpg         24-02-09-wild-carolyn.jpg             onthebeach-christie.jpg

Find all my designs {HERE}!

A Gnome Saga – part 1

Most of you probably know that I collect gnomes.  I’ve talked about it several times before.  I have amassed quite a collection in my *garden*  (aka bushes) in front of our house.  There are even a few that I have no idea where they came from.  (I suspect my Dad, but he says no…..) I think I have 6 regular size, 2 mini size, and 3 *sports* gnomes.  See, my Dad gave me a Nebraska gnome for my birthday.  Then a few weeks ago the boys and I were at Ace Hardware and we stumbled across a pair of Texas Longhorn gnomes – a boy and a girl!  Andy really loves the Longhorns (despite all my efforts to make him a Nebraska Cornhusker) and he begged to get them.  Since they were on clearance – I let him.  Under the stipulation that they had to be on the OTHER side of the sidewalk from my Nebraska gnome.

All was well until earlier this week.  I walked outside to place a new gnome in the front (a cute one with a little ‘house’ under it!) and what did I see?!?!  Let me just show you the photo…..


Hmm…..I *know* that is not how I placed them!  See, Andy and I have frequently teased each other about our respective gnomes ganging up on the opposite team gnomes.  Apparently Andy and my Dad decided to make good on these threats.  And this was their little project.  Lovely!

So that is Part 1 of a Gnome Saga.  You’ll have to check back later to see my response to their little stunt!

The Brown Box – Gina’s News!

So did you see it?!!?  Isn’t it awesome?!!?   Gina is one of the most innovative people in the industry – the idea of videos that teach techniques is just fabulous!  Not only is she selling you the product – but now you will know how you can use it as well!  It’s not like buying stamps and admiring what the design team did with them.  She is actually showing you how to make them yourself!  And she’ll show you exactly what you can do with what she gives you in the kit!

Here’s a blurb that explains it in a bit more detail than I can!

If you haven’t already heard, Gina has started up a new offering from Gina K Designs: StampTV. For anyone that has wondered how specific techniques work, or scratched your head trying to follow along in a step by step photo tutorial, let me say, this is just an outstanding resource to literally watch Gina work.  

The video quality is truly magnificent, broadcast quality. So clear, so professional, and so so easy for you to follow along at home.  And besides, is Gina just the cutest thing or what? 

With the coordinating “Floral Frenzy Stamp Kit” you literally can follow along and make the projects she creates on each Episode.  The kit includes stamps, paper, ribbon, embellishments and patterned paper! The kit contents will vary with each launch, depending on the techniques Gina will feature, but this month, the kit contains two amazing stamp sets. 

Pretty awesome, huh?  And just WAIT til I show you the Ivory Pure Luxury cardstock!!!  TO DIE FOR!  It’s just a tad lighter than SU and PTI….and it comes in both Base Weight and Layering Weight!  I am so terribly happy about this!  I love a nice Ivory cardstock and I am thrilled that it is available in such a great product like Pure Luxury!  And the kit contains a few peeks at some other cardstocks…’re going to love them!

Yesterday my sample used the Elegant Flowers stamp set from the kit.  Today’s sample uses the Bold Flowers stamp set.  And you know what?  These two sets cover about every style of flower you could want!  You could really do ANY flower stamping technique with one of these two sets!  Pretty cool, huh?


supplies: Bold Flowers from Floral Frenzy Kit by Gina K Designs; all cardstocks from Floral Frenzy Kit; all ribbons from Floral Frenzy kit;classic oval nestabilities; white flower center from JoAnn’s $1 spot; palette noir black ink; pink pirouette and wild wasabi ink; new canvas palette ink; SU scallop border punch; dimensionals and sewing machine.

Also – check that out – I managed a halfway decent zigzag stitch!  Don’t look too close – you’ll notice the different spacing on either side of the image, lol!

So head on over to Gina’s Blog and also check out this!


Gina K Hint #4!

So have you all been stopping by to see Gina’s hints (and prizes) every day?  Do you think you know what is in the Brown Box?!!?  I know what is in it….and I love it!  I cannot wait until tomorrow so you all can know too – and I can talk about what it is that I am so in love with!  But until then – I have a card for you!  And be sure to stop by again today and see what {Gina’s Blog} has for you today!

And now for a card – see if you can pick out what is from the box!  I used the Thumping Technique for this image…


supplies: ???? (check back tomorrow for that info!)

And do you see that I sewed on this?!  Yes – I finally got my sewing machine out, plugged in, and Jenn showed me how to thread a bobbin!  So it’s messy (I believe Debbie Olsen said the messy stitch is the best one, lol!) but I did it! I’ll have a PSA about this later with a funny story….

But for now – want to see more Thumping Techniques?  Check out the other Design Team blogs!

Asela Hopkins, Carolyn King, Melanie Muenchinger, Kurtis Amundson, Jessica Fick, Cindy LawrenceDonna Baker, Erika Martin, and Theresa Momber.

Another Gina K hint!

So do you think you know what is in that brown box?!?  Well….let me tell you – you’re going to want one!!  I absolutely love mine!  But you’ll just have to keep checking Gina’s blog to find out more!  And she’s got giveaways every day as well – so be sure to stop by {here}!

I have another card we did at the Birthday Stamp A Stack a few weeks ago – but first a little something else.  I have the most AMAZING ribbon rack – Jenn’s (my friend) Dad made one for her and my husband commissioned one for me for Christmas.  And let me tell you – it is just lovely!  I just got mine all painted so it’ll match the rest of the white in my stamp room – and now I need to fill it up with ribbon so I can take pictures.  I can’t wait to see it all filled up!  And guess what!  Her Dad is going to sell these!  So keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for photos and more information.  I am so excited that he’s agreed to make them – I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted one like this!  When it’s dry and set up in my room, I’ll take pictures and I’ll show you why!

And now, back to the card!  Which isn’t nearly as exciting, but it’s a great *simple* birthday card.  I don’t do elaborate cards for kids….because really, unless they are my kid (or another stampers’ child!) they wouldn’t really appreciate it anyway!  So I strive for cute and simple.


supplies: Sweetest Blessings @ Gina K Designs; real red, wild wasabi, and brilliant blue cardstock and ink; basic black cardstock; palette noir black ink; Pure Luxury Heavy Weight Cardstock; SU square punches; and dimensionals.

See – totally simple!  Ok, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have that ribbon rack to show you.  And there will be another Gina K hint as well!