Just a quick post – I’ve got to get to my workout this morning.  Which, btw – I finally got our Wii Fit (we got a gift card for one at Christmas and they’ve been out of stock since!) – and I am loving this thing!  There are a few things I can’t hack due . . . → Read More: Ladybugs

A quick tutorial…

I’ve got a quick tutorial for y’all today.  I’m sure many of you know how to do this – but since I had to dig out my brayer, I figured I might as well take photos and share it!  But first – Gina K had a NEW episode of StampTV!  You can find it {HERE}!  . . . → Read More: A quick tutorial…

PSA: Sewing and a card

I have a quick little Public Service Announcement for you all.   If you care to see my other PSA’s (so you can learn from my mistakes!) you can find them all {HERE}.

PSA: ALWAYS put the foot lever thingie DOWN before you start to sew!

So the other day after I finally got my sewing . . . → Read More: PSA: Sewing and a card

Elegant flourishes

One of the cards we did at my last stamp camp was a simple elegant one.  I really liked the design – it was inspired by one Debbie Olsen did earlier.  I decided I liked it so much that I would make a bunch and just stamp different verses on them…so I’d  have a little . . . → Read More: Elegant flourishes

A Gnome Saga – part 2

In case you missed part 1, you can find it {HERE}.

Now there was just no way that my Husker pride could just let this little incident go unanswered.  So I had to plan a little response to their stunt.  I decided the best response would be a little cattle roping – just like they . . . → Read More: A Gnome Saga – part 2

Elegant Masks Vol 2

Just a quick post – I forgot to let y’all know about these yesterday!  They are still on sale for a little while longer if you want to grab them {HERE}!

Elegant Masks Vol 2 – even more elegant details than last time!

And a few samples with these – from my team! (click . . . → Read More: Elegant Masks Vol 2

A Gnome Saga – part 1

Most of you probably know that I collect gnomes.  I’ve talked about it several times before.  I have amassed quite a collection in my *garden*  (aka bushes) in front of our house.  There are even a few that I have no idea where they came from.  (I suspect my Dad, but he says no…..) I . . . → Read More: A Gnome Saga – part 1

The Brown Box – Gina’s News!

So did you see it?!!?  Isn’t it awesome?!!?   Gina is one of the most innovative people in the industry – the idea of videos that teach techniques is just fabulous!  Not only is she selling you the product – but now you will know how you can use it as well!  It’s not like buying . . . → Read More: The Brown Box – Gina’s News!

Gina K Hint #4!

So have you all been stopping by to see Gina’s hints (and prizes) every day?  Do you think you know what is in the Brown Box?!!?  I know what is in it….and I love it!  I cannot wait until tomorrow so you all can know too – and I can talk about what it is . . . → Read More: Gina K Hint #4!

Another Gina K hint!

So do you think you know what is in that brown box?!?  Well….let me tell you – you’re going to want one!!  I absolutely love mine!  But you’ll just have to keep checking Gina’s blog to find out more!  And she’s got giveaways every day as well – so be sure to stop by {here}!

. . . → Read More: Another Gina K hint!

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