Just a quick post to share the Color Challenge today. I’m afraid the cool thing I have to share will have to wait a day. Basically, the boys and I are taking a personal day to spend it with Matthew. He’s home for one day and we’re going to enjoy it!

You can find the . . . → Read More: CC212


So I know I promised crafty things and an awesome new item…..but well – allergies kicked my butt this weekend and I’m just draggin! I have a much lighter week this week though and I am looking forward to actually getting in my stamp room – I have not stamped in about 3 weeks! Yikes….that’s . . . → Read More: DUDE!


My blog is back! Hopefully the new server we are on now will be a better fit and not shut our sites down! Thank goodness Kimberly knows how to handle all this stuff – I have no idea what I would have done about it!

And now for the retiring part. I have decided that . . . → Read More: Retiring

Tri Sigma and Dragons

Odd combo, huh?

Well we are visiting family for Spring Break and during that I’ve visited both my brother and sister at their respective colleges.  It’s weird to come home and not have them be here now since they are away at school.  It was fun taking the boys to see their dorms/houses.  Especially since . . . → Read More: Tri Sigma and Dragons

A Gnome Saga part 4

You can find the rest of the Gnome Saga {HERE}!

Well….the trauma is great this time.  Now both the Texas Longhorns gnomes AND the Nebraska Cornhusker gnome have been attacked.  In a most brutal way.  I’ll just share the photo….

My SIL is an OSU fan….and she arranged this little attack on all our . . . → Read More: A Gnome Saga part 4

Gina K Release

I am really excited about this – my first Digital Paper Pack for Gina K Designs!  I cannot tell you how thrilling it has been to see the other Design Team Members use them and I am looking forward to see what y’all do with them too!  Here is the preview of them:

. . . → Read More: Gina K Release

Gina K Sneak Peek Day 3

The part is TONIGHT!  I know y’all will not want to miss this one!  There’s challenges, prizes, some free digital papers and MORE!  You can find the thread {HERE}!  And I’ve got a sample for you today using Gina’s Buy 3 Get 1 FREE set as well as some paper from my Digital Paper Pack: . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek Day 3

it works now.

emily, beloved emily

your blog is fully functional now.

my blog is not.


the webmaster

Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 1

And I don’t just have a new stamp set to sneak peek – I have my very first designs for Gina K too! I am so stinking excited about this! Mostly because it is so cool to see what the other Design Team members have done with my papers! There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 1

Going down

Just a note that Emily and I are both experiencing host problems at the moment.  This is Kimberly, by the way! 🙂

The site will go down at some point and come back up at some point.  Note the purposefully vague declarations on time and such.  It might be a few hours or a few . . . → Read More: Going down

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