Exciting weekend…..

Wow – so this was going to be a busy weekend to start with.  We had a little joint b-day party for Adam and Andy at the bowling alley with their friends, they had a belt test for Tae Kwon Do Saturday morning, and Sunday we had a date and then some family time to . . . → Read More: Exciting weekend…..


Just a quick post tonight – we just finished up the Gina K Release party and WOW – the artwork gets more stunning every month!  I thought I’d post a quick card now – one I just shared at the Release Thread.   I had planned to share the boys’ cards, but they are drying still.  . . . → Read More: Love

Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 3

Well I meant to get back here to post the boys’ projects…..but we had a busy day of running errand in 102 degree heat.  I was wiped out after that and took a nap.  So I’ll share them tomorrow.  For now I have a peek at the newest Buy 3 Get 1 Free (OFW3) set: . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 3

Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 2

I think this might be my favorite set from this release….well, there are just so many cute ones so that would be hard to choose.  But I do really like this one!  And the paper to match it is just too cute!  I actually made a non-card item with it too!  Y’all know that is . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 2

Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 1

Today I have a Sneak Peek at Rupa Shevda’s newest illustrations for Gina K.  And it is totally sweet!  Seriously – it’s a really cute set and I think the images are adorable.  Here’s what I made with it!

and another shot with different lighting to show all the sparkle….

supplies: 100% Sweet . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek – Day 1

Pre-Sneak Peek

So tomorrow night (Tuesday at 12am) I will have a Sneak Peek of Gina K’s new release to share.  And for some reason, I shared this card at her last release party and then never shared it anywhere else!  And it was one of my favorites!  I actually adore this stamp….it just appeals to me . . . → Read More: Pre-Sneak Peek

One Layer Simplicity

If you follow the SCS color challenges, you will recognize this card.  Or if you were at the last Gina K release party, you saw it too.  If not – this will be new!

Sometimes simplicity is best.  Now, like most paper crafters, that isn’t always easy.  It’s good to make yourself tone it down . . . → Read More: One Layer Simplicity

Been Awhile….Thoughts to share!

So it’s been awhile since I blogged, huh?  For any of you  out there who still check in here…..I am finally back to posting!  And it should be pretty regular again!  We’ll see how that pans out, but I am trying to get back in the swing of things.  Life just kind of got crazy . . . → Read More: Been Awhile….Thoughts to share!

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