Bento Rd 2 and thanks….

Several of you seemed interested in how the Bento-esque lunch endeavor plays out, so here is Round Two!  We learned after the first day that you cannot put dry and wet things in the same container – if you have pretzel sticks in there and something else that puts off moisture….you get soggy pretzels.  Lesson . . . → Read More: Bento Rd 2 and thanks….

Another Digi Freebie~

For all those that hung out at the Gina K release party last night – thank you!  It was a lot of fun to chat and I hope you all enjoyed it!

Just a quick post today before I head to the library – I wanted to post another one of my digital products for . . . → Read More: Another Digi Freebie~

Gina K Sneak Peek Day 3

I am so excited about what I have to share today!  I absolutely adored the Free set you could earn last month….and this month Gina has expanded on that set!  So now those gorgeous flowers that were part of the  boxes are on their own!  Yay!  If you liked those – you’ll love this Buy . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek Day 3

Gina K Sneak Peek Day 2

Today I have some cute little cards I made using the newest set by Rupa Shevda!  It’s really special for making adorable cards and gifts for teachers – perfect for this time of year!  I made up a bunch of these little cards (they measure 3.5×5) to keep on hand for any time I need . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek Day 2

Gina K Sneak Peek Day 1

A quick update on the Bento lunch thing from yesterday’s post – Adam said it was gross.    But Adam never eats his lunch so I don’t give much credence to his opinion, lol!  The pretzels were a bad plan – the moisture in the container made them soggy, we’ll bag them next time.  Other than . . . → Read More: Gina K Sneak Peek Day 1

Bento Lunches and chairs….

Odd title, I know.  So tomorrow is the first day of school.  Before Kimberly came to visit the US this summer, she asked if I would be interested in any Bento lunch making stuff.  I’d heard of it and thought it sounded interesting so I said sure.  She brought a few egg, rice and hot . . . → Read More: Bento Lunches and chairs….

Baby Onesies

So this is probably my favorite gift to give at a shower right now.   I just think they are adorable!  My boys always wore onesies….my mom used to make fun of me about it cause they ALWAYS had them on under stuff.  I just wanted something soft as the closest thing to their skin, ya . . . → Read More: Baby Onesies

Another Thank You

Just a quickie post today – we’re off to a End-Of-Summer-Laser-Tag-A-Thon.  Fun!  Anyway, I recently had my first card class in about 6 months.   Because I have had a lot of Thank You’s to write, several of the cards we made were Thank You’s.  (Although at class, I get out my trusty box of A . . . → Read More: Another Thank You

Nov 17th! Kimberly – this is for you!

I cannot wait for November 17th!  Seriously, can not wait!

Here’s why…..rewind several Christmas’s past……hanging out with the family…..Kimberly and her husband Keith arrive…..PS2 and Karaoke Revolution in hand.    BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!  LOL!

Really, we played and played and played.  So much over that week that I ran out to ToysRUs and purchased another . . . → Read More: Nov 17th! Kimberly – this is for you!

Card Set

I made this set of cards for someone I go to church with.  Since she is a Breast Cancer survivor, I really wanted to make them as pink as possible.  I used several different shades of pink, several different patterns, etc to create a matching set of cards for her to use with her name . . . → Read More: Card Set

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