Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing every one a Happy Father’s Day today!  I made 3 different cards for the people I needed them for – only managed to photograph one.  So here it is!  Hope you are enjoying a lovely Sunday!

Image from Tami Mayberry’s Masuline Tags. Papers from My Mind’s Eye.


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Top Ten FREE Textured Fonts

1. You Are Loved

2. Love Ya Like A Sister

3. KG Cold Coffee

4. More than Enough

5. KG Second Chances

6. KG Makes You Stronger

7. Janda Apple Cobbler

8. KG Hard Candy

9. Ten Thousand Reasons

10. KG Something to Believe In


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RCC82 – Fun in the Sun!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our Monthly Challenge!  We have really enjoyed all of the entries and NEW FACES around the challenge recently!

We’re on to the fabulously sunny month of June, so what better theme than:

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