hilarious! I forgot about this one!


If you type in the URL of a site, you can view it written in pirate speak! TOOO funny! There’s a gangster one too, totally cracks me up, try viewing something like your church website or SU or something! I put my blog URL in and it made all my posts pirate-y! (http://emilygiovanni.com)

gangster version of my site

That’s for the gangster version (through gizoogle, lol!)

Here’s where you can do any site you want:

gangsterize your site

3 comments to hilarious! I forgot about this one!

  • Barb Hendrickson

    Hey Emily! Thanks for the fun idea of going to Long John Silver’s tonight. My hubby and I went and told the order girl exactly why we were eating there tonight! She looked at us kinda funny, but we didn’t care. We talked like pirates anyway. I even call my “boys” (23 and 24) and had some laughs with them! What a fun day. 🙂 Sometimes it’s just nice to lighten the load of life and have a little funThanks, Emily.


  • Lori

    Hahaha! Thanks, Emily! I’m having a blast looking at other websites in pirate-speak. 🙂

  • Jennifer (jkincolorado)

    OMG…..those are too funny!!!

    Can you imagine viewing SCS with either one of those!?!?

    Just a warning though — when you switch to the gangster version, quite a few bad words pop up.

    Thanks for sharing!

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