And here’s the 411 on how it’s going to work! I apologize for how confusing this will be compared to last time, but I really need to charge accurate shipping! So here’s the deal….I am going to post the prices for the coasters ONLY and their weight when they are boxed up. Then there will be a link to the shipping calculator. You can put in the weight, my zip code and your zip code. Then click ‘continue’ and all the postage options will show up with their prices. The only way I will ship is priority. So when you paypal, add the priority price to the price for the coasters and that’s the amount you owe! Does that make sense?


Coaster Prices (for coasters ONLY) and their weight for the postage calculator:

50 coasters (1 lb) – $4.50

90 coasters (1 lb 8 oz) – $8

180 coasters (2 lb 11 oz) – $16

Then take the weight and plug that in using my zip code (76002) here:

Postage Calculator

If you live out of the US, you may use this postage calculator and select your country. However, at this time I do not have packaging for First Class International so that isn’t an option. I am looking into it, but all I have are some gray plastic bags and I am not sure that they’ll keep the coasters from getting knocked around.

International Postage Calculator


**IF you choose FLAT RATE shipping, PLEASE put that in the paypal message area along with the # of coasters!  THANK YOU!** 

Ok, if you have questions or are ready to order some – drop me an email at (This is NOT my paypal address so please do NOT send a payment to that email!) I hope that wasn’t too confusing!!

Other Details:

I will only take paypal.

Please include the # of coasters you are ordering so I make sure I get the right amount in the box.

**frame by Corina Nielsen – tutorial later today!**