Alright, here’s your tutorial on using a picture frame in PSE 5. I hope you find this useful! It really helped me out a lot when I learned how, I could do pretty things with my photos and was able to crop them easier too!

1. Open your photo you want to frame and the frame you want to use in PSE 5.


2. select -> copy -> paste your photo onto your frame (ctrl a -> ctrl c -> ctrl v)


3. (move frame on top of picture in the layers palette if you haven’t already) Highlight the photo layer and transform (ctrl t) your photo. This allows you to resize and move it around to whatever part you want in the frame.


4. Highlight the frame layer in your layers palette and select your magic want tool (this is found on the left side of your screenand it’s like the 7th thing down, looks like a stick with sparks coming out of the end!).

Then select the area inside the frame (you do this by touching your wand anywhere inside the frame). This will create those marching ant things around the inside of the frame.

Then go to the top and do select -> modify -> expand (I usually do 10-20 pixels, this just expands the cropped area a bit so that you don’t accidentally delete too much.)


5. After you have expanded your inside area, highlight the photo layer in your layers palette.

Then go to select -> inverse selection

Once you have done that, hit the delete key. This should delete everything outside what you selected inside the frame.


6. Next you select the more arrow at the top of your layers palette and merge visible. This will allow you to merge the photo and the frame while still retaining the transparency of the outer edges. If you flatten the frame with the photo, you will get a white background instead of transparent.


7. After this you can copy -> paste your frame onto whatever you would like. (For posting on my blog, I just flattened the image and left the outside area white.) The page below is an example of how it would look on a page. Once you have pasted your framed photo, you can transform (ctrl t) it to move it or resize it. That’s it!


And here it is just framed. (And this is our dining room after we repainted it this summer.)


**frame used in this tutorial came from Nancy Comelab @ The Lily Pad. Paper for the tutorial came from Corina Nielsen @ The Funky Playground. Thanks!**

Here are the directions written out if you want to copy them down or print them out without pics:

using Frames in PSE 5

copy and paste pic & frame (with frame on top)
resize pic so what you want is in the frame
magic wand middle of frame (the part you want to keep – make sure that when you do this, the frame layer is the highlighted layer)
select -> modify -> expand (if needed to enlarge the area a tiny bit)
select/highlight pic layer -> inverse selection -> hit delete

Ok, the next tutorial requested was on using a template. So we’ll get to that one next!