So I don’t really have any new cards or projects to share, I am in the middle of a rather large project (a multiple piece thing) so it’s going to be a bit before I can share it.  I can show you some little sneak peeks if you’d like….but I want to wait til I’m done to show the whole thing!

Also, I’ve got a list of the coasters that I shipped today (over 3,000!!).  If you paid via paypal and you do NOT see your name on this list, let me know!

Coasters shipped on 9/20:

Carol Moore

Alice Lundeen

Trisha Whiting

Nancy Kurul

Pamela Downie

Charlene Herter

Cindy Drnevich

Jennifer Jones

Gail Carroll

Jana Weaver (Michelle VanWiggeren)

Cheryl Hornton

Ellen Sutton

Sarah Jones

Kathleen Brill

Bethany VanderVliet

Kathleen Nelson

Vickie Moseley (yours hasn’t shipped, but it will!)

Shawna Taylor

Jeanne Lobsinger


These are pending:

Joy Madison

Jen (forgot your last name, but you know who you are!)


I still have coasters and you can get the info <here>.

Keep my Alex in your prayers tomorrow morning, we’ll be at the hospital getting one of the tubes removed from his ear.  (One is stuck and won’t come out).  We get to go in nice and early too!