Wow, that was a quick, easy surgery!  Aside from getting up really early this morning, it was great!  Alex borrowed a Leapster (think game boy for little kids) from his cousin (THANK YOU TIFF, it was a lifesaver!!) and that helped a ton!  When we got there, they had a HUGE stuffed dog on the bed waiting for him.  He promptly named it Peanut Butter (it has brown paws) and now they are buds.  In fact, Peanut Butter is now dressed in some of Alex’s old clothes!  The nurse that was assigned to us for the pre-surgery room made Alex a balloon sword and told him he could stab anyone who upset him (not sure that is a great thing to tell a boy….), but that was fun too!

Then came the meds – whatever it was that they gave him (it was referred to as Happy Medicine) made him SO FUNNY!  It was like he was drunk!  Matthew and I were cracking up because he was so funny!  One of our favorite lines:

dr: “Do you have any loose teeth?”

Alex: “No, I haven’t lost any teeth yet.  I can still eat chicken and hard tacos!”

What?!?  Anyway, he was a riot.  The whole surgery took about 20 min and then we met him in recovery.  He was zonked for quite awhile in there.  They were able to do it with gas and didn’t have to do an IV, totally awesome!  He wasn’t happy about the gown and proceeded to strip it off pretty soon after the surgery.  But once he woke up he was ready to go!  The staff was pretty enthralled with him because when he woke up he was all smiles.  Talking about how he had a dream….didn’t remember it, but he had one, lol!  And how when he woke up he thought he was in his bedroom, etc.  So after some ice cream and grape juice, we got to leave.  He’s pretty hyper, but other than that – he’s great!  Thank you for the prayers!  I’ll make  scrap page about it tonight so you can see!

Ok, when we got back I boxed up all the coasters I had been paid for and here’s the ones that went out today:

Ripal Patel

Barbara Duran

Deb Albright

Kristine John

Tara Wiserma

Sylvia Spates

Marianne Case

Eileen Milroy

Helen Leung

Elizabeth Vollmer

Kerry Monroe (will be mailed later today)

So if your name isn’t on one of my lists, and you’ve paid, please let me know!