Ok, seriously cute!!

I have to say – this is one of the few projects that I envision that just truly came about exactly the way pictured it in my head! I am thrilled with these! Seriously – so happy with them! You know how I was making some things for my sister-in-law’s soon to be born twins? Well, I have been busy working on all of that in between shipping coasters this week. I got the first set done today and I am going to share them and how I did them.

I used these blocks (6 for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby):


I started by painting them white using Making Memories in Spotlight:



Then I covered them all with paper cut slightly less than 1.5 x 1.5. I attached the paper with mod podge and sanded the edges and corners with an SU sanding block. I used some American Crafts rub on letters for the lettering. After I had them sanded and lettered, I sprayed them with the Plaid Acrylic Sealant. I went over them twice all over to make sure they were good and sealed. This is how they came out!


and this is them next to a bottle of mono multi so you can see their size….


Now, are those not adorable?!?!!  I have to say – this is one of my most favorite projects!  I didn’t finish the girl’s blocks, my hand was kind of cramping after sanding his!  They are all painted and papered though, so I can sand them and seal them tomorrow!

Supplies: wooden blocks from Hobby Lobby; Making Memories acrylic paint in Spotlight; mod podge;  Plaid acrylic sealant in matte; Fancy Pants papers in Sweet Pea; SU sanding block; and American Crafts rub ons.

Ok, stay tuned tomorrow!  I’ve got cards and I’ll be giving away some of those extra stamps Ginak sent from her new Holiday  line!

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