I am working on a tutorial for a Diamond Fold Book. I will be teaching a class on them this Saturday. I was hoping it would be up tonight, but it may be a few days. I have been having bad back/hip pain for awhile now. After seeing several doctors, having x-rays, an MRI and various injections….I scheduled myself an appointment with a rheumatologist. That appointment was today.

Wow, I am so overwhelmed. I had an injection in my hip today. I was given all new meds. I am also going to get some mega blood work and such done. It is most likely some kind of arthritis. He kept saying I was too young to have this (I am 28). Of course, all the doctors thus far have said this is what it could not be because I am too young. Well, we’ll know for sure after the blood work what type of arthritis it is and then how to treat it. He is also encouraging me to try a new diet – little to no trans fats. This means that my 3 favorite foods – milk chocolate, bread (specifically, yummy yeast rolls), and steak – will not be for me. I will definitely need to think this one over for awhile. I almost think I’d rather be in pain and be able to eat chocolate!

So anyway, I am going to go process this with my sweet husband. I might get the tutorial up tomorrow, but we’ll see.