Box from China!

Yep – we got a box from Kimberly! A box full of super yummy stuff from China! Wanna see it??

First up, some potato sticks! Look nice right? But what flavor do you think these are??? Tomato Ketchup! YUCK! I mean, I guess if you like ketchup that would be good, but I sure don’t, lol!


And just after the Mid Autumn Festival, we got some Mooncakes of our very own! I am not sure if I will try these….maybe Matthew can!


And then there were the crackers, etc. I know these will be super yummy, lol! Let’s see the upper right package is seaweed. Andy wants to share that with his cousin Nate – I think I’ll let him! The white bag below it is Shrimp Flakes? Hmm…I like shrimp, that should be good, right? The package in the lower left – corn flavored candy. Sounds super good! It’s well….corn flavored. Think individually wrapped gummy corn cobs. And they taste like….corn. Not my idea of good candy! Matthew’s verdict – awful, lol! The last package is the upper right – Prawn Crackers. He wants to take those to school to share with his class. I’m not sure if they’ll let him, but I’ll send them with a note and see!


These are the pea flavored crackers (the men voted they were: ehh – not sure what that means. I think they are DISGUSTING! I ran to the sink to spit it out. Totally bitter and well…pea flavored. Mostly you just are NOT expecting that in a cracker!). The bag on the right are Inca Chips. The flavor you ask? Well, it says Ethnican Flavor. I’m sure you know how that tastes, lol! We haven’t opened these yet, I’ll report back! After the pea cracker and the corn gummy…..I just can’t handle another bad one tonight!


And the last one for today……the bottom right is my favorite thing I tried today.  They are green apple gummies.  Like fruit snacks.  Apparently these are Katie’s favorite snack.  (see why we’re buds??)  They are what I ate whenever I had a nasty item – to cleanse my tastebuds, lol!  The other two things are gum.  The top one looks like a vitamin bottle to me.   On the back it says “FRUITSASSORT”, so I am assuming this means it is assorted fruit flavors…we’ll see!    The one with the superhero-esque dude on the package is like bubble tape.  Has a little plastic case and everything!


Ok, there’ll be more food pics later and updates on the stuff I try.  But I will leave you with another of the cards we made tonight….


Supplies: image and sentiment by GinaK Designs; pumpkin pie, glossy white, and chocolate chip cardstock; corner punch from EK Success; mini brads; dimensionals; linen stamp; brown stazon; pumpkin pie, more mustard and old olive ink; sponges; white crayon; grosgrain ribbon. (crayon resist) 

Ok – more tomorrow – I finished the girl baby blocks so I’ll get those up tomorrow and update more shipments of coasters too!

11 comments to Box from China!

  • I love that card!! Your description of those snacks make me realize why everyone in China is skinny!! LOL

  • Oh my gosh, I think I would LOVE the Ketchup potato sticks! That reminds me of the Lays Ketchup Potato Chips that are only available in Canada. It sounds weird but they are really good! Those potato sticks might grow on you. Lucky you! You got some really cool snacks!

  • What a lovely card, it is great, don’t know if I would eat any food from China these days, with all the recalls that are going on.

  • Give the mooncakes a try! The first time I saw them it looked weird and the description didn’t make it better, but it was soooooo good!!!!

    Lovely card!

  • I was literally Laughing Out Loud (mind you at work) when i was reading this. I’m filipino and some of the stuff that you were talking about sounds familiar. But, i can tell you that you will like the prawn crackers and the shrimp flakes (or your kids will). The mooncake ….hhhmmppp, it really depends what’s inside…LOL!

    I took my daughter back home (Philippines) couple of months ago and we were there for 5 weeks and she was a trooper for tasting a lot of stuff but I heard a few YUCK!!! But, oh well =)

  • Mmmm gummi corn, LOL. That was so sweet of her to share with you 🙂 LOVE that card!!!!!!!

  • Katydidnt/Katy

    So glad to see MamaK’s sharin’ the love! I’ll bet you wish she would share so much, eh?!? 🙂 mmmm, pea flavored snacks….

  • Yummy! Just wanted to let you know I recieved your package in the mail. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  • Good thing there is pictures of what’s on the inside. It’s a tough language to learn!!! LOL What a fun package to receive!!!

  • Sharon

    *gag* I would SO be losing a lot of weight in China! My DD would love those ketchup flavored chips, tho–she dips Pringles in ketchup all the time–blarf!
    Those shrimp flakes, tho, remind me of something we had in Africa when I was growing up–but ours came in a tin, and they looked like little hard plastic pieces. We had to fry them–and they puffed up–it was so much fun to watch! I’ll bet that I wouldn’t like them as much now, tho!


  • Wow! What a bunch of wonderful things she mailed you. Very neat to get something like that from far away. Enjoy!!!

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