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So I got this gorgeous kit the other day and I just knew I needed some pink girly pictures to use with it.  Thank goodness Kimberly had just shown me a cutie on of Lib.   So I got her to send it to me and I went to work.  I really like how this turned out – and yes Kimberly, I swore I wouldn’t use tape on a page…but I did it, lol!


papers – Paint The Moon Designs – Summer’s Fade Kit
frame – Paint The Moon Designs – Summer’s Fade Kit
overlay for pink paper – Corina Nielsen – Everyday Overlays ( soft light)
page tear – Vera Lim – Scrap Easy 4
ribbon – Paint The Moon Designs – All Wrapped Up (recolored)
torn notebook paper – Paint The  Moon Designs – Summer’s Fade Kit
stitches – Paint The Moon Designs – Summer’s Fade Kit
date stamps – Amber Clegg – Date Stamps
flower – Christina Renee – CRD Grab Bag
staples – Jenn Patrick – Backwards Staples
tape – Paint The Moon Designs – Summer’s Fade Kit
word art – Gina Marie Huff (Weeds & Wildflowers) – blog freebie

photo treatment – Paint The Moon Designs – Vintage Pop Lightroom Preset
drop shadows – Traci Murphy

Here’s the kit too: (you can click on the pic to go to the site)

She makes pretty stuff!  Oh and here are the coasters that shipped today:

Traci Murphy

Cheryl Hornton

Bonnie Bayes

I am down to my *last* box!!  I am not planning to order any more at this time. I have shipped out almost 15,000 of these in the last month.  I am pretty tired of dealing with coasters, lol!  I might be persuaded to do it again sometime down the road…..but for now, I am taking a break!  I hope all of you that got some are enjoying playing with them!  If you were on the fence about ordering any – the last box has been cracked open and then they are gone!

Have a fabulous Saturday!  The boys found Super Soakers with the backpack for extra water reserves on clearance at Target today so they each got one.  We’ll be have a water fight tomorrow for sure!

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