When we were in Baltimore this summer, the boys used these crayon cake things (that’s what I call them) at a museum. They loved them and I thought – man, we should make these out of their broken crayons. So I finally did that this past weekend!

Here’s what we did…

First a tip – only use CRAYOLA crayons. The off brands don’t melt the same!

1. Peel the paper off all crayons you want to use.

2. Fill muffin tin with pieces of crayons. Try to use contrasting colors for a more noticeable swirl result.


3. Preheat oven to 250. Bake crayons in tin for 20 min.

4. Put tin in freezer for 5-10 mins to set, then leave on counter until completely cooled. The freezer helps the cakes separate from the tin easier. Then they are ready to color with!


Totally easy and the boys liked them!

And then one lady purchased a sample coaster box to help with making her boxes when she ordered coasters. Here’s the box I made for her sample:


supplies: coasters, basicgrey skate shoppe, ribbons, bind-it-all, mod podge, Plaid acrylic sealant, E6000 glue and sanding blocks.

Ok – my husband would really like the last of these coasters to be out of my house! So if you are interested, please shoot me an email @ emily@emilygiovanni.com. You can find more information about them <here>.  Please do NOT send payment to that email address – it’s not the right one for paypal!  I promise to quit talking about them once they are gone! I only have one case left, ok?

These shipped:

Daisy Land

Elizabeth Augustin

Kaycee Duenas