CC135 and Christmas Blocks

Today is Color Challenge day!  I did not get a sample made today, but there is a challenge posted at SCS.  You can find more info <here> on CC135.  The colors are Basic Gray, Basic Black, and River Rock.  Jennie made a great sample <here>.  I did get a TON done today though!  I made 3 sets of coaster frames, a coaster wall hanging, Christmas blocks and an altered frame!  Today I’ll show you the Christmas blocks.

I am working on things for an Open House my sister-in-law is having this Friday.  It’s a lot of holiday items and other stuff.  Of course I’ll have cards, but I was brainstorming on some Holiday Decor items.  This is one that the baby blocks spurred.


Supplies: 1.5 in blocks from Hobby Lobby; mod podge; white acrylic paint; plaid acrylic sealant; sanding blocks; Making Memories rub-ons.

I just love how they turned out! Can you think of any other holiday words I could do?  My stepmom requested ‘believe’, I am working on ‘snow’ and ‘joy’……any other ones I should do?

And this is the flyer I made for her event.  (I took the personal info off, but if you live in the Arlington area and would like to come, drop me an email, lol!)  Tiff loves ‘bling’, and her colors were pink, green and orange.


A flyer for my sister-in-law’s open house.

paper – CRD – Dream Solids
overlay – CRD  –  Glitter Overlays Sanded edges
rhinestone alpha – CRD –  Cocktail Hour collab with Ah! Designs
clear alpha – ChereKaye (OCD) – A Little Edgy
green alpha – Weeds&Wildflowers – Being Me Alpha
felt alpha – Dani Mogstad – Handstitched Alpha
doodled alpha – Sara Carling – Amelie
font – Pea Stacy

Ok, I’ll get some more of those pics off the camera tomorrow and share some of the other stuff….hopefully!

19 comments to CC135 and Christmas Blocks

  • So cute and fun! I hope yall have a great turnout!
    One word I always love is NOEL, just cause I can rearrange it to say “LEON”

  • Bethany

    Love the blocks! I just gave 2 sets away as baby gifts that i made…they were a hit! Don’t worry…I directed everyone to your blog! 🙂

    How about…Cheer, Merry, Hope or HoHo? They will be a huge hit, I’m sure! Have fun!

  • These are awesome! I was going to suggest Merry, but someone else beat me to it. Maybe WINTER? With shades of blue?

  • Dawn

    How about PEACE Emily? That would be a great one too. I love these blocks. i think I need to go find some.


  • I thought of Merry and Noel, but I see someone guessed these. Not sure how religious you want to go with it, but maybe Love and Jesus–since that is what the season is all about? I really love your blocks, and I am sure you are putting a lot of time in them. Very pretty. Keep on inspiring us–we love it!! 🙂

  • AJ Angert

    When I saw the baby blocks, this is EXACTLY what I had in mind — Christmas. These are great!

  • Lisa C.

    you have to do Love, since in my opinion Christmas is all about Love.

  • These blocks are terrific! I HAVE to try some myself! I’m sure the open house will be a huge success! Since your SIL loves bling, how ’bout the word “sparkle”?? “Celebrate” or “rejoice” would be good, too! 🙂

  • Desiree

    I was thinking HO HO HO or I believe.. for santa or Christ?! What about a two word phrase that stacks on top of each other.. like silent night??

  • Love the Christmas blocks! I definitely need to make a trip to HL for some so I can make some for here! I like Peace Love & Joy and I think Ho Ho Ho would be cute too!

  • Ellen Sutton

    Those are adorable!! I can’t think of any words not already thought of!
    I was wondering if we will be lucky enough to see the coaster frames and wall hanging you made? I would love to see them!!
    You have an awesom blog! Keep on sharing those great ideas!!

  • These blocks are awesome ! I think I have to try it myself 😉

  • LOVE those blocks Em!!! I just might have to make me some now!

  • joy

    love the blocks….they look awesome…I might have to try those!

  • Beatrice

    I am in love with those blocks. Love the baby ones too!!! How about rejoice, silent night, snowflakes, winter wonderland?

  • Jolene

    Some of the ones I was thinking of have already been mentioned: Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho, Noel, Love… but I also thought of Hope (to pair with Peace and Love), Glisten, Jingle (could also add Bells), Happy Holidays…

    Kind of the same idea but a different season… A friend and I just recently went to a craft show and she picked up a set of blocks that said autumn. I think they also had some that said Harvest. Just a thought…


  • Emily these are so cool, I was thinking I’m going to have to try this too! How about doing a double stacked one that says Seasons Greetings. I also saw the other ones you did with children’s names, thats what I thought would be good to. You could do them for Halloween too.


  • Emily, I am still thinking about these blocks. You could do a double stacked on for Thanksgiving that says give thanks. Just an idea.


  • Jennifer

    LOVE the blocks Emily. I will have to stop by my LHL and pick some of these up, Jennifer 🙂

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