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I made my own header! I don’t know if I like it, but I did it all by myself! Except it cut a little off the right side….and hello is all wonky so I can’t talk to Kimberly about it right now.

here are the credits for what I used:

template – Rachael Giallongo – Blog Headers
paper – Christina Renee (CRD) – Dirty Notes
paper – Christina Renee (CRD) – Filthy Canvas
stitches – Lisa Whitney – Ultimate Stitches
font – Kimberly Geswein – Color Me Purple
alpha – Christina Renee (CRD) – Worn Label Tape
staples – Jenn Patrick – Backwards Staples
flowers – Christina Renee (CRD) – CRD Signature

Drop Shadows – Traci Murphy

Since that took me most of this evening, I’ll get the gift set info to y’all tomorrow!

**ETA** I got it resized¬† a tad and it seems to fit better.¬† I still don’t know if I like it though, lol!***¬†