These are the EASIEST little notebooks to add to a gift set. I do mine with mod podge, just because it’s really easy and quick. Plus, I like to keep one in my purse (although I swear it is *never* in there when I need it!) and the mod podge helps keep it from getting too junked up in there.


Target notebook (sold in a 2-pack for $2.49)

mod podge

sponge brush





1. Cut patterned paper to 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 (two pieces cut to this size). These are not exact measurements as I have found that each notebook can vary slightly. So I always cut to this and then see how it looks on there (before I glue it on!) and trim as necessary.


2. Place one of the pieces on the front of the notebook. When you get it in the right spot (and trimmed if necessary), push on the snap part so that it leaves a little indention on the paper.



3. Use the 1/4 in circle punch to punch out where you made the indention from the snap.


4. After you punch lay it back on the notebook and make sure it all fits right. The hole doesn’t have to be perfect on the snap, just over it enough for the snap to fit through.


5. Open the notebook and paint the front cover with mod podge. I do it liberally enough that you can see the mod podge, but not so much that it’s squishy when you put the paper on.


6. Place the paper on and smooth it down all over with your finger tips. Make sure there are no air bubbles and that all edges are stuck down. I don’t mind if the paper going onto the black binding (and the notebooks do come in many colors for the binding), but that’s just me!


7. Then mod podge over the paper. This is where it is important that you smoothed the paper down well in the previous step. If there are any air bubbles, you will see them now! You can try to smooth them out with your finger, but it may not be possible. The glue dries clear, so again – I don’t mind if it gets on the binding. Also make sure you drag the brush of mod podge around the edges of the notebook, this makes sure that there are no gaps or breaks in the seal around the edges.


8. Repeat mod podge steps with the back side of the notebook. Then lay flat to dry.


9. Lastly, you can embellish as you like! Sometimes I do a monogram on the front, but usually I just leave them blank and add ribbons to the spirals.

 supplies: target notebook; chatterbox papers; ribbon from target and Joann; mod podge; 1/4 in whole punch; and foam brush.

So that’s it! I told you, totally easy! I’ll show you the gift set later – Adam is waiting for me so we can do Pilate’s together. He’s so funny trying to do it!