wow! I just realized!

Do you know what this month is???  It’s my 4th anniversary with stamping!  Wow, can you believe 4 years ago I had never stamped or made anything remotely crafty?

Man, what a ride!  I’ve come a looong way in 4 years!  I really cannot imagine my life without this crafty outlet.  I started out stamping through my sister, Kimberly.  About a year later I became a demo for SU (although I’m not much of a seller).  About another year after that, I started the classes and at that time I had 1 class every month or so.  Now I have about 3 a month! And it was about a year and a half ago that I tried altering something ( a lunch tin at the time!) – before that it was strictly cards!

And this summer came the digiscrapping.  Wow…..anyway – Here’s to 4 years of crafting!  I think I need to celebrate……lol!

9 comments to wow! I just realized!

  • Dawn

    You have also become an icon in this industry! I am here in Arizona and someone at recollections was talking with me on Saturday. She knew your name and a visits your blog and keeps on SCS. Your humble manner and awesome talent speaks for itself friend!

  • Leslie Springer

    Your work caught my eyes on SCS back in Oct “05. I plan to grow up to be just like you!!!
    Waiting for your hubby to send you to visit me!
    I got the Chocolate and Sun Lotion!!
    Just Call.
    Leslie (in Hawaii)

  • Julie C.

    And I have improved because of you….sweeeeet!!!

  • mary anne

    Congrats on the 4 years! You kinda remind me of me. I did not go through the phases as quickly as you did, though. I started with the stamping in 1995…. had to find other ways to justify my stamp addiction so moved onto scrapbooking in 1997 and and just found the digi scrappin in May of 06. Been a great ride…… hope I never loose the groove! You inspire me with your blog everyday. Way to go!

  • Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary! You are incredible and give newbies like myself such insipriation and shows us what can happen in such a short period of time. You are so awesome! Way to go!!

  • twinks

    Congratulations! I have been a fan of your work since joining SCS in 2005. i thought your first altered project was the Target notebooks – anyway those caught my eye since we do not have Target in my state (one of 3) yet. I enjoyed your hunt for them and a road trip you took where you found some gorgeous paper. look how far you’ve come – but your staples (notebook, coaster projects, frames, etc.) keep getting better and better all the time. Thank you for sharing so much with us all.


  • Shelly Schmidt

    Give thanks to God that you found stamping- you have such talent and you are such an inspiration to lots of ladies!!! Including me!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EMILY!!!!!

  • Queen Mary

    OK, NO! I cannot believe it! ONLY 4 years and look at you! You have a fan club! Wow! You are an incredible artist! Congratulations!

  • WOW! You’d think you’ve been crafting for years! I love your stuff and it inspires me. Keep it up!

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