Gift Sets

Oh man!  I just realized I had this picture sitting here and I had never uploaded it!  So here’s a quickie post to show you the gift sets I made for the open house.  I sold most of the ones I made (8 of the 10 I made).

So here it is!  It consists of a beaded pen, a target notebook and a post-it note holder.  I put them in some clear cello bags I had, but they weren’t tall enough to really tie them without just looking scrunched.


These were all made with BasicGrey Infuse papers.  You can find the tutorials here:

Beaded Pen tutorial

Post-it Note Holder tutorial

Target Notebook Tutorial

Ok, that is it for now!  I’ve got the cards from tonights class to share – but I’ll get to those later!  I’ve actually got several things to share…..I need more time to post!

7 comments to Gift Sets

  • You are amazing!! How do you do it?? These are absolutely beautiful. I just found your site recently and it is now on my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us.

    Have a great day!

  • I have that paper! hmm but I already used half of it… hmmm I could do some of those post it notes. holder.. hmmm OH thank you Emily do you know cause of you I’ve gotten my mojo back! REALLY I am a crafting machine ! LOL I am actually finishing up a coaster box from the ones I got from you 😉 gonna put a post-it note holder in it as a gift! 😉 Have a good Friday!

  • Shelley ~ photocropper

    Very cool! Glad they sold well! You could use the left overs for teacher gifts 😉

  • Beautiful – love that paper. Would you mind saying what you sold your sets for? I realize everything is bigger in TX – ha ha!! Seriously, I know you have to take into consideration the market, what the event is, etc., but I’d love to get a feel for this type of set. Love the notebooks you did; great tutorial…then again, everything you do is great!! 😀 Happy Friday!

  • Pam

    Adorable! I totally know what I’m doing for teacher gifts this year now!

  • Kim L.

    Thanks for the reminder that I have about 4 packs of these RSVP pens I bought in August and never got around to decorating! Oh wait. I don’t have any microbeads. Ack! The pens will again be untouched for a while longer! But at least I know where to find a tutorial now!

  • Once again, kuddos on a job well done! They look wonderful!

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