I’m outta here!

Ok, I am off to Baltimore!  I should be able to upload some stuff I already had done while I am away, but if now – I’ll be back home on the 27th.  I thought I’d show one last pic of all the things I made for the babies – and it did fill one of those suitcases on wheels (the size you can still carry on)!


The name letters, the baby blocks, the thank you notes, the coaster frames and the quart paint can.  I already mailed the picture frames.  I hope she likes it all!

Also – see that new watermark??  I made it myself!!  It took all afternoon the other day, but I made it myself!  I will try to do a little tutorial with pics one of these days.  It isn’t hard, just a lot of adjusting.  I’m pretty impressed with it though!

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