Finally!! Matthew got the computers working – he doesn’t know how or what he did, but they work! So, just in case it quits again later, I thought I’d squeeze in my post about other Digi Must Haves! At least they are must-haves to me! Don’t forget to check <this post> for links to all kinds of digi deals – most are good all weekend too! (All images are clickable)

I thought I would go over a few more of my faves. Of course alphas are very important, but they are pretty much your personal taste too! Do do you want me to show you my favorite alphas?

Today, I’ve got some other stuff. My newest “thing” is frames. Now that I know how to use them (and you can find my PSE5 tutorial HERE) I cannot get enough of them! So here are my favorite frames:

First off is Nancy Comelab. She is kind of the frame guru. I love her clusters – they help me do a ‘busier’ page and she’s got great instructions too! They are re-sizable, the On The Edge series make your pictures look like they run off the edge of the page, and they are top notch quality-wise. Here are my favorite cluster frames from Nancy:

And I LOVE her large vintage frames. I use these SO much. They come in smaller versions too.

I also love stitching. I really like the color and stitch options in this set by Kate Hadfield @ The Lily Pad.

And all you paper crafters know how much I love my primas! Well, Annie (Paint the Moon Designs) has fabulous flowers that look SO real! And she includes matching drop shadows to make them look even more realistic! You can find her stuff at Oscraps. I don’t see my favorite set of hers – The Romantics – in her new store yet, but they are amazing too!

I also love overlays! I love the styles that kinda blend with a background – ones that you can play with the blending modes and such. My absolute favorites are by Corina Nielsen @ Funky Playground Designs. They were a part of her Bucket Of Fun awhile back (like a grab bag – and if she ever has one GET IT, they are awesome!) and now you can purchase them separately.

And I just picked these up the other day and I can’t wait to use them! Vera Lim is a new favorite designer of mine – she has such lovely things!

Okay – that’s enough for now….but I’ve got more favorites to show you! I hope these aren’t boring for y’all. Seriously, if you don’t care for the digi shopping posts – just let me know!

5 comments to DSD!

  • Julie C.

    Love these digi scrapping posts!!!! ; – )

  • mnhyrkas

    I like seeing and hearing about your digi stuff. I’ve been toying with the idea of going digi or hybrid for scrapbooking, as I have 3 kids and it might be nice to be able to replicate a family album x 3 one day. If I see enough digi stuff it might just push me over the fence.

  • Digi layouts look so nice. Do you print them out? Do you put them in books? I am such a traditional scrapbooker, these are burning questions I have about digi layouts lol

  • I’ve decided to stop lurking on your blog and start commenting!

    This digi scrapping “stuff” is really intriguing, I’m still trying to finish my 3 1/2 year olds first year scrapbook! Sheesh!

    That chocolate cake looks fabulous! It completely caught my eye.

  • Courtney

    You girls should def. try digi! It’s awesome. I am a converted paper scrapper, and digi is just the way to go.

    Emily- Are you going to do any more coasters? I totally hesitated back in the day, but now I really need them for Christmas! Is there anywhere else to get them?


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