Nugget Tins

So y’all have seen these, right?  They are totally adorable, easy to do, and a super cute gift!  Nichole Heady never ceases to amaze me with her ideas.  You can see her tin (and instructions) here.  I just got my set in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to make one of these!  So this evening I experimented with the labels and I’ll show you what I discovered about how the inks turn out.


Ok – I tried the SU! Craft Ink, the Versamagic Dew Drop inks and the SU! Classic Inks.  Of course, I prefer the classic inks.  They are the least messy and they dry the fastest.  However, they were kinda splotchy on here.  When you use the classic inks on acrylic stamps – you can get very mixed results.  The label stamps have a larger surface area which means they are more likely to have splotchy results with Classic Inks.  You can see above (Classic is the one on the right) how it turned out.  It isn’t bad – but it isn’t as clean as the other two.  And the darker the Classic ink is, the more that will show up.  The center is the Versamagic -this stamped fine and seems to dry a little faster than the SU! Craft inks.  The blue on the left is the SU! Craft ink.  It has fantastic coverage and stamped so nice and clean.  However, it does take time to dry.  So now you can see and pick what you want to use!

BTW, I got my Dew Drop inks in a share through Julie @ Doodlie doo.  She happens to be having another round of that share right now, if you are interested.  You can find more information about that <here>.

And here are the ones I made this evening.


Supplies: clear hinged top tin (thanks Shannan!); nugget labels (Avery 5690); Holiday Treats stamp set; Versamagic Dew Drop inks in Brick Red and Green Tea (I think ?); Hershey’s Nuggets in Caramel Pecan; SU scallop punch; SU 1 3/8 circle punch; and dark red velvet ribbon – I’ve been hoarding it for awhile and I finally used some that I got from Jacksonbelle Embellishments.

And the other tin I made:


 supplies: clear hinged top tin; Holiday Treats stamp set; mellow moss and bashful blue SU Classic inks; white taffeta ribbon; SU scallop punch; SU 1 3/8 and 1 1/4 circle punches; mellow moss, white and bashful blue cardstock; and more caramel pecan Hershey’s Nuggets.

That is actually the same tin – with the ribbon switched out.  I only have the one, lol!  I really really hope the ones I ordered come in time to do a class with them in Dec!  Or that I can find something similar locally to use for it.

15 comments to Nugget Tins

  • OH MY WORD! Every day my bloglines pops up that you have done something new and every day I am thinking… I could do that! I have ALL the things to do this or that. Ugh! You are going to make me TOUCH paper soon, you know that… and I haven’t gone there in over a yr! 🙂

  • I love those tins!! I spent time last week showing my friend here your blog with all your projects! So much talent 🙂 Wish we could get some of these things here but I will have to stock up next time I am in the states. I love the scallop circle you use-is it from a template? I see it on a lot of your projects.

  • Great tins!! Love the colors you chose! I agree about the splotchiness of the classic inks on the labels, but I’m determined to make them work! 🙂

  • Lovely! My tins are also backordered till the end of the month and I can’t wait to do this project!

  • Karin

    Love these Emily!!! Ordered myself some tins today but now have to wait until the stamp set is off back order! Can’t wait to throw some of these together….they are just great!!

  • Sarah

    Those are perfect! I so want to do that for neighbors and my hubby’s coworkers for Christmas! What a great idea!!!! I LOVE it! Now… they are out of stock, do you think I could find some for so cheap somewhere else??? Thanks for sharing!

  • Those are the cutest things ever! I love them! Good luck finding more, those will make great Christmas gifts!

  • Jenn Jones

    Emily – I found this site that has the tins…orders usually ship within 1 – 3 days…and the tins are pretty cheap!

    I ordered some to make some gifts for my niece’s teachers…can’t wait to get started on them!

  • Geny

    I made some of these for a craft show I am doing tomorrow and I love them. I too got my tins (as well as a bunch of others) as Specialty Bottle-shipping is kinda high but if you order a lot it is worth it. I got my tins in like 4 days. Also when I got them a few of the tea tins were damaged and I emailed them and they sent me out new ones right away (within 3 days) no questions asked. Love the tins you did!

  • Thought I would share that specialty bottle is on backorder of the nugget tins til the end of November. I know this because I ordered last week and they called me to tell me that. The prices are great, and so is shipping and customer service. They’re just out too!

    Oh, and I’ve had this set since September and the more you use your classic inks the less splotchy they will be. I used mine on a piece of scrap CS over and over and over just to get rid of the splotchy look and now it’s all good!

    Super cute tins!

  • Adorable…as always. Nichole may be amazing..but so are you!

  • these are great Emily! Yep, I need to do some of these – I better get to ordering!

  • Heidi

    Your tins are adorable!! Caramel Pecan Nuggets?!? I have to go shopping!

  • Elaine

    I’m fairly new at stamping so I don’t know much about inks but, I do like the look of the classic too. Those tins with treats make a nice goody gift. I like how you decorated the labels. I like the red and green color combination; that red velvet ribbon is very striking…gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous tins! What helps me with the classic inks (especially if your acrylic isn’t “broken in” yet), is if you put a little versamark on it before you ink up. This helps it adhere in a more even, less splotchy way. Also dirty em up with stazon helps to! LOL!!! Just a little tip from working with acrylics so much.

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