Oh, toothfairy….

Yep – she needs to visit our house!  Andy (my oldest) lost his very first tooth last night.  He has his two permanent teeth on the bottom that have grown halfway in already – behind his baby teeth!  Ack!  We’ll see how that pans out….but he lost one of the baby teeth last night!


journaling: Today, you lost your first tooth!  It was a lot of work – for me!!!  Despite the fact that your tooth was falling out of your mouth and your permanent tooth had growing halfway in behind it…..you still would not pull it out.  I know that you got this from me, I was the same way growing up, I would wait until it literally fell out of my mouth.  And now I know how frustrating that must have been for my mom!  This is also another sign that you are growing up – I love you Andrew David.

template – Rachael Giallongo –  Lots To Say @ polkadotpotato.com
blue paper – Corina Nielsen – Awakening @ funkyplaygrounddesigns.com
journaling paper – Corina Nielsen – Rags to Riches @ funkyplaygrounddesigns.com
frame – Nancy Comelab – Vintage @ the-lilypad.com
stitches – Atomic Cupcake
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brown acrylic alpha – OCD (Chere Kaye) – A Little Edgy – Chocolate  @ funkyplaygrounddesigns.com
pinned date – Holly McCaig – Metal Dates

drop shadows – Traci Murphy @ funkyplaygrounddesigns.com

So, his Grandma Cindy promised him a trip to the Chinese buffet (yes, this is his all time favorite place to eat – ever since he was about 18 mos old.  He loves those silly peel and eat shrimp and the fake crab stuff.)  when he lost his tooth.  If he lost it by Saturday (today) he got frozen custard as well.  He was way more excited about the Chinese buffet…..silly boy!

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