So when I first saw JoAnna’s tutorial on the Pumpkin Place Settings, I thought ooooh! I can make these into ornaments! I think Stefanie over at Scrapped Silly! first made the little pumpkins. Anyway – they inspired me and here’s what I came up with! And I’m even going to show you my trial and error stuff too!

So first I grabbed my Giga Scalloped Oval punch and a sheet of Fruitcake paper from BasicGrey. I punched out 5 ovals and went to work. Then I realized my mistake….you need to have an even number of ovals if you are going to have your pattern work out correctly….and it just didn’t seem ‘full’ enough….


supplies: giga scalloped oval punch by marvy; fruitcake paper by basicgrey; mono multi, scotch tape (for the ribbon); grosgrain ribbon bobbin from Joann’s; and 5 punched ovals.

So then I tried it again with 6 ovals this time…it was better, but still just not quite right….


supplies: giga scalloped oval punch by marvy; fruitcake paper by basicgrey; mono multi, scotch tape (for the ribbon); grosgrain ribbon bobbin from Joann’s; and 6 punched ovals.

Then I had an epiphany – it’s not a pumpkin! It doesn’t look quite right because it shouldn’t be oval! So I tried again with the giga scalloped circle punch…


supplies: giga scalloped circle punch; fruitcake paper from basicgrey; mono multi; tape; ribbon from Jacksonbelle Embellishments; and 8 punched circles.

What? You are an SU! demo and you wanted to demo this cute little ornament?? (sorry, I only had last year’s SU christmas paper….)


supplies: SU scallop circle punch; SU! taffeta ribbon; SU! christmas paper; mono multi; tape; and 8 punched circles.

And here they all are together (aside from the first one that looked funny) for a size comparison…..


Aren’t they cute?? Thank you Stefanie and JoAnna for the inspiration! I have another idea for these little cuties too….maybe I can get that done tomorrow!

12 comments to Ornaments!

  • mnhyrkas

    You’re a genius! So did you slit these and fit it together that way? How did you attach the ribbon on the top. That part I’m having trouble with. And it’d be cute with a bead on the top and the bottom too. I’d love a tutorial- I have to do a class at our small town local library (I’m not paid, and I dont sell any products, strictly volunteer). Anyway this looks like a quick and easy project for that. you can pm me at SCS if you will give me permission, and maybe a quick note on how you did the ribbon if you have time.

  • Betty O

    Too, too cute! Going to have to try these! Thanks for sharing.


  • These are really cute. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the different sizes you did and the comparison at the end. You do such great work!!

  • Lori


  • Elaine

    These are cute! Thanks for the idea.

  • Awesome!! To cute! Thanks for giving us the idea and the using the SU! scallop punch! Have a great weekend!

  • Emily

    To the first comment poster:

    There is a tutorial on how to make them. It is linked in the first paragraph of this post. If that doesn’t answer your questions, let me know and I could easily do one for you.

  • I’m confused still even seeign the tutorial myself Em.. :{
    I love these. Can my Brownie troop and I make them???? Do you mind?? It would be great a sa gift to their parents :} Theyare 7 yr old second graders…right now we are painting the wooden clothespins that don’t have clips to look like little nutcracker soldier guys with pom pom heads :}

  • Emily

    ok, I’ll make some more with pics today…..yes, I think kids could make them!

  • stamperdoc

    Thanks for the “full” tutorial Emily, including the mistakes- you knew that some of us would do the same things, didn’t you?!

  • Thanks for the awesom tutorial Emily! I don’t have a scalloped circle punch yet but as soon as I get mine I’ll be trying this out. You are awesome!!

  • Marisa

    LOVE these. What a wonderful craft for my kids and I to do together. Also a fun little gift the kids can give their classmates for Christmas 🙂

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