Ornament Tutorial

Ok – so even though JoAnna had a tutorial, y’all requested I do one. So I did one this evening, and here it is!


8 (or any even number) punched circles (I used mega scalloped for this ornament). If you want it to look two-sided, punch 4 of each.

mono multi

scotch tape



1. Fold each circle in half. Make sure that you have the part you want to show INSIDE the fold – does that make sense?



2. Take one of the circles and put adhesive around one half.


3. Take one of the ‘other’ circles and adhere it to the glued half. Repeat with alternating circles.


4. Repeat until you use all the circles. When you get to the last one – it should look like this…..do not glue those together yet.


5. Fold your ribbon in half and put scotch tape on the end.


6. Stick the tape into the middle of your folds.


7. Put adhesive around both halves of your ornament – and over the tape.


8. Press the two halves together and hold – especially at the ends and where the tape is. That’s it! Now you have your ornament!


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